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Reviews for Eglu Go UP Chicken Coop Frame and Ladder

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Excellent -

Having the Eglu Go Up makes access for egg collecting and cleaning very easy. It also provides extra room underneath in the run for the hens. As the hens climb the ladder, or flutter up to the top, the rungs dislodge any mud on their feet, which keeps the Eglu as clean as possible.

Easy to clean, move and manage -

I just love it and my chickens seem really happy!

Great product -

We have very happy chickens, they love their new Eglu

Eggcelent!!!! -

Great idea, gives etra room in run for those with limited space. Very easy to move and seems quite sturdy.

Love it! -

I ordered the Go Up house for my 3 girls as I had had enough of red mite in the wooden ark I already had. The Up came really quickly and my son and I put it together easily and with some good laughs along the way! I wondered how my hens would manage the ladder but after a 1:1 lesson with each of them they used it happily from the word go. The red mite situation is massively better. I love how easy to clean the Up is and how compact! Thank you - from me and the girls! :-)

Brilliant! -

Watching them climb up the ladder is so funny

A must have -

Absolutely brilliant, perfect height for collecting eggs and cleaning, chickens are happy being of ground to especially with all the rain lately. Would highly recommend to anyone considering buying one. A big thumbs up from me and my girls.

excellent, pricey though - West Yorkshire,

This is an excellent coop and run. My hens seem to like it, took one of them a while to work the ladder out but she is doopid. The clips for the run are ok to use but there are a lot of them

High level luxury -

Delighted with this set up. The chickens like going upstairs to bed!

UP Grade -

I think this is great. A mini cube. The only problem as others have said is the ladder. Grip mat or have a wood ladder made. Expensive yes. Worth it Yes.

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