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Verified Reviews for Roosting Bars Plastic - Cube Mk1

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Good product - Marie,

I bought a spare set to make cleaning easier. Easy to clean, easy to assemble and chicks love to roost!

Verified Purchase: Oct 2019

Good - Vicki,

I haven't got the cube - yet. I am hoping to get one next year so that I don't have the dreaded red mite problem again... As I have 2 ex-batts mine tend to roost on the floor of the house as the others as and when I added them copied the Ex-Batts. This doesn't help with the red mite either. Before spending out on the Cube I wanted to make sure they would get on with the roosting bars so bought the replacement ones to trial. 3 of my 6 girls are using them but the Ex-Batts are now in the nest box lol. Still it is early days, and when I make the big change I'm sure it'll be fine. They seem quite nice & sturdy & easy to clean.

Verified Purchase: Feb 2019

plastic roosting bars - cube - An Omleteer,

These are so much better than the wooden ones, much easier to clean.

Verified Purchase: Jan 2010

roosting bars for cube - An Omleteer,

The plastic bars are so much better than the wooden ones. Much easier to clean and dont come apart with the worry of sharp nails. They are pricey but should last a long time.

Verified Purchase: Jan 2010

roosting bars - An Omleteer,

Ideal for use in the winter as not always possible to get originals dry enough to put back in when cleaning. Good product even if a little expensive

Verified Purchase: Jun 2010

Chicken House Roosting Bars - An Omleteer,

Huge improvement on flimsy wooden bars provided with original purchase

Verified Purchase: Jan 2013

Plastic roosting bars - An Omleteer,

Not sure they are as comfortable or grippy for the chicks to stand or walk on but hey they are so easy and quick to clean you only need one set. It was about time Omlet brought out some plastic ones, to live up to the reputation of the eglu's being so easy to clean and disease resistant. Not sure why they ever made them in wood really - seemed to defeat the object. Well done Omlet!

Mrs - An Omleteer,

A bit expensive however, they are worth it as they are so much easier to clean than the wooden roosting bars.

Verified Purchase: Aug 2009

Great but not a snug fit..... - An Omleteer,

We're still quite new to all things chicken but realised straight away that these were a must have accessory. Soooooo much easier for cleaning but I was abit surprised that they aren't a snug fit like the wooden ones. Still...I'm glad we got them.

Verified Purchase: Jul 2008