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Verified Reviews for Omlet Chicken Perch - 3ft

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Fab - Catriona, Lanarkshire,

Very sturdy and easy to mount. Hens all on it within an hour. Looks like it will last too.

Perch - Melissa, Lanarkshire,

My Chickens love their perch. They sit on it all the time. It was a great purchase. I got a second one.

After a couple of days they’re on there all the time - Andrew, Lanarkshire,

1m fits the cube 2 run fine - doesn’t need to be too precise as it fits at an angle Fixed level with two steps down from the coop door and they fly onto it Dropped a screw when fitting and they tried to eat it - take care

3 foot perch - Tammi, Lanarkshire,

My 4 chickens love this perch. It was easy to install and I have adjusted the height as my little ones have grown. They free range during the day, but when it gets close to night time, they come into their 9 foot Omlet Run and relax on their perch before they head into the coop for the night

Fabulous! - Claire, Lanarkshire,

Think this is essential to any new owner purchasing an Omlet run. The bird’s natural instinct is to perch, and needs to be encouraged for leg strength. This perch is hard wearing and strong, easy to fit and adjust. Watching the hens use it together to rest and preen made me realise what an essential piece of kit this is.

Great addition - David, Lanarkshire,

Great addition to the run which my chickens love. Something extra to keep them entertained.

Great Perch - Georgina, Lanarkshire,

My chickens love using this perch. I would highly recommend it. Very easy to put up.

like the perch - Francie, Lanarkshire,

Chicken Perch 1m - Keith, Lanarkshire,

Excellent. Very strong, easy to fit and the chickens love it. If I'd known it could be cut to fit I would have bought the 2 m version. I'd buy another one if I could find somewhere in th run for it.

Chicken Perch - Sally-Anne, Lanarkshire,

Very good product, my girls love it.

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