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Verified Reviews for The Chicken Swing

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Chicken swing - Michelle, east yorkshire,

Love the swing and so do my chickens! So fun watching them run around and jump on it! 2

Work in progress - Becky, east yorkshire,

Bought my old chicken a swing as looked like she might like it. She’s stepped over it and on it but not sure what’s she meant to do so I think it’s a great idea and I’m sure in time chookie will grasp the concept and enjoy a swing. 2

- Earlmsrston@Gmail, east yorkshire,

Chickens love it, excellent product. 2

hold off until the hens feel secure in their surroundings - Sarah, east yorkshire,

We're going to try this again when we have a larger enclosure for the hens, and when they are used to their territory. The swing panicked them when we tried installing it at the same time we put them into the brand new coop and the new 9' run. A rookie mistake. 2

Amazing product - Arron, east yorkshire,

My baby chicks were a little nervous at first but now they love it. 2

Fab - Catriona, east yorkshire,

I'd never bought toys for chickens before but this latest batch are pets for my boys and this was their savings. We set it up at the height it will stay at as the chicks could already flutter high onto things, and within a week I was giggling at the sink seeing chick butts swing in and out of view. Yes its a bit pricey but it looks like it will last, sturdy plastic and metal. 2

Not yet in use - Graham, east yorkshire,

Waiting for chickens to grow! 2

The product is good, but the ladies hate it - Alice, east yorkshire,

Essentially a good product, just the ladies hate it so a complete waste of money I shall make it my mission to get them to love it 2

Durable, well-made, but not used yet - Nik, east yorkshire,

The swing is made of durable, weather-resistant materials for both the perch part of the swing and the rope. I think it will last for a very long time. The instructions on how to set it up were kind of difficult to follow, so I'm still not sure if I have it set up well enough. The main problem though is that the chickens don't use it. Hopefully that changes at some point. 2

Easy to put up - Sheena, east yorkshire,

The swing comes complete and ready to hang and it looks nice, unfortunately my ladies peck at it but not interested in getting on it, they prefer the 2m pole to play with (great fun watching them go nose to tail Limbo dancing). 2

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