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excellent -

This is a great product which I would recommend to anyone considering a hamster cage.


Came in quickly with no damage. Easy to assemble but smaller than it appeared to be, but only because i did not read the dimensions. Very nice to look at. Same amount of time to clean compare to regular cages. Smell is not bad at all until the bin is pulled out. Very roomy for my 2 gerbils and again very stylish.

Dramatic Improvement! -

I'm so happy I found the Qute cage. Our last cage did not contain our hamster's mess and required a twenty minute struggle just to open it every time it was cleaned. The cage is a breeze to clean and it looks better than any other cage I've seen. The only thing I would change is to have another option for the wide vertical tube---we have a dwarf and she's too small to climb down without falling on her head so we had to improvise with a series of narrower tubes for her to get to the lower level. But in all, it's a dramatic improvement over anything else I've seen on the market and worth every penny! Thank you!

Surprisingly Well-Designed -

It's kind of surprising the effort that went into designing this cage. It fits in with any modern/minimalist style room, which is a huge plus for me since I always disliked how almost all hamster cages have a flimay, toy-ish plastic look about them. Building it was quite intuitive. Pieces fit in nice and snug and, instead of tightening screws and bolts, the pieces themselves hold each other together. The end result is a cage that's probably the easiest cage I've ever had to clean. Only wish they would expand this cage into a range, offering things like double-size "cabinet" cages, or even low flat "coffee table". Cages. I did have one issue: The water bottle was quite flimsy, considering the quality of all other parts. After less than five days of use it simply broke; the steel ball did not stop the water dripping constantly and draining out. Overall, very highly recommended for a smaller hamster, maybe not big enough for a Syrian.

Omlet Says: Hi Gabriel, Thank you for your review. We are very happy to hear that you are satisfied with your Qute however you should not have such a problem with your water bottle and we have now arranged for a new one to be sent today so you can replace it as soon as possible. Yours, The Omlet team

Love This! - Maryland,

I love this. Blends in with the furniture and looks to be apart of the living room. Downside - our hamster loves the bottom of it so much we dont ever see him. She is so comfy! :). Truly only one complaint - putting it together took a while, but it was just me doing it and following directions. I did put the sides on backwards at one point and had to take it all apart and put it back together again. Would be helpful to have stickers on the sides that you need facing in or out....etc. I am sure even after our Libby is no longer with us we will be using this for future additions to our family!

Best cage I ever had -

That cage is just more then usual cage it look stunning in my living room. Easy to put together and most important my gerbils just love it.

Absolutely Fantastic -

This must be the best Gerbil/Hamster home on the market. Ingenious design, easy to maintain and backed by the best customer service. The Omlet family are a pleasure to deal with. The Gerbils said thanks ;)

Best Hamster Home You Can Buy -

I love our Omlet Hamster Home, and so does our wee hamster. It looks great as a stand alone piece of furniture and everyone who sees it makes a comment about how fabulous it looks. Would highly recommend.

Neat, tidy and stylish -

I would have let my son have a hamster years ago if i had found this cage. It sits smartly in his bedroom and he can easily clean and take care of it himself (11years). The compartment a5 the bottom is big enough to store bedding, food and accessories so there is no need for extra storage elsewhere in the house. It is big enough for our syrian hamster and the wheel is quiet enough not to disturb my son at night. My one criticism would be that the top is sometimes tricky to screw back on the water bottle, but the bottle doesnt drip like bottles we have had for other pets, so that is minor. Great service from omlet when we had a delivery niggle. Top product, worth the investment.

Hamster cage with Storage -

When I was shown this cage I just had to get it as it is such a lovely piece of furniture, yes furniture. It is not the typical, gawdy, typical plastic cage but a beautiful addition to my daughters room. I cannot rate this highly enough. It does however have one flaw and that is not due to the cage but the preference of the hamster and that is she is likes to take all her bedding to the upper floor and create her sleeping area there and thus spills onto the floor. Hey hoo, animals are animals and have their preferences. But, apart from that it's amazing - Great Job Omlet :)

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