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Reviews for Large Chicken Coop - Eglu Cube

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Great coop!! - East sussex,

I originally had an Eglu Go-Up coop which I absolutely love. After a year of keeping 3 hens, I decided to extend my flock. I ordered the cube & so glad I did. It is so much more roomy for my ladies. It’s also easy to clean. I heard so many stories about mites on wooden hen house so I’m so glad I bought Eglu. The separate nesting area is much bigger for my hens too. They seemed happier in the bigger Cube than Eglu go-up. We also purchased Walk In Run to go with the cube.

I love the Eglu so much I upgraded! - VIC,

I started with the Eglu Go for my two girls. I know have 5 girls and have since upgraded to the Eglu Cube complete with run, stand and ladder. I love the Eglu because it is super easy to keep clean. I simply empty the manure into the compost and house the trays, it takes minutes. The stand and wheels make it easy to move around the yard. Having a separate nesting area makes it easy to close (I have had a couple of broody girls- so this has come in handy). My 5 hens are medium to large in size and they all fit beautifully inside. Watching them queue up each evening to step up the ladder into their nice safe, clean, well insulated coop is cute. I have not had a mite problem since I ditched my wooden chicken coop. Do yourself a favour, make owning chickens even easier by buying an Eglu. You will love it!

Excellent Product - easy and convenient! - NSW,

I absolutely love this chicken coop set up as it is an all on one set up and I haven’t had to consider using anything else to get the right conditions for my hens. It gives them plenty of room when I can’t be home to let them range, the box is insulated to keep the girls comfy in cold and hot weather .. and it is super quick and easy to clean, something I know would have stopped me getting chooks at all. Great quality product!

Eglu Cube Mk2 - new addition to our family - VIC,

I was amazed at how quick the delivery was - although it did take a while to put together - I am sooo amazed with our Eglu!!! So easy to clean - I have had chickens before and always hated cleaning out their coops - but this is easy!!! Chicken love the nesting box & roost !

100% Chicken Coop -

Omlet Eglu Fantastic Hen house. It is spacious & very easy to keep spotlessly clean. I wouldn’t use any other Chicken House for my precious Chickens. 100% Recommended.

Perfect -

Excellent.in every way. We chose our chicken breeds carefully, so of course our coop choice was also researched well. The Eglu design is safe and comfortable for our ladies and easy to clean for humans. Highly recommend.

Amazing design and so easy to erect and use -

Although the instructions said “two people”, I managed to put it up on my own, in pouring rain, and I’m well into my 70’s. The instructions were the clearest I’ve ever seen. My chooks took to it immediately, and it is SO easy to clean. Absolutely perfect!

Love it! -

I am so glad I came across Omlet Eglu chicken coops when I was looking to replace my existing coop. Timber coops are not cheap and they claim to be long lasting but mine was brittle, rotting and falling apart. As soon as I saw the Eglu moulded plastic which could be hosed clean in minutes I knew this was going to outlast any timber construction and keep my chickens housed in a much cleaner and well ventilated environment. My 70yo step dad offered to construct the Eglu which I gratefully accepted. He did a fantastic job without any hassles and completed in 1 day. I moved the coop and 3m run by myself to a spot in the garden. I like being able to easily move my chooks to a fresh patch of grass every week or 2 and I let them out to free range in the garden a few times a week when I’m home to keep an eye on them. We have had trouble with foxes in the past but I feel very confident that my girls are safe in their Omlet run.

Omlet Eglu Cube Mk 2 -

Such a well designed coop - so easy to keep clean; and with the automatic door, keeps our hens safe and sound.

Delighted with my Eglu Cube! -

Really wish I had bought one of these years ago, they make chicken keeping so much easier. Great to keep clean & I can move it myself effortlessly. They are expensive but well worth the price. The only negative is that it took us much longer to put together than the time estimated by Omlet!

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