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Verified Reviews for Eglu Go UP Chicken Coop Frame and Ladder

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Eglu Go Up - Reynolds, Yorkshire,

We love it! Brilliant design, easy to maintain, looks great - have already recommended it to several friends.

Just marvelous! - Jane, Yorkshire,

the quality and build of the Eglu Go Up with frame and ladder is Eggseptional!! well worth the expense - I am thoroughly delighted. :)

Brilliant idea. Makes cleaning so much easier. - Nicola, Yorkshire,

The Eglu up frame and ladder is incredibly helpful. Saves time and energy on cleaning what is already an easy coop to keep clean. My little pekin bantams are quite happy to hop up into their house.

First time chicken keeper - Andrew, Yorkshire,

After some research decided to opt for the egglu up. Initially bought 2m run but quickly decided to add an extra metre. I was worried about putting it together but if you take it slowly and take time to read the instructions, it only took myself a couple of hours to build. When the wheels are down very easy to move around the garden and sturdy. Cleaning is easy I have friends with wooden coops and it takes them a lot longer. I pull trays out empty contents in a bin and hose. Down once a week. Omlet were helpful with advice and delivery was quick. Yes it does seem expensive but I feel you pay for what you get. The egglu looks good in the garden and is simple to use. Our three chickens are very happy.

Great Bit Of Kit - Muckychooks, Yorkshire,

Bought the frame and feeder/drinker stand as my Eglu Go is coming back from the allotment to provide digs for some ex batts. Thought it would be nice to give it a lift off the ground to give the chooks more room and so they can shelter under it. As always with Omlet this is a robust piece of kit which gives full value for money. It's not too fiddly to put together and I LOVE that Omlet have taken on board a previous customer suggestion to provide grippy strips for the ladder. Happy as a chicken in a dust bath and v. much looking forward to getting more girls.

Great product - Anthony, Yorkshire,

A well designed piece of kit. Easy to clean. Cosy for chickens. May extend run by 2m soon.

house and run - Ursula, Yorkshire,

this item is fine for the purpose we bought it for a nightmare to put together we needed a child with a degree in lego and macarno but we got there in the end the birds like it and its easy to move and to clean.

Does exactly what it says on the tin - Simon, Yorkshire,

Does exactly what it says on the tin. Once assembled allow the Eglu to Go Up.

Expensive but worth it! - Sian, Yorkshire,

Really pleased with the eglu and chickens have taken to it well. Closing mechanisms are sound. Easy to pull out rack to clean.

Great - Tabitha, Yorkshire,

The frame just gives that extra space for the chickens. Mine like the shade and use the drier area for their dust bath. Well worth it for piece of mind and extra space.

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