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Reviews for Large Chicken Coop - Eglu Cube

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Super Easy to clean - New York,

I love the simplicity of the eglu chicken coop. It's really easy to clean and the chickens love it.

Pretty good -

I have the 6 ft run with tractor wheels. I’ve had the eglu set up and in use for about a month. I have 3 full size Hens: 1 buff Orpington and 2 black sex links. I have 2 chicks which will be joining them soon. 5-6 full size hens is the max I would want in there. The dropping tray works well. The build is solid. It’s water tight and sturdy. The tractor wheels work well! My eggs are clean and poop free thanks to the sliding door to the nest box. I close it at night and open it in the morning. With only a single nat box I thought there might be some fights among the ladies but all seems calm. It’s kind of a pain to put together. Connecting the run correctly is not super easy. The thing took about 5 hours to put together and we didn’t get the run quite right so it’s a little wonky but still works. It Keeps out the raccoons which visit my hens nightly- they somehow get through my electric fence. I wish there was more ventilation. The waterer and feeder that come with the eglu are cute but not very good. I use a different feeder which is easier for my chx to access, same with waterer. At 1k it’s more expensive than the super cheap wood wood ones and not as expensive as larger custom/ quality houses. I wish the hen house was larger and wish the run was easier to put together.

Great coop. - Florida,

I bought the Eglu cube with 6ft run. I am very impressed with the quality and ease of set up. I have 4 good size hens so I added the 3ft run extension. The ladies love it and i am looking forward to years of enjoyment and a safe home for our flock.

Fantastic -

Really pleased with this after 4 weeks. I was a little reluctant to spend so much money when there are so many cheap wooden chicken coops about, but I’m so glad I did. I’m new to keeping chickens and this is so quick and easy to clean (I keep cleaning it every few days as it’s all new and so quick to do, even though it doesn’t really need it). Our four 8 week old chicks needed no help knowing what to do at night from the first day we put them in. Straight up the ladder at dusk and the autodoor worked at treat. I bought the extra ladder grips due to older bad reviews about the stick on ones, but I needn’t have bothered as it comes with the good ladder grips now anyway.

Omlet Cube - Durham,

Good service, excellent quality.

Great Product, Don't Know What We'd Do Without It! - Washington,

We love our Eglu Cube, it was super easy to build (my 14-year-old daughter built it by herself in a few hours). Our chickens are incredibly happy. It is so easy to clean, and only takes a few minutes each week. We have no regrets in buying this!

Love it! -

We have had our eglu for six years, we had an attack of red mite in our wooden coop which we could not shift do we invested in the Omlet Eglu. We call it Cluckingham Palace and it it great, easy to clean and access and our rescue battery hens were very happy in it. We have just got bantams and they are settling nicely, giving a bit mire time then putting their swing up!

Everything we expected -

The reviews were great, so we had high expectations and were not disappointed. The Eglu arrived a week ahead of its promised date and in pristine condition. We watched the video of how to assemble which was very helpful. The chickens have been in there for two weeks and everything is great. For those on Facebook, I highly recommend joining the Omlet Pets group. Everyone is incredibly helpful and supportive. So far, we are extremely happy.

Four daughters who wanted chickens, Omlet made it possoble - California,

Our family of 6 (four daughters) have always wanted a farm but living in the city where I work is where we are and buying a farm or moving to a farm is not realistic for us at this moment however my daughters and I still wanted to raise chickens in our backyard. I didnt think this would be possible, or that my wife would even consider allowing this, however after some research and negotiating with my wife I learned that we are allowed to have chickens in the city where we live and luckly I came across Omlet and the Eglu Cube online, which because of the cute stylish look, my wife agreed to chickens in our backyard so we ordered the Eglu Cube with extended run and wheels and it has exceeded our expectations. It was easy to assemble, great quality coop and run, looks great in the yard(which my wife appreciates), and the chickens seem to love it. Chickens, we have chickens. Thank you so much Omlet for making this possible. We might not have a farm but my daughters and I have chickens in our backyard and it has been a great experience so far because of the awesome Eglu Cube which is also easy to clean and keeps our chickens safe.

Best Coop Ever - Michigan,

We are in LOVE with our Eglu. Comfortably holds all of our chickens and we don’t have to worry about predators getting our babies. It will keep them warm in Michigan winters and cool in summers.

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