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Excellent gerbil wheel - Bridget,

Brilliant, long-lasting, sturdy wheel for my gerbils - they love it.

Verified Purchase: May 2019

great product - James,

My hamster loves it.

Verified Purchase: Oct 2018

Perfect wheel for my hamster - Sarah,

Really happy with this wheel - is a suitable size for my Syrian hamster, moves easily and quietly. Seems safe and easy to clean. Was a total hit from the moment I attached it for her - she has really been enjoying it. Arrived on time, well packaged and price good. Thank you.

Verified Purchase: Apr 2019

An improvement on the original wheel - Misbah,

It is not silent but it is a LOT quieter than the original wheel, which is great as I keep my hamster in my bedroom. It would be even better if they had wheels in different sizes as this one takes up a lot of space and I have a dwarf so could do with a smaller wheel.

Verified Purchase: Sep 2016

Great but not silent - Maya,

It is a great design but it is not silent. It is a good size I'd say about a 10" wheel and attaches to the cage easily.

Good wheel - Susan,

I have the cage and got the wheel with it but after 2 years of my lil furball constantly running on it it decided to loosen from the attachment on the back the wheel is just the right size for a Syrian which it's great as there is no back problem or feet problems for him

Verified Purchase: Sep 2017

excellent - Joanna,

Nick Fury the Hamster loves it!

Verified Purchase: Dec 2016

very good product - Matt,

Our 2 gerbils love this wheel it's just the right size and pretty quiet although not silent. For the price it's brilliant.

Verified Purchase: Feb 2015

Brilliant hamster cage and actually a quiet wheel!!! - Angela,

We bought this for our son so he could have a hamster for christmas, and it is brilliant. The design is really good for cleaning and the wheel is actually quiet!! Also when our first wheel broke quite quickly Omlet were amazing and sent out another one really quickly with no problems at all! And the hamster cage looks more like a piece of furniture which is a massive bonus too!!

Big improvement! - Sarah,

We replaced the original Omlet gerbil wheel with this one as it was incredibly noisy and to our amazement the new 'silent exercise wheel' really does work! We can hardly hear our gerbils running on the wheel now and they seem to like it more too. Very happy.

Verified Purchase: Apr 2015

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