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Awesome door opener! - Erica;,

Absolutely love this coop door opener. I have a wooden coop with a side opening door that I could not find an automatic door opener for. This has made keeping backyard chickens so much more enjoyable. It work so well and is so easy to install and use. I needed only one small trim piece of wood for around my coop door to install. Everything else fit perfectly. Highly recommend. And it came super quickly too.

Verified Purchase: Jan 2020

Fantastic - Tracey,

Made life so much easier . Only thing I would like to change is the closer after dark time 20 mins seems too long

Verified Purchase: Dec 2020

Well worth the investment - Elaine,

I have given this five stars as it really is a "good bit of kit". I have a coup within a wooden house and then an enclosed run for when we are out. When we are at home the girls free range our large garden (minus the fruit and veg beds which we have fenced off!!!). The girls find their way back tot heir house when bed time approaches. We have the Automatic Door on their house, not their coup and this works well for us and them. We use the settings that recognise how light and how dark it is and have not had a problem with the girls being locked out at all. All good. My only minor comments of negativity would be that the lift up lid on the control box doesn't click shut so in my windy spot it does blow up needing some securing. The other issue is that there are very small screws to use to assemble and to replace the batteries and this is not the best design when it has to be done outside, in situ, on a muddy day and with hens walking all over the instruction leaflets!!!! I think this bit of the construction design could be tweaked, but still a very good purchase.

Verified Purchase: Dec 2020

Omlet Says: Hi, Thank you for your review. We are sorry that you have had some issued with the control panel cover and some screws. Please email us at to discuss this further. Thank you, The Omlet Team

Auto-door - Wendy,

I have been wanting to review this for a while now, but I am still so excited about the life changing aspect of this auto-door, I may never calm down! It is amazing. It does exactly what it's supposed to do. My hens are safely tucked in before I get home from work, and they're up and out the next morning before I have my coffee. No more fretting in the dead of winter about the well-being of my flock. The auto-door takes care of the security details so you can focus on the other stuff. Thank you Omlet for a superb product.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2020

Excellent door - Ann, New Mexico,

I have been hoping for this ever since I bought my Eglu cube in 2012 and it fulfills all of my hopes. It was easy to install with the kit for the MK1 and it works beautifully. Life is simpler and my chickens are safer.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2019

Superb product. Love it! Fine tuning important - Robert, Hampshire,

I bought this to add to my traditional wooden coop for my free range hens, mainly so that I don't have to worry about being home in time in the evening to close them up (I know for a fact I have foxes!). This works brilliantly, and for the UK in winter the light setting is the best option, but it does take a little bit of fine tuning to make sure you don't lock any chooks out! The first few nights I ended up with 1 or 2 hens still out when the door locked! It has now been a few weeks of use and I have had a 100% success rate. This door is simply the best out there. It’s positive action is so much more reliable and secure than the others that rely on gravity!

Verified Purchase: Oct 2019

Great product - Liz,

Easy to fit to non-Omlet products. Most auto doors work with a vertical door. This wouldn’t work with my duck house. Despite the fact that I had to alter the opening of the wooden house to fit the Omlet door, it was easy to fit. Easy to set up & operate AND easy to operate manually if required. Excellent product. Excellent instructions. More expensive than other models but definitely worth it. Very happy.

Verified Purchase: Oct 2020

Total peace of mind. - Hywel,

Have a lie in every morning and avoid that evening walk in the dark. Very well designed and made. A brilliantly simple and very effective device. It was easy to install and worked straight out of the box. Trust the factory settings - there’s no need to tinker! This device offers total peace of mind, knowing that the chickens are safely in their coop or out in the field. The door is even sheep proof - just make sure that the cable is secured. Unfortunately Mr Fox will be disappointed.

Verified Purchase: Aug 2019

- Nina,

Amazing product has made my life easier knowing they are safely locked up at night and let out in the morning. Easy to fit a fantastic product!

Verified Purchase: Sep 2020

Excellent - Julie,

Read all the reviews on this door and everyone seemed happy so I purchased one. I only have a small wooden coop and run attached. I have 2 to 4 chickens. Fitting the door was ok. I had to take the old one off and fit this over the gap. Just about managed it - smaller hole than recommended. Doesn’t stop the girls getting in and out. Thoroughly recommend this product I now don’t have to get up early to let them out or go out in the dark to shut them in.

Verified Purchase: Dec 2020

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