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Verified Reviews for Eglu Cube Waterer - Purple

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Good - Jannette, Chessire,

I purchased a new Glug recently and did not realise it did not have nipples as my old one did. Its perfectly adequate but as it has to sit lower down in the cage so they can drink it does get dirt in it when they scratch around.

Good not great - Alastair, Chessire,

Holds lots of water and is easy to fill with a hosepipe without removing it from the run but it tends to fill up with dirt and consequently the water turns green pretty quickly. Also rather pricey imo.

Very good, chickens drink no problem - Sara, Chessire,

Chickens drink out of this no problem, I like the colour and the fact it holds so much. No problem with the plastic lugs holding it onto the mesh. Much better than alternative drinkers, simple design and works

excellent - Fiona, Chessire,

This product is excellent as the chickens can't stand in it or knock it over. It holds a good quantity of water and is easily filled up with a hose or watering can.

The girls won't use it - Andy, Chessire,

Well, it looks like a good idea and they both used to peck at drops on the bottom of the glug but they simply won't drink from the nipples. We showed them how it worked, Suki seemed to work out how it worked but Daphne didn't. We added the old glug back in and they drank like they'd been in the desert. We tried this for a week and it was like some sort of CIA deprivation torture - each time we brought another water source in they drank and drink and drank. Daphne even tried to stretch to drink from the top! So now its almost at ground level and they do drink from the top. As far as our girls are concerned a big thumbs down.

Large water holder - Ruth, Chessire,

The first super glug got broken by one of the nipples breaking. So we had to replace the whole glug. My chicken likes sitting on top of the super glug to get a drink and also will use the nibbles from under the glug.

Glug - An Omleteer,

Chickens learnt how to use the Glug very quickly, no problems so far with the product.

fab product - An Omleteer,

definitely recommend! wish i'd bought it sooner. My chickens came rushing over to use it the second i put it in. the silver 'nipple' bits attracted them and they love it!

super super glug - An Omleteer,

Well worth buying, spent whole day watching the chickens learn how to use it!

Super glug - An Omleteer,

My chickens dont know how to use it so still only drink from the normal glug, they try to fly and sit on the edge of this.

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