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Reviews for Run Clips - Pack of 65

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Clips - An Omleteer,

i think the new style clips are much stronger and easier to put on the run. Good value for money and delivery was very quick.

fab clips - An Omleteer,

I've tried the B&Q version of these, even cutting up our own but nothing beats the Omlet clips for strength, quality and the least-thumb damage!

New run clips - An Omleteer,

What a vast improvement. I purchased my third Eglu last week and couldn't believe how much better the new clips are. Not broken nails or swear words, and they are far more robust than the old ones.

New Run Clips - An Omleteer,

I purchased 1 bag of these new run clips last week and they are miles better than the old ones, they are a lot stronger and dont break your nails trying to fasten them. I found them to be so much better that I ordered another bag and replaced all of the old ones.

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