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Egg Skelter - An Omleteer,

Brilliant product which causes much comment from friends seeing it for the first time.

Egg Skelter - An Omleteer,

Great concept and ideal for the purpose of using the eggs in the order they are laid. The only improvement for me would be to curve the bit at the bottom, where you collect the egg, so it spirals in a bit rather than be straight. To achieve this, it would probably have to be slightly taller.

Egg Skelter cream - An Omleteer,

Takes us as much space in the fridge as the three egg boxes we previously used did, but means we are not constantly rejuggling egg contents. Also means we no longer have to write the data on the shell. We're happy!

eggs eggs eggs! - An Omleteer,

Loved this as it looks so much more tidy in the kitchen and now everybody knows which eggs to use first!

Egg Skelter - An Omleteer,

This product is fantastic! Saves all that penciling dates on eggshells and looks very chic,whilst occupying only a small amount of worktop space.

Brilliant egg storage - An Omleteer,

We got sick of soggy egg boxes on the worktops, and having to revolve eggs for freshness. I found this on your website, and it solved all our problems in one and is attractive and a space-saving method of storing eggs. Even my husband has got the gist of it! Lol.

Egg Skelter - An Omleteer,

I bought this item for a Christmas present for my friends who have chickens. They are very impressed with it. I am going to buy another for a birthday present.

Egg Skelter - An Omleteer,

The egg skelter is just the job. Very well made product.Seems a lot of money but when you receive it you can see the amount of work that has gone into it. Each one must be hand made. They are also powder coated. It makes sure you keep your eggs in order of lay. Great present for anyone who keeps chooks.

Egg Skelter - An Omleteer,

I have purchsed this as a christmas present for chicken loving friends and have a strong suspicion that we will be receiving one in return! I think it is a great idea as we are often scrabbling through our eggs to check dates. This will keep them in order. Lovely product. Thank you.

Egg skelter - An Omleteer,

Absolutely perfect way of making sure that my husband takes the eggs in the right order. No matter what system I had before with the egg boxes he always did the opposite. No more moving eggs about.

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