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Reviews for Large Chicken Coop - Eglu Cube

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Really solid and warm -

This is a nice solid large house which I think will be nice and warm in the winter (I do have concerns that it would get too hot in the sort of summer heat we have been getting - as it has no sliding windows? and once the sun hits the house it is really warm in there) the nesting partition has been really useful to use as a seperate bedroom for new birds to get used to each others sounds. Easy to clean and can be used without the roosting tray (my birds seem to prefer sleeping directly on the bedding).

- California,

LOVE everything about this coop. A bit challenging to assemble due to the some screw got worn out otherwise I have no complaints. So easy to clean and so durable. My chickens had no issues even on their first day with this new coop. I highly recommend this coop for 6 chickens. I also appreciate awesome customer service Omlet provides. Awesome buy!

Very Pleased! -

My eglu cube has already saved my birds by keeping a raccoon and a fox out. Very happy with my purchase and my girls seem to like it very much. My husband and I put together the cube and run, but since we a older had a bit of a problem getting the double clips to close (arthritis). We ended up buying extra zip ties to compensate. Overall, great purchase.

Good Coop - Colorado,

The coop works very well in the small area I have available for my chickens. The coop itself was easy to put together and very secure - the run a bit more fiddly. Expect it will take a couple of hours at least. It is very easy to clean and maintain. My only "gripe" would be the plastic inserts that go over the stairs don't fit very well. This is minor - just a small irritation, but I wonder how long they will last. The coop and run are pretty and blend in with the yard. I chose the Eglu for its design and ease of cleaning. I live in a neighborhood near to a wilderness area, so we get predator animals such as foxes, coyotes, hawks, raccoons, and the occasional bear. I am quite sure the coop and run will hold up to anything but, perhaps, a determined bear. I keep an outside light on to foil the bear and I bring the feed in every night, which the bear can smell from a distance. After about a month, so far, so good.

Excellent easy to use product -

Well thought out design that is easy to use and keep clean. Our hens are no longer troubled by red mite. Assembly is straight forward. This is so much better than our old wooden coup and I can heartily recommend it, particularly if red mite control is problematic in a wooden coup.

Chicken camper -

We love it, the chickens love it now - at first they had to be put in bodily but soon got used to it. Putting it together wasn’t as easy as it looks on utube! It might be for an agile 17 - 50yr old but senile 70s found it hard to get squashed in to put screws in then couldn’t get out. It certainly took us more than 2hrs to put together. Of course anyone adept in Lego would manage quite easily. It cleans easily and moves easily - even on uneven ground. I would certainly recommend it.

Brilliant -

Worth every penny for a well thought out and constructed chicken coop. Easy to keep clean as an added bonus.

Omlet cube - Worcestershire,

Fantastic product my hens love it and so do I. Really like how easy it is to clean out and the nesting area is wonderful and dark just what my girls like when laying an egg.

Excellent products, service to match - New York,

Ordered a cube, run, autodoor and fencing during COVID quarantine, had to wait a long time but it was worth the wait and the cost. So well designed, the Omlet designers really worked through all the details... made our first experience of chicken keeping so much easier and our girls are so happy and healthy. Assembly definitely takes a long time, but it's not hard... just use the videos and don't rush, it all comes together exactly as described. Being able to move the coop around the yard with the wheels to fresh grass is brilliant and the chickens love the change of scenery and fresh grass. Had a couple of minor issues with the run extension but was really pleased with the responsiveness and friendliness of customer service... they absolutely stand behind the product, which is important when making this kind of investment. The autodoor is a life-changer if you work outside the home... makes the whole thing so much more possible and stress-free.

Very well planned out for chicken safety and comfort - California,

Although the assembly directions were spare, we had no problem putting this together. I came to appreciate only having to read one line per step rather than pages. The coop is easy to take apart and keep clean and we have had no odor issues at all. The girls feel quite at home here.

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