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Working great with Roborovski dwarf hamster -

Thought I'd add something as other reviews are inconclusive regarding dwarf hamsters. We bought our daughter this cage for Xmas and she chose a Roborovski when we took her to the pet store a few days later. I was trying to steer her toward a Syrian based on the other reviews saying it may not be suitable for dwarfs but she fell for one so we gave in. We cut an oblong piece of thick cardboard to length and diameter of the tunnel and wedged it down the middle. Effectively halving the width of the tunnel and creating 2 lanes. We also made holes in the cardboard to add grip but I guess slats would work too. At first it didn't seem like the hamster was going to use it because she showed no interest in going near the tunnel. We'd also added bedding to the top part of the cage which probably wasn't a good idea as she just stayed up there and did everything in that space as she had everything she needed. After a few days she became more inquisitive about the tunnel and basically fell into it but the cardboard ensured she didn't fall too quickly. After some initial practice she quickly mastered getting up the tube and despite heading down head first she seems to have the hang of it and is up and down regularly now and seems very happy. In short, the cage is suitable for dwarfs with a small modification and some patience. In hindsight we should have not put the bedding upstairs and just introduced her to the bottom part first and she would have most likely worked it all out a little quicker. The cage is fantastic, it looks great and is sturdy. Initially I didn't want my daughter to have a Hamster because I don't like the design of most conventional cages, that all changed when I saw the Qute and now we are happy hamster owners!

Omlet Says: Hello Chris, Great to hear you and your hamster are enjoying the cage. The Qute has not been designed for dwarf hamsters and we do not advise it be used for them, so we cannot guarantee all parts of the cage are suitable. Sounds like you've done a great job of modifying the tube, please just be aware the top panel can also be an issue because of the spacing of the bars. Kindest regards, Omlet

Excellent -

The quality of this cage is beyond expectations. The wood that is used is high quality with unexpected well crafted details. The habitat turned our "cage rage" hamster into a happy, comfortable, and kind pet (she was very uneasy with the "upgraded" habitat we selected frim the pet store). The aesthetics of the cage are attractive and low key. The cleaning is easy an low maintenance. In general, this is the best made habitat for the price. We love it!

Good cage -

Overall good cage little smaller than thought it would be but overall happy with it gerbils love it

Great cage -

We have the walnut cage with storage and it is great. Easy to set up and has everything you need to start. Smart looking dark wood. High quality. Our new Syrian hamster loves it. Plus easy for my kids to clean. Happy all around.

Neat adorable hamster cage! -

Love this unique hamster cage. I got this for a Christmas present for my son, but after putting it together I went ahead and gave it to him since I couldn't wait. I had to see it in action with his new hamster. I know it says not recommended for dwarf hamsters, but with some modifications it works quite well. I added some plastic mesh with 1/4 inch squares (cut to size) on the top floor bars & attached with zip ties. This solved the problem of her tiny legs fall through the floor bars. I was reading on some reviews of dwarf hamsters not wanting to go up & down the tube. We worked consistently with ours for about a day & she totally figured it out with no problems. My only suggestion I would make with this product is making a double size version of this (Like two cabinets being put together as one) & it would be Aplus perfect product!!! It would sell like hotcakes! I know I would definitely buy another if your company would please do this. Great little set up & glad I found this product.

Overall nice product - Minnesota,

Overall it was a a nice product, however the front cage had a piece that was not strongly welded and the latch is weak. These two things do not make it unusable but do need to get fixed.

Omlet Says: We are sorry to hear that you encountered some weak spots. Where ever you may find problems with an Omlet products, like this issue, you are always welcome to inform us, and if necessary we will send you replacement!

Great -

Very happy with Qute cage with storage. I assembled 2 of these with the help of my 13 and 10 year olds. We now have four gerbils happily homed. Would like to see more products for gerbils - happy customer.

Excellent cage -

So I found the cage a little difficult to assemble but once it is compute so sturdy and really good quality. It’s look like a piece of furniture in the home. I love it. My daughter is absolutely in love with this cage and our new addition Daisy (Syrian Hampster) absolutely settled in to her knew home really quickly. It took Daisy about 40 mins to master the tube to get up and down. And now she is loving life in her new home. Would definitely recommend this cage.

Hamster Cage -

Looks lovely in the room. Was a pain to build (took my husband a couple of hours), but it’s really smart and pretty good quality. Bottom section not so easy to pull out from lock position for my daughter.

Absolute Perfection! -

This hamster cage is all I wanted and more! I had a few doubts from reviews and past cage experiences, but this cage was perfect! The bedding tray was just a perfect feature. With my last cage, I had a big issue with bedding spilling. This cage was just overcoming that and reaching my highest expectations!! The storage was a perfect size, and everything about this cage was 100% WORTH IT!! I love everything about it! It looks beautiful in my daughters room, and it makes sure about every hamster guideline. It has enough legal space for a hamster, the wheel is a perfect size for my was well worth my money! My daughter did a lot of research and then begged me for this cage for her birthday. Her face was BEYOND overjoyed when she opened it. Thank you so much! This hamster cage is more than perfect!!!

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