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Verified Reviews for The Chicken Swing

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We'll get there one day! - Wendy,

Great training guide on manufacturers website. But my chickens have not yet taken to it.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2021 The reviewer has 2-4 Chickens pets

Not used yet but still hopeful - Annette,

As we only have a small run and only 3 chickens I don't think anyone can be bothered to use it yet, the just prefer the static perch, but I will keep trying

Verified Purchase: Oct 2021 The reviewer has 2-4 pets

Good activity source - Alastair, West Sussex,

Bought this recently and our new flock are starting to get used to it now with competition at times for the best perch!

Verified Purchase: Nov 2019 The reviewer has 4-6 Varied pets

Quality product - Lucy,

I liked this but my chickens do not especially in their coop so it is in the garden hanging from a tree branch in the hope that as weather improves so will their inquisitiveness????

Verified Purchase: Jan 2021 The reviewer has 8-10 Don’t know pets

Omlet Says: Fingers crossed for you! I'm sure as soon as the sun is out they'll be interested.

Good but you need space for it - Yvonne,

Received this a few days ago and set it up in thier covered run. One of my young braver hens kept jumping on it, startling herself and leaping off, sending the swing in all directions allong with the other 2 girls who dashed in all directions. It does actually swing quite a bit so not hugely suited to a smallish run(mine is 4m by 1m). While they are on lockdown I have removed it and will set it up in thier larger enclosure when they have more space. I am sure that with the encouragement of treats they will start to use it - especially Dorothy the Brave.

Verified Purchase: Feb 2021 The reviewer has 2-4 Hybrids mixed. pets

interesting - Amanda,

Well made sturdy product. Easy to hang with clear instructions. The chickens freaked when I first hung it. Since then they have become very skilful at avoiding it haha! In time I am hopeful they will enjoy it.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2020

Durable, well-made, but not used yet - Nik,

The swing is made of durable, weather-resistant materials for both the perch part of the swing and the rope. I think it will last for a very long time. The instructions on how to set it up were kind of difficult to follow, so I'm still not sure if I have it set up well enough. The main problem though is that the chickens don't use it. Hopefully that changes at some point.

Verified Purchase: Aug 2020

- Mary,

Great idea not sure if my hens are sure of it on aver long length just off the ground and saw one try but got a fright when it moved and think it spooked them

Verified Purchase: Sep 2020

Chicken swing - Paul,

I bought the chicken swing for my wife’s chickens which is a well made product and looks the part. Unfortunately the chickens do not use it and have no interest. Hopefully over time this may change as it looks like fun!

Verified Purchase: Dec 2019

Chicken Swing - Debbie,

This is very well made but my bantams haven’t got on too well yet.They tried it but as yet not a major love affair.I haven’t given up though.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2020

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