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Overall a very good product -

Well manufactured product. It did take quite a bit of time to assemble but you do realise it is a well built product, you get what you pay for. I bought it to replace an old wooden coop that was really heavy to move around and difficult to clean. My new Eglu is neither of those so I am very pleased. I was concerned before purchasing that it would be a bit light and blow over in strong winds but we have just had some 60mph winds and it didn't move. The only criticism is I find engaging the wheels to move it can be a bit awkward. The wheel arm assembly can foul the cage and be difficult to lock in position.

Super! -

I love how easy this coop is to put together and take apart for cleaning. I have 4 salmon favorelle and the large cube is perfect for them

Defiantly worth the money - Worcestershire ,

The run itself and the feeders is really easy to clean and very practical

Excellent! -

Our chickens have lived in a wooden coop for the last five years, and whilst it was very beautiful to look at, it was extremely heavy to move around and got quite damp and dark in the winter, even though it is very well made. We have been looking at the Eglu for the past few years but felt we couldn’t justify it. We at last succumbed and to be honest we wish we had bought it years ago. It’s extremely well-made, very comfortable and light for our six bantams and looks good in the garden too! we managed to fit our old automatic door opener very easily to the side by removing a panel (we couldn’t manage without a door opener as it means our chucks can come out of the nesting area and roam around in the run until the door opens to let them into the garden and then closes when they’re safely in bed at night without us having to think about it!). Highly recommended.

Great quality and easy to assemble - California,

I did a lot of research before deciding to invest in the Omlet large with 9 ft run. I wanted something durable, easy to clean, year round weather resistant, with versatility if I needed to relocate. The packages came with amazingly good instructions. Even extra parts, should a screw get lost in the hey! I was able to put it together within a few hours and got the auto door, which easily installed. The coop can be easily disassembled. Which is a bonus for me! So far it seems sturdy and I'm very happy with the finished product. I plan to buy another next year as my flock grows. I bought the extream weather cover and it gives me a little more peace of mind with the frost. Super happy so far and chickens seem content, I couldn't reccomend it more!

Fantastic item -

We love our Eglu, the hens are so happy. Easy to clean and very practical

Eggsellent -

Fantastic robust product. Our chickens love it. We have 4 girls and there's plenty of room. Love the fact that there are air vents and it's very secure and predator friendly and super and easy to clean. Expensive but worth it.

Great! -

I had been contemplating purchasing an Eglu cube for around six months and I’m so pleased I finally decided to upgrade from my Eglu classic! It took around 2.5 hours to build with one helper and my chickens settled in well after some confusion with the ladder on the first evening. It is very easy to clean and it is secure against the fox. Although it is a significant investment, the price does reflect the high quality and thoughtful design of the cube, a fantastic product!

Great product, easy to assemble and cosy for the chickens! - Cheshire,

The product was easy to assemble and warmer for our chickens than their previous wooden coop. We're hoping it will be less likely to end up with red mites too - so far so good!

Great Coop! - QLD,

Bought the Eglu cube for my chickens and the automatic door. Both were easy to put together (on my own, without any help). My chickens love it, as I do. They have only used it for three nights, but have worked out how to go in the coop at night on their own. The cube is so very easy to clean, and the automatic door means that they will be safe from predators if I am late at night to lock them in their coop (that automatic door is a dream!). I will be buying the 2 m run so that I can control whether or not they start free ranging first thing in the morning. The only drawback is the price - I have saved for quite a long time to get them, but in my opinion this is totally worth it! for me and my chickens. I have two chickens, but I would not put any more than 4 personally. I contacted Omlet Australia three times by email, enquiring about the automatic door prior to purchase, etc, and my emails were promptly replied and answered. So far, I have only positive things to say about Omlet Australia.

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