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The Perfect Coop! -

I purchased the Eglu Cube Large Chicken Coop and I am so happy that I did. The coop is so easy to clean. The chickens are safe with no chance of a predator attacking them when they are roosting with the door closed. My husband later purchased the automatic door for me. When a coyote was found in the yard, I have had no worries. The chickens have been safe. This coop is the best!

Verified Purchase: Oct 2020 The reviewer has #QTY #BREED #pets

So pleased with this! - Oxfordshire,

I bought this coop in August after spending years looking at them ! i had a windfall so decided to go for it. I am so glad I did.. It is very easy to keep clean, it comes up like new every time, despite getting muddy with the wet weather.. I clean the bars and tray every week or so with a small amount of disinfectant as well as some washing up liquid. I keep a special brush/sponge and bucket for chicken cleaning. Now the weather is cold I dry everything off with paper towel -in Summer it all dried in the sun. A good tip from another Cube user is to put newspaper in the droppings tray every day. It is easy to roll up and put into the black bin. now the weather is cold I am putting more paper for a bit of insulation. i bought the cosy cover too and they seem fine. Now they are in lockdown because of Bird Flu I give them a cabbage 'pinata' hung from the top of the run, which they love. It gives them some fresh food and excercise jumping up! Also on cold mornings they have some of their food mixed with hot water like a porridge and I add some tinned sweet corn or dried meal worms for a treat.

Verified Purchase: Aug 2020

Fantastic -

I absolutely love this. I have 5 rescue hens and they are super cosy in their new cube with masses of space. It was easy to put together and cleaning is super quick, I have had lots of Omlet coops but this is definitely the best. Highly recommended

Verified Purchase: Nov 2020

Went with the best coop for 1st time chicken owner - Washington,

We purchased the Eglu Cube coop with wheels which now houses the three chickens we hatched this past September. It has been even better than we expected. We initially did not add a run as we planned to install our own walk-in run and attach the coop directly to it. Ultimately, we ended up buying the run extension kit which helped us attach the coop perfectly and not take up precious space in the walk-in run. I loved that we were able to get our chicks oriented to their coop at a young age despite the fact that we were right in the middle of Fall in the Pacific Northwest. Thanks to the great insulation of the Eglu, they had a very smooth transition. We have since purchased and added the automatic coop door which makes keeping chickens a breeze! Our chickens are in a larger pasture a bit from the house and now they come out as soon as their door opens in the morning and can access their food and water in their run without me even leaving the house. At first I was checking every evening to make sure they would make it back in their coop once their light comes on and before the door closes at the time I set. From day one they would actually go right up their ladder and put themselves to bed at least thirty minutes before the light came on and well before the door closes them in for the night. I was amazed. The Eglu is very easy to clean with water, soap and a scrub brush or hose. Keeping a good layer of shavings on the tray below the roosting bars means that it hardly needs much cleaning. The roosting bars themselves do need a good cleaning every 4-5 days as not all the droppings make it all the way through, but it is easy enough to do. For now we are sticking with our three chickens, but we may add to the flock in the Spring and it is nice to know there will be more than enough room in the Eglu for them. We don't imagine ever needing another coop, Eglu is the best!

Verified Purchase: Jun 2020

First class in every respect -

Very well made and manufactured that does everything that is promised from opening the boxes, the clear and concise assembly instruction booklet. Most importantly the chickens love it while it keeps them safe and secure in a small domestic garden.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2020

- California,

Great coop for an urban setting, easy to move and blends into the yard.

Verified Purchase: Aug 2020

Excellent designed product. The "Savoy" of chicken coups - Staffordshire,

Bought as a gift for my daughter's family. It was quickly assembled and occupied with three chickens, They are a;ready getting lovely eggs.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2020

Brilliant -

Easy to assemble, hens love it, they have so much room after the omelet up go. Keep up the good work .

Verified Purchase: Nov 2020

Love It! - Florida,

We live in FL and recently moved and had to leave our old coop behind. Getting the Eglu Cube set up on move-in day was our number one priority! It took 3-4 hours and was mostly done by one person. We got the 6ft run because our chickens are free ranging all day in the yard. If they had to stay in the coop all day, I would have gone with a 9 or 13 ft run, as we have 6 chickens and the 6 ft run seems like a small area for that many. They adjusted very well to the new coop - they all snuggle up in the top area at night except for one bird who sleeps in the nesting box - I wish I could keep her out of there because she leaves a lot of poop and my girls like the nesting area to be clean. I love that this is so easy to spray down and clean, a child can do it. I also love that everything is accessible and the sliding door to block off the nesting box is great. I think the cost is worth it for the ingenuity of the design. Moving this is difficult, even with the wheels, so I recommend setting it up exactly where you want it to be. I can't imagine moving this around my yard every few months - we plan to keep it in one place. We may add another rain shield when the rainy season starts in FL and another food container for their scratch.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2020

Must have Coop - NSW,

I was sick of cheap timber coops that lived only for 18 months or so. Difficult to move, clean and they smelt after a time no matter how much you cleaned them just to have it fall apart. To me it was a false economy to keep buying a rubbish short lasting product. I finally bit the bullet and purchased two units. Just the basic to start. They arrived within 48 hours. I am in the country not metro, very impressed. Then put them together. Amazing! Put chickens in one and they loooove it. It is taking time to get used to the perch but they are learning. The second holds 2 disabled ducks. One unable to fly and the other a missing leg. They both cannot use the ladder but a few special tweaks and the coop is disable duck friendly. Took out the perches and they absolutely love it. Strong, weather proof, snake and fox proof which we have a lot, cleans easily and no smell. I feel ashamed because my beloved chickens and ducks had been slumming it in wood prior to the Eglu Cube. Since, I have purchased the wheels and the automatic door which has let me sleep in until 5.30am????. This is one amazing moveable coop which is the best I have used or seen. I have spent a lot of time reaserching. And the price is great when considering the alternative. The extras are great as well. I do not know how I had chickens or ducks without these coops. Thanks for inventing them.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2020

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