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I absolutely love my coop on my sloped and rocky back yard in the city. My chickens love it too. - North Carolina,

I absolutely love my coop on my sloped and rocky back yard in the city. My chickens love it too! I’m a city girl and its my first time caring for chickens and its been the most rewarding experience for my family during the Covid 19 lockdowns. We have new babies to care for, friends to play with and my two small dogs and my four chicken bonded while watching Netflix as the chicks were babies. They are their ever present watchdogs shooing away deer, birds and any harm from our hens who free range and inspect absolutely everything. Its such a joy to watch. And soon - eggs!

Great coop long wait. - California,

Ordered my Omlet back in June and finally received it on July 24th. Definitely a long wait understandably with the Pandemic going on. Delays are going to happen. Coop is amazing gives the girls some space to run and a secure place to sleep. Plan accordingly if you plan to order luckily we had a wooden coop for the chicks to move in to until the Omlet arrived. Worth the wait!

Great -

Very good best

A good chicken coop! -

I got the large Eglu Cube and you call tell the company has put a lot of thought into this product. I like the innovative door that twists open and shut and the fact that it is made of tough, durable plastic that is easy to clean. I don't know if I would put more than 4 or 5 in this coop. I had to put a perch inside this one because my four chickens like to perch when they sleep and that took up some space. I have built wooden chicken coops before but by the time you get the materials, put it together and make it predator-proof, you could just spend an hour putting this one together and know you've got a good quality coop with the features you need. The only reason I give it 4 stars is because the lead time in getting it can be long (as much as a month), so plan ahead!

Eglu Cube Mk2 with 2m Run - kildare,

We got our delivery, lots of boxes but all really well packaged and the instructions where easy to follow. It takes some time to assemble but we made it a family fun event and took our time and had fun. The quality is very good. Ours Hens are young but they seem to live the Cube. We are in a rural area so we where worried about foxes etc but the hens are really secure and safe at night. Also during the day in their run they are safe. Love the cleaning it’s so easy to keep clean So far so good, we love the Cube and have ordered more omlet products.

Perfect -

Our Omlet coop came a week ago - we have assembled took more than an hour but looks great - we have set ours in the 32 feet chicken fencing so our 8 bantams have a great area to be in. They have homed now and are enjoying their space

Great product -

Great product extremely well made although fiddly to put together. Hens seem very happy.


The Eglu Cube is the best there is. It makes having chicken a breeze. Easy to clean, chickens love it and I love the way it looks in my back yard. I wish I knew of it a long time ago.

Perfect Coop -

We built our coop a few weeks ago. It takes longer than 1 hour and definitely needs 2 people to assemble. The instructions take some time to decipher (think Ikea but less clear). Use zip ties instead of the clips for a sturdier assembly. My chickens are very happy. We move them every couple of days to fresh grass. The coop is predator proof and very easy to clean and use. I'm much happier with this one than the wooden coop we had.

Brillent - Suffolk,

This is the second chicken home that we have got from Omlet, we collected some more chickens and needed a bit more room, we we ordered this nest box, our girls love both the nest boxes that we have, they seem to swop every night, these nest boxes keep our girls dry and warm and are very easy to take apart and clean, I can not say how good these products are, when we collected our next batch of rescue hens I will be ordering another nest box from Omlet.

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