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Expensive but worth it! -

Really pleased with the eglu and chickens have taken to it well. Closing mechanisms are sound. Easy to pull out rack to clean.

Verified Purchase: May 2015

Great -

The frame just gives that extra space for the chickens. Mine like the shade and use the drier area for their dust bath. Well worth it for piece of mind and extra space.

Verified Purchase: Sep 2019

Why would you want a wooden one?! - Surrey,

For anyone wanting to keep just a few chickens, the the Go Up is fantastic. Just the right size, easy to assemble if you FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS and so easy to access and clean due to it being higher up off the ground. It's easy to scrub and being plastic, it will not harbour moisture or have all the nooks and crannies for the dreaded red mite to set up home! What's more, we feel 100% confident that the chickens are safe from any unwanted visitors! In terms of looks, we bought the green one and this blends really well into the garden and really doesn't look gaudy. So? What are you waiting for? Treat your chickens to a lovely new home!

Verified Purchase: Jul 2020

Great product! -

Have had wooden arks for years but decided to treat myself and new chickens to an eglu as the ark needed repair. It took quite a while to put together esp the run but it is really good. The cleaning arrangements at the back with the pull out trays are particularly good. The skirt around it has stopped the rats burrowing in!!! Very pleased!

Verified Purchase: Apr 2015

Eggcellent - Fife,

Excellent service and item - happy chickens so happy us.

Verified Purchase: Sep 2020

Great invention -

I purchased a conversion kit for my eglu go, It was fairly simple to fit and took time but the instructions were clear. MY chooks took it like a duck to water ! I now have foiled the rodents chances of a dry night s sleep under my previous eglu go house over the winter months.

Verified Purchase: Jul 2015

Just the job! -

Have wanted to convert my Go to a Go Up for some time but did not have room to attach the run to my WIR. So we just bought the frame and a steel mesh panel from you and converted it ourselves!! Works a treat and I no longer have to crawl on my hands and knees!

Verified Purchase: Nov 2018

Great item -

We low the Eglu Go Up. It took a while for our girls to get used to their new ladder but now they are climbing up there with no problem. Gives more space in the run as they are able to shelter underneath. All in all very pleased.

Verified Purchase: Mar 2020

Great product -

The frame and ladder were fairly easy to assemble. The directions are very good. I was able to attach my Eglu Go Chicken House that I have had and used for 4 years (and is still in good shape). My only concern is that my large hen (8lbs at least) doesn't seem to be able or willing to climb the ladder. It has only been a couple of days so I'm hoping she will eventually learn how to do it. The price is high (especially with shipping) for me, but I am not a carpenter and I have found all the Omlet products I have purchased to be of very good quality.

Verified Purchase: Jun 2018

Very good -

Ideal makes access very easy

Verified Purchase: Nov 2015

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