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Fabulous, well thought out cage. Gerbils, kids and grown ups all love it - Philippa,

We are first time pet owners within very limited space and two desperately enthusiastic small children. The cage fits on top of our built in toy cupboard and so the gerbils are at eye level. We have a constant stream of interested visitors and can take out the removable drawer for even better viewing by trusted friends. This cage works perfectly for us and has made caring for the gerbils easy and fun. Highly recommended!

The Best Designed Hamster Cage! - Garrett,

I got myself a little friend after I ordered this cage and she loves it!!!! It was so easy to build and it looks absolutely stunning compared to other cafes out in the market. I highly recommend this cage!!!

- Nikki,

Excellent in every way - ,

Myou osy a bit more for this v other cages but worth every penny . Superior in design , easy to open, clean, and hamster loves it. My other cages had squaky wheels, a pain to open (cheap fixtures that broke) this is a dream compared to my rosewood cage

Finally A Winner!! Love this Cage!!! - Christi, Alabama,

Best hamster cage made!!! Very nice looking and very easy to clean. My daughter loves it and so do I. We are very pleased with cage design and ease of use. The extra storage compartment has been wonderful also. The cat is now allowed back in her room without having to worry about a cage malfunction. I would definitely recommend this cage. Assembly was a smooth step by step process that was easily accomplished with a helping hand here and there. She loves to clean it out now too!! Win!! Win!!

It is great. My daughter's hamster loves the freedom he had in it and he is save from our Maine Coon cat. - Chrissy,

This product is great. The hamster is safe from the dog and cat. My daughter can keep her bedroom door open and the hamster loves all the room he has to move around

So Modern! - Taylor, Texas,

I love this cage! It was a little difficult to put together because of the wooden pegs but once I got the hang of it, it was fine. Took my BF and I about an hour to assemble. Love that the wheel is big enough for my Syrian Hamster!

- Jim,

Thoughtful and well-designed piece that is equally a cage and presentable piece of furniture.

Great product! - Skylar,

I have two very active cats that love to watch my hamster. I feel very secure leaving them with Peaches during the day while I’m at work. This hamster home keeps her safe and cozy! It took her a while to get used to the tube from going to level 1 to 2 but after the 3rd day she was a pro! The only issue I had was that the plastic drawer on the bottom was slightly cracked during shipping but I didn’t want to wait the shipping times again so we made due.

Omlet Says: Hello, Thank you for taking the time to review our products. I am very sorry to hear that the Bedding Tray has arrived cracked. I have sent you an email to organise a new replacement Bedding Tray part for you to replace at your convenience. I hope this will help. Yours, The Omlet Team

Solves a lot of problems - Abra,

This is a sleek looking cage whose stackable design allows hamsters more room to roam around on a smaller footprint. The center tub and bottom draw make changing out the bedding much easier than other designs we had tried. My 12 year old son handles all maintenance himself. We would definitely recommend this habitat.

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