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Fun -

This is good for chunkier treats, anything smaller than sunflower seeds come straight out so it’s no good for the herby garden mix treats. So slightly disappointed. But it keeps the girls occupied and happy, and that’s what’s important.

Great treat game -

love this as they go straight to it when i need them to come in from the garden. Swings alot so they do not get the whole pot at once. One chicken knows to not bother pecking as the others will do the hard work for them.


Very entertaining for the ladies

Feeding toy -

Excellent. This works really well for feeding my two hens,Mabel and Henrietta. No waste or fouling (excuse the pun!) of food. And helps keep them busy. Would recommend this toy! I feel toy is the wrong description. It’s just a very good way of feeding without mess or contamination.

Great way of feeding chickens. -

Easy to use and a great way of feeding snacks to chickens.

Fab toy! -

The girls rush over to the Peck Toy when they come back into the run each day and then bat it about to get the treats out.

Pendant pecker toy is a huge hit - Northamptonshire,

My Girls love it. It doesn’t matter what I put in it, mixed corn or layers pellets they keep pecking until it is empty. Well made with holes that are large enough to accommodate layers pellets but small enough so that corn does not just fall straight out. The smallest tap results in a few treats tumbling out and a mad flurry of feathers to see who can gobble them up. When they see me filling it up they come running. Brilliant accessory.

Love it -

So glad I purchased this along with the poppy peck toy as the chooks love pecking away at them

Brilliant -

Had no idea how my hens would love the pendant peck toy. Also great amusement for us to watch.

treats last longer! -

One girl got the hang of it immediately,the second watched and ate fallen corn but soon joined in,the third got bored with the speed of delivery and asks me to hand feed her! The treats last longer and they can keep coming back to the pecker.

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