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Just the job! -

Have wanted to convert my Go to a Go Up for some time but did not have room to attach the run to my WIR. So we just bought the frame and a steel mesh panel from you and converted it ourselves!! Works a treat and I no longer have to crawl on my hands and knees!

Great item -

We low the Eglu Go Up. It took a while for our girls to get used to their new ladder but now they are climbing up there with no problem. Gives more space in the run as they are able to shelter underneath. All in all very pleased.

Great product -

The frame and ladder were fairly easy to assemble. The directions are very good. I was able to attach my Eglu Go Chicken House that I have had and used for 4 years (and is still in good shape). My only concern is that my large hen (8lbs at least) doesn't seem to be able or willing to climb the ladder. It has only been a couple of days so I'm hoping she will eventually learn how to do it. The price is high (especially with shipping) for me, but I am not a carpenter and I have found all the Omlet products I have purchased to be of very good quality.

Very good -

Ideal makes access very easy

Happy chooks! -

Having had a wooden ark previously decided to go for omlet for easy cleaning and maintenance ! Brilliant on that front, very quick to clean out! ! Girls Sussed out the steps up straight away but one still insists on throwing herself off the top rung and lands with a splat coming down in the morning! Love the door, easy to shut them in at night! Run was slightly complicated to put together, hubby was in charge of construction and the number of pieces did seem to make the job harder than maybe it need to be!! Regardless of that will probably get the extension to give them more space soon!!! Love the colour...brightens up the garden and makes me smile!!! Would definitely recommend ( and have done to friends!!!) looking forward to the eggs arriving now!!!

Nice to be up -

I purchased my go up before our winter. We have very snowy winters. I live in the Northeast US and before the up I saw rodent evidence under my go. I got the no more road and evidence my girls love being up off of the ground and very little snow got into their coop. Love love love!

frame and ladder -

All good

Excellent product. -

An excellent product …. enables me to move the eglu and run every couple of days without having to rely on anyone. Having the eglu off the ground also gives the hens extra space and a snug area in which to shelter from adverse weather conditons!

Good product. -

My entire package has been a great success, the chickens are producing four eggs now after just five weeks. They seem very happy and i try to let them go free range when I am able to supervise them. Unfortunately we are inundated with foxes and we have red kites so are not safe untended.

Just perfect -

This is what my hens have been waiting for. They never really liked not being able to go up and perch at night and often would perch on top of the Eglu Go, before going in at night. This is just perfect, ideal height, easier for me to clean out too. The ladder is amazing. We attached a bit of our old un-used run to the legs, so now is perfect for attaching the feed and water under the GO I use Omlet chicken fencing, so didn't need to buy the run, which would have been very expensive, but the price of the frame and ladder is great value. Also used my old plastic cover to go around two of the legs so it keeps dry under there too. The hens love going under there when its wet and windy. I wish Omlet, you would produce a separate nesting box. The one in the Go gets too dirty overnight, so I have bought a small wooden weatherproof rabbit box for them to lay eggs in, They usually lay after they have been let out in the morning, so this way I get clean eggs. A small Omlet one would be much better though. perhaps like a mini GO? Also the feeders for the GO are too large and deep. Something half the size would be ideal for 2/3 hens. Thank you Omlet

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