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Verified Reviews for Heavy Duty Tarp with Gutter Edge for Walk in Run – 9ft

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Very pleased - Elaine, Warwickshire,

Very substantial and easy to fit. Good overlap with the gutter edge. 2

Very nice - Erin, Warwickshire,

I think that the Omlet covers have better curb appeal in comparison to a traditional tarp. However I do find that, in a down for these will leak a little. 2

Good quality - Helen, Warwickshire,

Good strong cover. We live on a windy hill and it fits snugly and doesn't move even on the most windy days. 2

- Kay, Warwickshire,

This cover is great for the run - sturdy, good size and excellent secure fixings. Worth the cost and it looks as if it will last for years. The two rabbits and I are delighted. 2

Good strong cover - Heather, Warwickshire,

This is a good strong cover but needs more eyelets and clips. It needs to be secured at a central point as well as at either end. It flaps when it's windy and frightens the cat. 2

Great heavy duty cover for my hens walk In - Lydia, Warwickshire,

I bought 3 of those to replace the clear cover walk In following the bad weather episode we had lately. It's less light but much stronger against the gales we have I the North East. Good product! 2

Outstanding product - Richard, Warwickshire,

Well designed and made. Very easy to install. 2

Heavy Duty Cover for Walk In Run - Amanda, Warwickshire,

Purchased this for my son and daughter-in-law. They are very pleased with it. It offers wonderful protection against rain, wind and sunshine. Very easy to reposition if needed. 2

Heavy duty cover - Karen, Warwickshire,

I am very pleased with the quality of the heavy duty cover. It fits well on the roof of the 3m walk in run and keeps the run and my girls dry on wet days. Easy to adjust with the bungee cords. Have bought two heavy duty covers and one clear cover. Well recommended. 2

Works well - Pam, Warwickshire,

Since adding this to the run we have had some heavy rain but not once have I seen the hens with wellies and umbrellas so it's working well! 2

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