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Build Instruction steps could be improved - An Omleteer,

Overall we are happy with coop and the 9ft run, however the product design could be improved to allow the run to be added / removed to/from the coop without virtually having the coop entirely unassembled again especially when you have the auto door. It would also help to include extra screws as found 2 of the long ones were dud and some extra zip ties would have been helpful. In terms of the instructions we found steps could have been clearer in areas especially with regard to adding the plate brackets for the run to be fixed and stressing vital to join run at this point before going further building the coop!

Verified Purchase: Apr 2020

Pretty good - Benjamin,

I have the 6 ft run with tractor wheels. I’ve had the eglu set up and in use for about a month. I have 3 full size Hens: 1 buff Orpington and 2 black sex links. I have 2 chicks which will be joining them soon. 5-6 full size hens is the max I would want in there. The dropping tray works well. The build is solid. It’s water tight and sturdy. The tractor wheels work well! My eggs are clean and poop free thanks to the sliding door to the nest box. I close it at night and open it in the morning. With only a single nat box I thought there might be some fights among the ladies but all seems calm. It’s kind of a pain to put together. Connecting the run correctly is not super easy. The thing took about 5 hours to put together and we didn’t get the run quite right so it’s a little wonky but still works. It Keeps out the raccoons which visit my hens nightly- they somehow get through my electric fence. I wish there was more ventilation. The waterer and feeder that come with the eglu are cute but not very good. I use a different feeder which is easier for my chx to access, same with waterer. At 1k it’s more expensive than the super cheap wood wood ones and not as expensive as larger custom/ quality houses. I wish the hen house was larger and wish the run was easier to put together.

Verified Purchase: May 2020

West Chester PA - Marc,

The Eglu structure is an excellent design and convenient. The direction are a bit disjointed! Especially when it comes to the wire walls. As for the fence aspect, the plastic clips are not that good and often break easily, especially the double clips. I resorted to use zip ties for everything. So the coop house is great the cage not very good.

Verified Purchase: Apr 2019

Decent product but SO expensive - An Omleteer,

Fairly satisfied with the quality of the product but I don’t think after a month of use that the price is truly justified.

Verified Purchase: Sep 2018

Not so sure its worth the expense... - Michelle,

It was very fiddly to build. With the 3m run, it is not easy to move around. Clips fall off every time we move It. The guage of the mesh is not small enough to keep out mice. Other than than It is easy to clean.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2019

Omlet Says: Hi Michelle, Re the clips they shouldn't fall off when you move it, I wonder if you have them on properly, as usually they are exceptionally difficult to get off the run. I will email you regarding them. Re the mesh to keep out mice, the mice are attracted to the food, it is best not to throw food on the ground or give them too much that they don't eat it all and mice won't be encouraged to come. Lara @ Omlet

Love it but needs adjustments - Jayne,

I purchased a green cube with 3m extension and it has faded in colour not that that detracts at all. I love the practicality of a cube , ease of cleaning and fox proof but it needs adjustments something I didn't think of when I purchased it. When you have the extensions on you have great difficulty getting inside as my husband likes to dig over the soil in the run quite regularly. My chickens don't free range so as I only have four there is plenty of room. We have to have the feeders and drinkers near the door for ease of filling and taking off to wash etc and this causes bickering amongst the chickens, it would be easier to have some feeders under the cube to separate them. We have had to purchase a clear tarpaulin for shelter but as we had such a wet winter/ spring it caused the rain to run down the tarpaulin and straight into the run. The chickens were up to their eyes in mud. I am really happy with it but these problems spoil it. I wanted a hen house and run that looked neat without having to add bits on that make it look a mess. I don't like the fact I cant stand up in the run, I'm only 5ft anyway but the walk in runs are far too expensive.. I hope I win the lottery and then I will buy one.
Review for: Eglu Cube Mk1 Chicken Coop with 2m Run Package - Green

Scope to improve but overall satisfied - Sara,

The Cube is one heck of an investment but as our girls are pets, we didn't mind. The Cube is sturdy and well ventilated. Hub and son struggled a bit with assembly which is unusual for them. Good points: strong, durable, easy to clean, easy to let the girls out and collect eggs and it looks good. Hopefully fox proof too. Could improve: door on side of run definitely needed to poo pick or reach chickens if needed, pull out trays seem to need to click into place (not easy), not easy to move forward and even worse to reverse. Worst thing is the ladder - I have three big girls who find it very difficult and we have had to make a ramp for them to get up and down safely. May be better for agile Banties. It's such a lot of money to pay - it's almost there but not quite. The concept is great but please sort the ladder and the side door issues.
Review for: Eglu Cube Mk1 Chicken Coop with 2m Run Package - Green

Not big enough - Kim,

In my opinion the cube with aitsstandard, or even with an extended run, does not offer sufficent space for 10 chickens. Chickens need more space to be kept happy, even when the unit is moved around.
Review for: Eglu Cube Mk1 Chicken Coop with 2m Run Package - Green

Expensive and the run isn't big enough - Jane,

The standard run is too small for the number of chickens indicated by Omlet if they are kept in it all the time. I only have 4 and it is too crowded for them, resulting in bad pecking behaviour. The hens (ex-battery) haven't mastered the ladder so they fly out of the house and bang straight in to the cage. During the day they knock off the grub feeder. On the plus side I have full confidence in the security of the hens against predators and the house is easy to keen clean and do the daily routines.
Review for: Eglu Cube Mk1 Chicken Coop with 2m Run Package - Green

Safe, practicle and easy to clean - Pauline,

Safe practical and easy to clean, unhappy with fit of the back panel - large gaps which I will probably have to plug with something in the winter to stop the chickens getting frost bite.
Review for: Eglu Cube Mk1 Chicken Coop with 2m Run Package - Green

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