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Easy to Install - Ashley,

This perch was super easy to install! My bantams love it and I like how it can be placed wherever you want in the run!

Verified Purchase: Mar 2021 The reviewer has 6-8 Silkies, Cochin Bant pets

Happy chickens - An Omleteer,

Easy to fix and my bantams were very happy to have somewhere to perch in the cold weather!

Verified Purchase: Jan 2021 The reviewer has 2-4 Pekin bantam cross b pets

Perch - Wendy,

Pleased I bought this, gets used all the time. Very happy with this

Verified Purchase: Dec 2020 The reviewer has 4-6 Banatms pets

Great addition to the run - Judith, Invermay, Westoby Lane,

Bought at the beginning of the bird flu outbreak when the chickens needed to be kept in their run. After a few days of ignoring the perch, they fully embraced it and now spend many hours perched together keeping each other warm in this chilly weather.

Verified Purchase: Dec 2020 The reviewer has 2-4 Pekin Bantans pets

- Christina,

It’s a great product! My chickens love it and used it every day.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2020

Wooden perch - Christine,

Nice well made product

Verified Purchase: Sep 2020

Happy perching - Sandra,

Easy to fit, and the hens perch very happily on it. The fittings are well designed to allow any non-standard positioning.

Verified Purchase: Jul 2020

Chickens love it - Sandy,

Bought this for my new hens and they love it. They started using it straight away. Easy to fit

Verified Purchase: Dec 2020

They love it - Carolyn,

Our 3 chickens love this, they soon got used to it. Sometimes one is up, sometimes two or three. Very strong and easy to manoeuvre into place. PS Surely we spell metre like this not meter!!

Verified Purchase: Sep 2020

excellent product - Debbie, Maine,

I love this perch, it was very easy to install. The end brackets are unique in that it can be installed straight or at an angle in a corner giving me flexibility where I want to put it. My chickens love it but all 7 birds could not use it at the same time so I got another one. Now everyone is happy!

Verified Purchase: Aug 2020

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