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Verified Reviews for Zippi Rabbit Run with Roof and Skirt - Single Height

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Sturdy & simple - Kate, Lancashire,

So happy I chose this run over others. Although it was on the pricier side I can tell it’s going to last longer. Easy to put together, light to move and one very happy bunny. Can’t wait to start extending!

The reviewer has 1 Dwarf Lop pets

Zippi rabbit run with roof. - Clare, Lancashire,

Ive had this run a few weeks now and im thrilled with it. It was really quite easy to put together, the instructions were clear. My 2 pigs seem happy about the amount of space and im looking forward to being able to get extra bits to extend. The main positive for me is that im confident that theyre safe. My cat sadly wouldnt hesitate to try and play with my pigs and although i would never leave her out with them unsupervised, im confident she couldnt actually get in with them. Thanks omlet. Looking forward to ordering the little platform add on soon.

The reviewer has 2-4 guinea pig pets

Nothing but Amazing - Annise, Lancashire,

I brought this for my bunny. Amazing quality and really heavy duty. The green clips that hold the panels together are a fantastic idea. Love it!

The reviewer has 1 Lion head rabbit pets

Great product - Teresea, Lancashire,

I got this a month ago and glad I did. I have 2 very happy rabbits

The reviewer has 2-4 Lionheads pets

My Buns love their new run! - Michelle, Lancashire,

I purchased this a few months ago and there was a long delay for delivery but it was worth the wait! It’s very secure and easy to put together. I have peace of mind knowing my Buns are safe with it having a roof and skirt. I definitely recommend purchasing the screw pegs as they do a great job securing it to the ground. You can also configure the run so the openings fit with your existing hutch.

The reviewer has 2-4 Lionhead Rabbits pets

Zippi run small - Madeleine, Lancashire,

This run is so sturdy (for busy little teeth) Imy buns are very happy in it will get either another Zippi run or panels to give them more space even though they don't seem cramped but sprung time they will be more active. Thank you

Great sturdy run - Helen, Lancashire,

Great run, both rabbits love it! They both love to chew everything too but haven’t caused any damage to the run! The clips make it easy to open, and the cover makes it dry and cosy in winter

- Claire, Lancashire,

Such a wonderful, safe outside space for my rabbits to roam. So many extensions and adaptations to add to suit your animal family needs.

Overall some great improvements - Julie, Lancashire,

I have the original square version of the Zippi pen (from 2 months’ back), not this one, and there have been some improvements. Because I have two bunny brothers who fell out of love after neutering, I have to adapt every Omlet product with a dividing wall. The original concept was that the Zippi runs would allow the bunnies to mow the lawn in sequence. I spent a lot of time moving the heavy outdoor run/ eglus around last year to find a fresh patch of grass free from bunny holes, so it’s a great idea. The bracing also looks good on this pen. I think the four by four panel version is actually big enough as a satellite pen. Your choice here is the anti dig skirt or the floor mesh to keep them safe from getting out/ foxes getting in.. The big pen had just the skirt, as it is very heavy and doesn’t lift in the wind, even with a cover. I’m a bit concerned that this is relatively light and needs the Omlet ground pegs to secure it (I’ve not tried them yet). They did dig under the dividing wall with no skirt to pursue their quarrel (even through drought baked clay in 2018). However I’m not too sure if the undermesh version I have will cause sore hocks (having come across an indoor rabbit via Twitter who got this condition on carpet- no more vet bills, please!) The cut out panel is brilliant, having spent an afternoon with a pair of hefty pliers cutting the mesh for two doors (ouch). Proud lawn owners need to loosen up a little. My furry under gardeners are improving the drainage and adding fertiliser, although you do need a few bags of topsoil AND grass seed to use as bunnyfiila after you move a run. The tunnel system has to run from A to B to be of use, but the new bigger pen does mean a larger initial outlay when tunnel accessories like the pop ups provide important play value. The system itself works indoors and out and it has made the boys much happier in their winter quarters.