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Verified Reviews for Roosting Bars Plastic - Cube Mk1

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Roosting Bars Plastic Cube - An Omleteer,

A great improvement on the wooden bars, easier to clean and dry especially in the recent bad weather. No complaints from the hens either!

Verified Purchase: Apr 2020

Excellent but not required anymore! - An Omleteer,

I bought these as the cube was shown to come with the wooden bars however this is not the case and they do now come with these plastic ones so I don't actually need this additional set. If you are ordering a new cube, you don't need these as an extra.

Verified Purchase: Mar 2018

Much easier to clean - An Omleteer,

These are great. We ordered two sets but unfortunately the corners were broken on one pair. However, Omlet replaced them immediately. Being in two parts they are easier to get back into the cube. They are easy to clean and dry, and obviously more hygienic. And no complaints from the girls.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2011

plastic roosting bars for the cube - An Omleteer,

They are excellent, really easy to clean and the chooks love them!

Verified Purchase: Jan 2009

Roosting Bars Plastic -Cube - An Omleteer,

Fantastic product - so easy to clean, a lot faster to wash (and dry) than the wooden bars. Highly recommend this item.

Verified Purchase: Dec 2008

roosting bars plastic cube - An Omleteer,

Bought second lot so that can clean and sterlise the first one and alternate between the two so that the hens have clean ones every week.

Verified Purchase: May 2010

Roosting Bars Plastic - Cube - An Omleteer,

A must buy for any cube owner. Really easy to clean and dry compared to the wooden bars.

Roosting Bars - An Omleteer,

These bars are perfect for keeping the Eglu clean. I rotate 2 pairs every day. One pair gets soaked in a mild poultry guard solution while the other is in use. A quick brush over heavily soiled parts of the bars keeps them clean for the girls. I just wish that they were included as part of the purchase of the eglu as the wooden bars fall well below the general standard of the eglu. All is not lost however as I use the old wooden roosting bars as a temporary path in the garden.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2018

Roostimg bars - An Omleteer,

They arrived promptly, in perfect condition, just dropped them into the cube - job done! Conscience clear too now, regarding diseases etc. The bars appear to be far more hygienic.

Verified Purchase: Jan 2014

Plastic roosting bars - Cube - An Omleteer,

The plastic roosting bars are fantastic, the hens and me love them. They are easy to clean as the dirt does not stick to them, it slides off into the litter trays, leaving the hens to stand on clear roosting bars. Thank you so much. Charlie

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