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Reviews for Large Chicken Coop - Eglu Cube

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I love my Omlet! - GA,

We live in Atlanta, Georgia. As a first time chicken owner, I went through two other coops before trying the Omlet. This finally worked for us! I have bantams and they are more pets and part of the family than anything. This coop looks great in the backyard and much appreciated by the neighbors since we do live in a subdivision. It has a clean look and blends into the yard. I have added all the accessories, a perch, a treat holder etc. I also added my own chicken sand bath. My one complaint is that the wheels do not work to move the coop if you purchased the 9ft length. I would not go smaller than this because I think this is the minimum space appropriate for more than one chicken. But the run is too long for the wheels to lift and move it. I do plan to contact the company and query about that part of it. My chickens happily go into the coop part when it gets dark and they lay their eggs in the nesting box. I also wish it had a door that could open on the back end under the plastic coop. Its hard to get into the run to clean it so would be very helpful if it opened at the back so you could reach that side of the run or to get to one of the chickens on that end if you need to. No better coop for an urban back yard!

Fist time chicken farmer.The omlet cube is makeing it easy -

I am very happy. easy clean safe and warm

Fantastic product -

I have dreamed of owning an Eglu Cube for ages, but the price has always put me off. However, after a lot of saving and selling my old Eglu Go, I took the plunge and bought a Cube. This product is well worth the money, the design is really clever and the build quality is outstanding. It is really easy to clean, looks like it will last a long time and my hens love it. Be brave, save up and get one.

LOVE it! - Texas,

Easy to assemble, surprisingly sturdy and durable, perfect for our small flock! Highly recommend - I have no doubts it will last much longer than any wood options for sale and certainly cost less than me trying to build something from scratch!


Very impressed with the quality and ease of assembly. The chickens love it!

Great chicken coop! -

After considering making our own we decided based on the recommendation of a neighbor to go with this one! We have been super happy. All of our birds have been safe, no predators have gotten in:) I'm really glad we bought the extension. I think it would be pretty tight if you intended to leave 10 in all the time. Not as big of a deal if you want them to free range during the day. Fabulous as a stationary coop. Keep on level ground if you plan to move.

Excellent - Cheshire,

The Eglu cube is excellent great quality as always from Omlet, the girls love the extra space. Plenty of room, we have six chickens. Easy to assembly, easy to keep clean. We bought without the wheels, but now regretting it as it is quite awkward to manoeuvre without, so going to purchase wheels. My only bug bare is that it's not so easy to clean out the nesting box. Put apart from that I absolutely love love love it and so do my girls.

Really well built and easy to clean -

I was able to build my omelet cube in about an hour and a half by myself. All of the parts were well made and fit together perfectly. Cleaning the coop is very easy. I am able to clean the entire coop in a few minutes because everything is easily accessible. I have been looking at Omlet Eglu coops for years. I am so happy I finally purchased one!

Eglu Cube Mk 2 -

Fantastic bit of engineering, the girls took to the new house with no issue at all. Thank you so much

New to chickens and loving it thanks to Omlet -

Having known very little about the needs of our new chooks, I read the reviews and took a punt on investing in an Omlet Eglu. I have no regrets! It went together seamlessly and seems to have be every chooks dream. The automatic door is a must! All the fun of chooks with none of the hassle. Easy to clean. Easy to use manure for garden. Thanks Omlet it’s a winner!

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