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Reviews for Large Chicken Coop - Eglu Cube

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Great home for my chickens - Texas,

I purchase this product b/c I wanted something durable and easy to clean. This product is definitely both of those things. Easy to put together by myself. Ample room for my 6 small - average sized chickens. Nice to have separate nesting box area that can be cleaned as well. Right now it is attached to a walk in run but in the future I may get a smaller movable run and move it around some in the summer.

All in one coop - North Carolina,

We fell in love with the Cube coop several years ago at a home show in town, and purchased one in the fall. It is now four years old and still as secure and easy to clean as day one. I strongly recommend the Omlet family of products, and this coop in particular to both veteran and new chicken keepers!

Stylish and functional -

I am so pleased with my Eglu Cube chicken coop. It is stylish and functional. I live in the city and the look of the coop fits well in my backyard. I have 5 large chickens and they have plenty of room inside to roost at night and in the run during the day to move around. The sun and rain protection from the cover is superb.

We loved our Eglu so much we upgraded after just a few months! - Illinois,

As brand new chicken owners, we started out with the Eglu Go. I was only planning on keeping 3 - 4 chickens at the time and it made this journey so easy! We have many predators in our area and it was so comforting to know that they were safe and secure. After a few months we knew we were hooked so upgraded to the Eglu Cube. My husband is very handy and wanted to build a custom run (although I would recommend the Eglu runs in a heartbeat! Also perfect for keeping out predators)! I love that the nesting area can be blocked off during the evenings so no one is sleeping (and pooping) in there! We live in the Midwest so another huge perk is that the coop stays so cool in the summer and will be cozy, dry and safe in the harsh winter. My 5 girls and rooster have plenty of room, too. Our next step will be the Eglu automatic door! I just cannot recommend this brand enough, for whatever your needs are.

The best chicken coop around - herts,

Can't believe how great this product is. So easy to clean and maintain a healthy safe environment for my girls. It's fox safe and i've added the automatic door which makes sure they are in when i can't get to them until later in the evening. highly recommend these products

Eglu to the rescue - New Hampshire,

I had my four young hens in a wooden coop before I purchased the Eglu. I knew I had to get something before the winter and easier to clean. This coop checked both items. Cleaning is breeze, insulated and easy to maneuver. Assembly was a bit tricky but watch the online video, it will help you throughout the process. As I grow my flock, I will definitely be purchasing another.

BEST COOP EVER - New Hampshire,

I bought this coop and run hoping it would give me peace of mind in regards to predator safety and warmth for my little Serama Bantam hens and rooster, and it has exceeded all of my expectations. Not only have I not had any issues with predators (I live in the forest on a mountain where predators are everywhere) but it has kept my tiny little flock extremely comfortable and healthy. It is SO easy to clean, which is another added bonus. I found myself only cleaning their old coop once a week, to once a month...with the Eglu coop, I clean it every day. I honestly wish I learned about this coop long ago. It definitely fits up to 10 chickens if you have a tiny breed like I do, if you have larger breeds, I'd probably only put 4-5 hens in there and let them free range during the day. Either way, best coop around! Thanks, Omlet!

Expanding our existing set up - East Sussex,

When we decided to add more hens to our flock, we went for a second Cube Mk2 with a longer run to connect up to our walk-in run that already had our other Mk2 connected. We were able to set this one up a lot faster (learning from our previous mistakes!) and then we used one of the spare run panels to block off the connecting opening so we could introduce the new chickens to the existing flock. This worked a treat, they were able to see each other and cluck at each other without getting physical. After a week we let them free range together and then after two weeks we allowed them to fully integrate. They've been very happy and we've even introduced 3 home-hatched chickens subsequently to great success.

Starter package - East Sussex,

Our first foray into chicken-keeping came during Lockdown in 2020. We had planned on getting chickens as soon as we'd moved out to the countryside and were fortunate that we managed to get our order in before the massive rush of new lockdown chicken keepers did. We went for the Eglu Cube Mk2 with 2m run and a walk-in run, as well as a lot of other bits and bobs to make the chickens happy and comfortable. Assembling the Eglu was a little challenging (it didn't help that the days were short, it was cold and I hadn't watched any of the really useful instructional videos that are online...), but I got it done in a few more hours than I should have taken if I'd followed the instructions religiously (and watched a video). Our hens arrived a few days later and were very happy pecking around the run and started laying immediately in the nesting boxes. It has been easy to clean and maintain and the chickens have been thriving.

Fabulous product - annoy fault it - North Yorkshire,

Bought this as a birthday present for my partner to replace her wooden henhouse Cannot fault it - it is flawlessly designed. Very happy hens and a very happy partner. Totally delighted.

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