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my review - Ella, Kent,

i bought this a couple of days ago, i had to find the instructions online but that was only for the shelf and not the cage. malckie malckie had a lot of struggle building this. i didnt find this helpfull. overall the cage is very nice
Review for: Birch Style Qute Gerbil and Hamster Cage with Storage

The reviewer has 1 syrian hamster pets

Omlet Says: Hi Ella, Thank you for your comment. We are happy to hear your overall satisfaction with the Qute. This sounds unusual. Feel free to send us a screenshot of the page to allow us to investigate further. You can find the manual for the entire product here. Yours, Omlet Customer Service team

If you like constantly sweeping, then it’s perfect. - An Omleteer, Kent,

We’ve had this for a year now. The cleaning is fairly easy to do due to the pull out tray at the bottom, and the storage is convenient too. However, the constant daily sweeping is driving us insane. There’s a serious flaw in the design. The hay/straw and sawdust falls from the top section through the open grill and onto the floor. The top shelf should have a solid transparent up stand of some description to prevent this from happening.
Review for: Birch Style Qute Gerbil and Hamster Cage with Storage

The reviewer has 2-4 Gerbils pets

Omlet Says: Hi, Thank you for your feedback. We would recommend to only place hay in the bottom tray, as this area has been designed specifically for that purpose. You will find the recommendations depending on the kind of pet you have in the manual that was sent to you with the cage. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions. Yours, Omlet Customer Service team

Gerbils can’t climb the vertical tube - Apetowner, Kent,

After looking around for gerbil cages, I was really excited to find this one. The design looked functional, easy to clean, and secure. However, once we put our gerbils in it, the problems became obvious. The biggest issue is that the gerbils can’t climb the vertical tube (either up or down) to access the lower compartment. One gerbil fell down into the lower compartment, thankfully not injuring himself, but kept sliding back down the tube as he tried to climb up. I’m very worried one of the gerbils will get injured trying to use the tube. I also don’t love the wire on the floor of the upper compartment. It’s wide enough that the gerbils’ legs fall through and its obvious they don’t like walking on it. I’m not sure what I’m going to do now, as the cage is fully assembled and its the only housing I have for the gerbils. It’s just a big disappointment given how expensive the cage is.
Review for: Birch Style Qute Gerbil and Hamster Cage with Storage

The reviewer has 2-4 pets

Omlet Says: Hi, Thank you for your feedback. It might take your gerbil a few days to get the hang of the tube, but he will learn eventually. You could try giving him treats to encourage him to climb both up and down the tube. You can also take the tube out of the cage and let your pet explore it during playtime, tilting it gradually to get him used in using it horizontally and vertically. Gerbils tend not to like staying on wire floors for long periods of time, this is why most of the top floor is solid. The reason these sections are there is to ensure there is a good air flow going into the burrow box below. Maybe your gerbil needs time to get used to walking over this section, but he should not get his feet stuck in the small wire sections. We hope that this will help, don't hesitate to contact us for any further information. Our contacts details can be found at the top right hand corner of this page, by clicking on our phone number. Yours, Omlet Customer Service team

Nicely made design just to small for a hamster - Maddie, Shropshire,

Lovely design but WAY to small for a Syrian hamster to live in ☹️ Might use it as parts and make a cage up from IKEA furniture loads of amazing YouTube video tutorials and half the price!!!
Review for: Walnut Style Qute Gerbil and Hamster Cage with Storage

Omlet Says: Hi Maddie, thank you for taking the time to leave us some feedback! There are no definitive standards for animal housing so it's up to designers to try to produce a home that will best serve the needs of the pet and the owner so that they both enjoy the experience of pet ownership. Omlet invests a huge amount in product development work to ensure that our products always do delight both owners and pets. Since we launched the Qute many thousands of hamsters and gerbils have moved into Qutes and enjoy the deep burrowing tray, the upper level with its wheel and feeding area and the view out into the rest of the house through the crystal clear front. In addition Omlet recognises that a large part of animal welfare is providing a safe, hygienic home and plenty of enrichment and activity for the pets. This is why we have a professionally researched and written guide on the Omlet website to help owners understand and provide for their pets. I can assure you the Qute is big enough for 1 hamster or 2 gerbils. The cage was thoroughly tested for many years before its release. It was designed with pet experts and pet owners alike and the cage does meet legal requirement. In the office we have had 3 generations of gerbils and 2 generations of hamsters living in the Qute, all have been happy and healthy. Hamsters and gerbils, like other pets, do need time outside of their home, they need stimulation. This is why we recommend exercise balls or mazes. Half an hour every couple of days will keep them happy, healthy and well stimulated

It's better than many cages - Gail, Cambs,

The good points to this cage are that it looks neat, that you can see what your pet is doing, even when they burrow, the wheel size is ok for small rodents and it's easy to clean. The base comes apart, so we take off the front which makes catching our gerbils after they've had a run around my son's room much easier. The not so good points are that it could be bigger. I'd have paid more for a larger version. There are no air holes for the base, so they have to keep some of the upper floor surface as wire, which isn't good for tiny paws. I don't really like the tube, a ramp or angled tube would be better. One of my gerbils won't use it which makes this cage a bit pointless. I'm therefore going to have to remove the tube and add a ladder. All in all, it's ok but not the best design really.
Review for: Birch Style Qute Gerbil and Hamster Cage