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Very well made nice to be able to custom fit it.

fab -

my old and new chickens love this. will post photos soon. get at least one you will not regret it.

Love it! - Indiana,

My chickens LOVE this. I went with the 6ft option instead of the 3ft because I have eight birds and I was worried they would "argue" over who got to sit on it. I just installed it yesterday (super easy to put together) - it took them about a day to get over their suspicion of the new object enough to try it out. Three chickens are sitting on it now, happy as can be, and there's room for the others when they're ready to hop on up!

Loved by the girls -

We fixed our perch outside the Eagle run, in a day space. For months we thought the girls didn't use the perch as we never saw them on it. Then winter came and lots of mud claw marks appeared on it! We caught the girls using the perch once when we crept down the garden so they couldn't hear us. Now we know the secret, we catch them on it often - until they hear us coming and rush to the door!

Fits them all on -

Well made, easy to assemble. Adds further enrichment to the hens run. They perch comfortably. We originally put it a little too high and was easy to adjust.

Quick & easy limbo pole -

Very easy to erect. I have the 2m pole in my 2m x 2m x1m run for my ex battery older ladies. It took a while before they realised they could do more than just limbo under it. It was funny watching them almost nose to tail following each other Limboing under it, but now as they get used to daylight and grass, they're loving their new toys.

Perch -

Delivery as stated Wood and fittings were in good condition ,good quality. Easy to assemble. Would recommend

An excellent addition to my coop! -

When I first installed the perch my flock of four feathered friends didn’t pay it any attention. Having just this week introduced two newbies into the mix it has been an invaluable vantage point from which the two little ones can survey their new coop mates - and escape out of reach should things get a little heated as the flock adjusts and reestablishes the pecking order! Can’t fault it. Highly recommended.

Perch 2m -

I use this inside my Eglu 3m run and I fits diagonally almost corner to corner. The fixing points are strong and secure. My girls love perching on it and so far I’ve seen 5 of them perched at the same time. The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars was because of one negative point, the perch is joined in the middle with a metal tube and as my girls are large birds the perch does start to bend in the middle slightly so maybe the 2 of the shorter perches would have been a better option.

Bought for my hens -

Well made and easy to fit.

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