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Reviews for Birch Style Qute Gerbil and Hamster Cage

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Great buy - especially for escapologist! -

Our hamster makes Houdini look like an amateur, we have purchased a number of cages for her ( all recommended by the pets stores as suitable for hamsters that escape), she manages to get out of all of them in weeks, eating her way through plastic walls, finding / creating gaps in bars etc. our life was spent alternating between setting humane traps to catch her and searching for cages that were robust AND gave her space to live and play. I can honestly say we and she love this cage - we have had it for 10 weeks now, she can’t get out, she has room to roam and it is easy to clean! It looks good and we can see what she is up to. Just fantastic!

Brilliant gerbil cage - Durham ,

I ordered this cage for my two gerbils and I am really pleased that I did, the cage wasn't too bad to assemble once assembled the cage is a good size the bar spacing is good and narrow enough not to let even young gerbil escape the accessories are good the wheel is big enough for my gerbils to run without hurting their backs and it is almost silent the food bowl has resisted chewing so has the tube. Once the cage was set up one of the gerbils took to using the tube almost straight away the other took about two days it could go up the tube but was unsure about going down, the floor is easy to clean, the box in the bottom holds loads of bedding and allows the gerbils to burrow and dig as much as they want, even with plenty of bedding in they have no problems using the tube. Cleaning the cage is simple and takes no time at all having the drop down front gives good access to the whole of the upper floor, the box is again easy to clean and can be taken apart if need although I haven't had to do that. I am over the moon with the cage and only wish I had found it sooner.

Bold, Impressive, Conspicuous -

I would definitely buy this again it was very spacious and my hamster felt very occupied when playing and exploring the cage easy to build. Comes with everything my hamster needed. Very Outstanding and would recommend this item to others, worth the money. No problems what so ever at any stage at all.

The only humane hamster cage you can buy. - Michigan,

Store bought hamster cages are way too small, like a little prison, this cage is the only one that offers adequate space and has a very durable build. The bottom can accommodate a little hut hideout, food bowl and chew toys, I bought an extra flying saucer wheel for the top. My hamster loves it! The only change I would make is to the top floor mesh width in the front, a bit on the wide side for tiny hamster paws.

It’s not a hamster cage, it’s a home! -

My daughter and I recently acquired a second hamster. We had adopted Possum about six months before. She came home in a cage that was way too small, so without much thought I bought a bigger version of the same cage. We then added Cammy-Bear to our family, but only had a temporary cage. I decided to spend some time researching hamster cages, and came upon Omlet. The price was right, and the functionality and style was perfect. I decided to get two. The two sit side-by-side and fit perfectly into this nook where a VHS cassette storage unit had been. The Omlet really is beautiful. It’s well designed. I’m a single mom, and just so-so with assembling things. Putting the second unit together was a breeze in comparison to the first. The only issue I had, was there are these two small (? 3”) rubber tubes which are to be placed in two inserts on the underside of the top of the unit. You’re to push those tubes into the openings. The metal cage back is shaped to fit into those two inserts, pushing into the rubber tubing, before sliding a metal rod through a pre-drilled hole on one side, through a few metal hoops on the bottom of the metal cage back, and into a pre-drilled hole on the other side. This is to hold the metal back firmly to the unit. Well, the first Omlet I put together, I totally missed this step, and put it together without the rubber tubing. I decided that after seeing all that I would have to undo, to just leave it. I tested out the metal cage back to see if it had too much give that it could pull out of the two inserts, but there was only minimal movement, so I let it go, and made a mental note to be sure and use the tubing on the second one I still had to put together. As I’m putting it together, I get to that point, place the rubber tubing, and when trying to insert the metal cage back by pushing it far enough in, and against the rubber tubing, so that the metal rod could pass through, and line up with the second hole, it wouldn’t. I made several attempts before giving up, and foregoing the rubber tubing. The metal rod without the rubber tubing lined up perfectly. Again, I checked the metal cage back, which fits. Neither hamster can get out. The two Omlets are now put together, and really look beautiful, and were well thought out. My only thought, and it’s by no means a criticism, but merely a suggestion for future design changes. The Omlet is two levels. The bottom is where the bedding goes, and the top is where the food dish, wheel and water bottle go. The top floor is made up of a metal grid on the front and back, and a plastic flooring in the center, which is where the tube runs through for the hamster to go up and down. Both hamsters for whatever reason don’t care to keep their food in the dish, and have decided that they like it in the back corner on the metal grid, which then drops through the metal flooring and in the back, behind the Omlet, and onto the floor. I’ll be jimmying something to catch the food. It’s really more of an issue with the back. If the unit were in casters, it would be easier to move. I understand the gridding was to allow air to circulate, but perhaps a 1-2” tray or shelf could be attached, to catch what they push out. Just an idea. Otherwise, it’s two thumbs up

So pretty! Easy to clean. A few misses -

I love this qute cage, it's definitely the prettier of them all. I got a pair if gerbils right away, & they enjoy it. I learned after they typically like more space than this 1 cage, & dream now if attaching a second quite somehow, or getting something bigger. The other warning is they can escape out the back side when the drawer is open. I thought I was playing with one put him back in the drawer, & the other escaped out the back. Luckily they are tame & he came right to me.

Good -

I got new gerbils recently and received this cage as a gift from someone. It is a great cage, the gerbils love it but I took out the tube because after hours and hours of sitting by the cage watching them, neither took any notice of the tube. One of them did try to go up, but got half way and slipped down. That might just be my gerbils who can't get up, I don't know. We sorted out the problem by putting in a wire /metal bridge thing. Great cage.:)

Omlet Says: Thank you for your review. Every pet takes its time to adjust to a new home, and this is the case with your gerbils as well. We have 2 Qutes with gerbils in the office, and they just love it! However, it took time for them as well to learn how to climb up and down the tube, and to feel comfortable in their new cage. We would advise you to try to tilt and lean the Qute on the wall to make it easier for your gerbils to climb. As well, playing with the tube outside the cage with your hamster can help him to understand how it works.

Three happy gerbils! -

My three gerbils are super happy in this cage! Love that the cage is free standing, doubles as a side table and is esthetically attractive.

Highly recommend -

We had originally bought a cage for my daughter’s long-haired Syrian hamster then saw this. Far from an eyesore the omlet habitat is a pleasure to look at in her room. In addition to having half the footprint of the other cage, though twice the price it’ll far outlast the cheap made in China habitat. But most of all it’s simple for my daughter to clean. That was the deal when she got Tot, her hamster. She was going to be responsible for all care including cleaning the cage. Thankfully Omlet’s design makes it super simple for a 12 y.o. to maintain the cleanliness. Would highly recommend spending the extra money on their habitat. Assembly was IKEA easy. That’s the best way I can describe it. Much like putting together a dresser from Ikea, as long as you pay attention to the directions you’ll get it right the first time. Enjoy!

Awesome except for the directions -

After my daughter’s dwarf hamster died, she decided she wanted a Syrian hamster and we realized as soon as we got him home that the plastic cage was way too small. We got this cage and it’s SO much nicer. It’s really well made and thought out. It took some training to get the hamster to go up and down the tube, but now that he’s got the hang of it, it’s fine. We haven’t yet discovered how chew-proof it is. We got the model with the storage compartment and it’s perfect for putting everything away so you don’t have supplies sitting out. I’d feel comfortable putting this anywhere in the house. My only complaint about this (and the reason for one less star) is that it was very difficult to put together. First of all, it doesn’t even come with instructions; you have to find them online - not on the Omlet site - and download them. My daughter wanted to do it herself (she is a smart 16) and with some help she got about halfway through. Then she accidentally put the top on backwards and we were in a real pickle. The screws for that not only go into a hole, they are pushed down about a 1/2” into it and hook onto something else. It took me hours and a dozen different tools and tricks to get them out again. So - DONT PUT THE TOP ON BACKWARDS! We also got hung up on the plastic bin - it doesn’t come in one piece like the diagram shows - you have to put it together and there were no directions for that. It was an ordeal and took us several days to accomplish. Once together, everything works and fits well. I don’t think it will destruct easily unless the hamster chews through something.

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