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Brilliant Item -

it is brilliant - perfect for managing the oldest to newest eggs and it looks amazing in my newly renovated vintage pantry - I love it i looks ace and works brilliantly

Looks great, works great! -

Got the bantam size and it works perfect for our lil hens eggs. Took over a month to arrive though...

Beautiful addition to the kitchen -

Purposeful and stylish, 24 eggs in date order, I love it!

Excellent -

An excellent way to store your eggs. You can see how many you have at a glance and its fun to remove eggs and see them shuffle down.

Really pleased... -

I was looking for something 'nice' to keep the eggs from my chickens in/on. The Egg Skelter is perfect, keeps everything in date order so I always know which eggs to use nexts and looks great on my counter top. I bought the large/medium for my large fowl and small for my banties and they both work perfectly. The eggs don't always stay sat the recommended way round which means they don't roll down and crash into each other (a good thing?) although I have knocked one or two off when I have been shuffling them down the track. I just move them to the front of the queue in case they are slightly cracked and use them next.

Great product -

Happy we bought it - works great. Sometimes you have to help the eggs roll down, but that is to be expected and not a detraction. Keep the egg points pointed to the center of the spiral.

Fairly good -

The design is funky and solid, however the eggs don't roll which is a bit frustrating because I like to take the oldest eggs at the bottom of the Skelter and the eggs don't roll down so you can add the most fresh eggs to the top of the Skelter.

Loved this idea -

Great way to store my eggs. Occasionally the eggs stick and I have been known to nudge them forward and crack them but really super idea.

Egg Skelter -

I love my egg skelter..the bantam eggs I get fit perfectly and several people have commented on how cute it looks on my counter.

Amazing -

The egg skelter is so cooool! And practical. Amazing.

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