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Reviews for Large Chicken Coop - Eglu Cube

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Eglu Cube Mk2 -

Absolutely brilliant hen house. We are big fans of the Eglu having purchased an Up for our original girls some time ago. These were in the days when we were getting started on our chicken keeping journey. Having now become obsessed with our girls, we wanted them to have the very best in hen technology and security. With the Cube, they have more space. This is great when it comes to laying where the hens can now share the nest space. It’s so easy to clean and maintain and great for attachments like the auto door and light which are fantastic add ons that give peace of mind.

Well Worth The Investment - Lancashire,

We had already purchased numerous Eglu Go's but needed a larger coop for our larger rescue hens. So we decided to purchase two of the Eglu Cube Mk2 with wheels kit. There very easy to assemble and our birds love them, you can even install an Omlet Chicken Swing!!!!!. The run is very well made as are the included feeder and waterer. Being Fox resistant and not having to worry about the itch inducing redmites makes the Omlet Cube our favourite coop in the Omlet range and we will be adding more to our collection soon.

The girls and I love it ???? -

Love my cube so much we bought a second . Now we have 16 girls and plenty of eggs - would really recommend. Have previously had wooden huts and this is much easier to cleans, reduces red mute infestation and looks great????

Exceeded my expectations - Tennessee,

Love my Eglu coop and run. It is easy to move by myself with the wheels package and looks nice in the yard. It did take my husband and I about 3.5 hours to put together, but a great coop that appears it will be incredibly durable.

Fantastic Coop!! -

I have had my Eglu Cube now for 10 months, and still haven't found a single thing to complain about. Sturdy, well-engineered, and beautiful. Worked equally well during hot summer months and our cold Chicago winter (with a small radiant heat source inside for extra-cold nights). So happy I choose it over all the cheap wood options out there. The chickens and I both give it 5 stars!

Ingenious chicken coop -

My chickens have been enjoying their eglu cube for the past four years and feel happy and safe. What’s more, it is very easy and quick to clean. The wheels also make it easy to move around. Excellent buy!

I love my Omlet! - GA,

We live in Atlanta, Georgia. As a first time chicken owner, I went through two other coops before trying the Omlet. This finally worked for us! I have bantams and they are more pets and part of the family than anything. This coop looks great in the backyard and much appreciated by the neighbors since we do live in a subdivision. It has a clean look and blends into the yard. I have added all the accessories, a perch, a treat holder etc. I also added my own chicken sand bath. My one complaint is that the wheels do not work to move the coop if you purchased the 9ft length. I would not go smaller than this because I think this is the minimum space appropriate for more than one chicken. But the run is too long for the wheels to lift and move it. I do plan to contact the company and query about that part of it. My chickens happily go into the coop part when it gets dark and they lay their eggs in the nesting box. I also wish it had a door that could open on the back end under the plastic coop. Its hard to get into the run to clean it so would be very helpful if it opened at the back so you could reach that side of the run or to get to one of the chickens on that end if you need to. No better coop for an urban back yard!

Fist time chicken farmer.The omlet cube is makeing it easy -

I am very happy. easy clean safe and warm

Fantastic product -

I have dreamed of owning an Eglu Cube for ages, but the price has always put me off. However, after a lot of saving and selling my old Eglu Go, I took the plunge and bought a Cube. This product is well worth the money, the design is really clever and the build quality is outstanding. It is really easy to clean, looks like it will last a long time and my hens love it. Be brave, save up and get one.

LOVE it! - Texas,

Easy to assemble, surprisingly sturdy and durable, perfect for our small flock! Highly recommend - I have no doubts it will last much longer than any wood options for sale and certainly cost less than me trying to build something from scratch!

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