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Superb! -

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! Attaches to my existing Eglu Go easily. Hens hopped up straight away and happy to shelter under it, too. Best of all; easy on my back.

Fabulous! -

This is my first ever egg coop and I have to say that the Omlet team couldn't have been more helpful and with the Eglu is fabulous. I put the Eglu and run together myself in just under 2 hours with relative ease (much easier than Ikea flat pack!) and minimal bad language. I have 2 hens who have plenty of room and,although one of them can't work out how to use the ladder, they both appear to be very happy in their new home. The wheels help me move the setup around the garden easily and design makes cleaning out fast and easy to carry out. One difficulty I'm having is with the food compartment. I'm finding it very difficult to open it to clean it effectively and once I have opened it I then find it difficult to close. I think I might have to buy another feeder. Otherwise, I've had the Go Up for about 6 weeks now and would highly recommend it.

Eggcellent -

Once assembled this is a very good run. It fits next to the Eglu without any gaps. Unless your Eglu and run will be static, the wheels are a godsend. Originally we didn't order the wheels, without them it is impossible to move. We ended up getting the wheels, so easy to move with them. No strain on your back. When you move it you need to keep an eye on the ladder, it can become slightly misaligned. Assembling the run wasn't easy. There are lots of mesh panels, some with very similar sizes. Instructions are included, if the parts were numbered It would be much easier. The cable ties are really fiddly. I think a delivery note should be included with your purchase. All it arrived with is the instruction manual.

Eglu Go -

The coop is very nice and easy to clean. Took a long time (3 weeks) to get my ladies used to,it but now they're happy going into it. The ladder is my bone of content.....I have Orpington and Light Sussex, large breed chickens, and the ladder is just not made for that size feet....I had to abandon the idea of getting them to use the ladder,they got their feet tangled up despite jumping nearly to the highest. There should be a ladder with wider steps. Apart from that the coop is good, the customer service responded to queries immediately and all is well.

Great product. -

Not having to bend down to clean out the chickens is really helpful for my bad back. I like knowing that they're off the ground at night too. It was easy to assemble,never for someone like me who is rubbish at DIY. The only slight negative is that my bantams struggle with getting down the ladder. They just launch themselves like little lemmings! On balance, I am extremely pleased with the product and the customer service I have received is excellent.

Brilliant product -

This makes the Go so easy to clean without bending down. It is perfect for 2 girls to fit into and they love going upstairs to bed. As usual the quality from Omlet is superb. Thoroughly recommend.

Eglu go up -

Superb product, my chooks love it and it has made egg collecting and the cleaning out of the coop so much easier. Instructions were good, only slight complaint was there is right and left to the frame, which if you put the wrong way round the brackets don't line up, as I found to my cost!

Excellent -

Having the Eglu Go Up makes access for egg collecting and cleaning very easy. It also provides extra room underneath in the run for the hens. As the hens climb the ladder, or flutter up to the top, the rungs dislodge any mud on their feet, which keeps the Eglu as clean as possible.

Easy to clean, move and manage -

I just love it and my chickens seem really happy!

Great product -

We have very happy chickens, they love their new Eglu

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