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Very pleased - West Lothian,

Originally I had a savic gerbilarium for 1 adult gerbil, very happy with this unit as its a similar size, but more square. I'm happy with how it all fits together, it was straightforward to assemble. I just have to wait and see if he can figure out how to go up the tube because I know he can go down.

Brilliant -

Looks great, very easy for the kids to clean or play with hamster without risk of escape. Can you creat an exercise ball that stays together now to match as the ones from pet stores come apart with the hamster in it.


Awesome Cage!. Water bottle is not so great, bought a nice glass one. My son loves it!. Easy clean up, great play pen on bottom to remove and play with his gerbils. Better then the past cages, that were all plastic.

Happy hamster in their cage -

This cage looks nice and has handy storage underneath and you can use on top to store as well. The tunnel is easy for the hamster to climb up and we introduced it after day with no problems. A few things from experience; I would recommend purchasing a toilet for a hamster as ours had a wet corner which despite cleaning it twice a day it still managed to leak out if the joins of the base of the cage. The plastic draw is easy to clean but sometimes will require an extra deep clean. Depending on what you choose to put in the cage we have given the hamster a bed which now she is an adult managed to stand on and jump out of the plastic base whilst the bottom draw was open. She was being closely supervised at the times so no drama but is actively looking to escape maybe worth being mindful of the accessories you put in. The water bottle that came with the cage didn’t last as the rubber seal repeatedly fell out causing to leak so we got an alternative. But overall we are happy with the purchase just wanted to pass on our experiences as if we had known we may have chosen different accessories and a toilet from the start. Omelet are very efficient with their deliveries from our experience and their customer services are very helpful too.


Love it and so does Knockers!

Great, neat gerbil cage. - County Durham ,

This is a great cage that looks good and is straightforward to put together. Our gerbils love burrowing and making tunnels in the bottom area. It did, however, take them a week or so to figure out how to climb up the interconnecting tube. So maybe some sort of bendable tube could be an extra to make that learning process a bit easier. Now they’ve worked it out they do love going up and down it. I also feel the size is just about right. But if Omlet were to release some sort of add on expansion areas in keeping with the exiting design then I wouldn’t hesitate in purchasing them. All in all, it’s a quality cage that I highly recommend.

Best hamster cage! Modern design -

We love this cage. It is pretty expensive butThe design is awesome, the storage compartment is great for storing everything in one place. The hamster has twice more room to climb and go like in nature. We still let her free roam under supervision which she loves. The white color fits perfectly in our family room. We absolutely LOVE the design!

excellent product -

looks great!!! Easy to clean, Easy access for the children.

Easy and very nice looking too -

So easy to clean, plus being a really fun cage too Fits in very nicely with the room Their customer care team are incredible Just wish they still made the double ones


Great service. Very happy with my purchase ????

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