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Verified Reviews for Walnut Style Qute Gerbil and Hamster Cage

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Happy hamster, happy me - An Omleteer, Virginia,

Nice and sturdy, roomy home for my hamster.

Verified Purchase: Apr 2021 The reviewer has 1 Chinese Dwarf pets

Best cage out there - Michelle,

I don't know why anyone would buy anything else. This is not only affordable and cute, but it makes owning these little critters that crew through everything easy. It's easy to clean, the gerbils are happy because there is room for them to play around, it looks good in my living room. There is no other choice. This is the only cage anyone should ever buy. Period.

HAPPY HAMMY! - Allie, Florida,

This is a wonderful habitat for my sons Syrian hamster. She loves her wheel and being able to burrow deep. We love that we can see her and she has lots of space to play! She is an escape artist, but, can’t get out of this cage! It’s very secure. Highly recommend. I might buy a second one and connect them to give her even more space to play. My only suggestion is that the pieces come with letters or numbers and the sides should be noted as top right, top left as the diagrams are a little tricky. The quality is lovely.

Verified Purchase: Feb 2021 The reviewer has 1 Syrian pets

A good heavy bit of kit - Claire, West Yorkshire,

We took a couple of wrong turns whilst building this— It took a while in other words, and we had to look at the instructions VERY carefully. All fine and good quality once done! The cage seems to take account of hamsters' instincts quite well— their need to burrow, and to climb up. So that's a really good thing. I do feel they could have gone *a bit* larger, so that people can adapt the inside and add bigger toys and tunnels etc. to prevent the creature getting too bored. We ring the changes for it nevertheless, and got some small-pet/hamster sand and put it in an egg-box up top. it likes rolling in this to clean its fur, and we continually buy other bits and pieces for it (e.g.varieties of dried grass, herbs, paper bits bedding etc, so that it can tunnel and create beds etc.. In the wild they make different rooms underground, apparently ... (This is why it could do with a little more space, I feel.) Otherwise, this is an almost perfect cage, and components such as the wheel, are silent and much used. (hamsters can cover around 5 miles a night in the wild) It's easy enough to clean, as is shown on the website.

Verified Purchase: Jan 2021 The reviewer has 1 Campbells' (syrian d pets

Fantastic Cage - Cindy,

Looks just like furniture and well made. The hamsters enjoy both the upstairs and downstairs and the wheel is quiet. My 11 year old is also able to clean the cage on his own. We have dwarf hamsters and put plastic mesh over the bars on the floor. We had to teach the hamsters to go up the tube but once they knew that they could climb through it, it hasn't been a problem.

Verified Purchase: Dec 2020

Great product - Amyleigh,

Our new gerbil brothers (Chadwick and Cameron) love this cage! They took to it immediately and are very happy in their new home. It seconds as a bedside table in my daughters room - nice piece of furniture and easy to put together. Thanks for creating this cage - we may not have gotten gerbils if we did not find the Qute Omlet Cage to keep them in.

Verified Purchase: Aug 2020

- San Bernadino Ca,

Great product, Hamster seemed very happy. It was eŕ5 tgasy to assemble and sturdy material..roomy cage

Verified Purchase: Jul 2020

Lovely house for my rescued mouse!!! - Susie,

Straightforward to put together and really attractive; however, the real test is how the inhabitant takes to it and my mouse absolutely loves it, regularly goes up and down the clever tube, playing downstairs and sleeping, eating and drinking upstairs. From my point of view it is also easy to clean so all good and nothing to find fault with!

Verified Purchase: Jun 2020

Awesome Cage!!! - Christine,

This cage is awesome!! I was worried that it will be too big for my little Honey and she won’t know how to use the tube to go up and down.. But it turns out it is perfect! Almost to good to be true.. Also, Very easy to clean and we had a little bit of trouble putting together, but quickly figured it out.. I recommend to buy this cage it’s awesome ????

Verified Purchase: Jun 2020

Very pleased! - Denise,

I have used these qute cages in the past so when the opportunity arose for me to buy several new, I did! They have updated the bottom drawer and I found it easy to put together. I find the cages so handy for all of my little fluffy gang, easy to clean, easy to access them for handling, keeps them safe and secure... I love the look of the cage too as it blends in like furniture.

Verified Purchase: Dec 2020

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