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So Modern! - Taylor, Texas,

I love this cage! It was a little difficult to put together because of the wooden pegs but once I got the hang of it, it was fine. Took my BF and I about an hour to assemble. Love that the wheel is big enough for my Syrian Hamster!

- Jim,

Thoughtful and well-designed piece that is equally a cage and presentable piece of furniture.

Great product! - Skylar,

I have two very active cats that love to watch my hamster. I feel very secure leaving them with Peaches during the day while I’m at work. This hamster home keeps her safe and cozy! It took her a while to get used to the tube from going to level 1 to 2 but after the 3rd day she was a pro! The only issue I had was that the plastic drawer on the bottom was slightly cracked during shipping but I didn’t want to wait the shipping times again so we made due.

Omlet Says: Hello, Thank you for taking the time to review our products. I am very sorry to hear that the Bedding Tray has arrived cracked. I have sent you an email to organise a new replacement Bedding Tray part for you to replace at your convenience. I hope this will help. Yours, The Omlet Team

Solves a lot of problems - Abra,

This is a sleek looking cage whose stackable design allows hamsters more room to roam around on a smaller footprint. The center tub and bottom draw make changing out the bedding much easier than other designs we had tried. My 12 year old son handles all maintenance himself. We would definitely recommend this habitat.

Lovely stylish hamster house - Lorna,

Well designed over 2 levels, a well sized tube linking the levels (my syrian hamster manages this well) Very easy to thoroughly clean. Looks good. Not the biggest cage, so I advise to still play with and exercise your hamster away from the confines of the cage.

Looks good - ,

Nice looking cage and fairly practical. The plastic tub at the bottom needs very thorough cleaning as urine can leak into the joins and sometimes through the tub altogether.

Great cage - Wendy,

Perfect cage for gerbils you have to clean more than it says but that is not to hard. Gerbils are great pets for small families. Took a while for gerbils to get used to. But overall a great product!

Great product! - Sandra,

My 12 year old daughter put it together herself and can clean it out by herself. Excellent design!

Fabulous cage - Carys,

This age is great, I've had it for almost 4 years now with different hamster and it is still in great condition and all my hammies love it. I'm not ashamed to have it on display as it looks really good in my house. It is very good quality and has served me well. The only downside is that my hamsters tend to pee in the corners and when it drys it can be a hassle to get out, but that is the same with a lot of other cages so don't let it put you off. I would most certainly recommend this product to everyone.

Absolutely brilliant, sturdy hamster home - Hannah, Staffs,

My little girl's hamster destroyed her first cage within ten days, cracking the plastic, bending wires and tipping it almost over because of her love of swinging on wires. This seemed to be more durable and my gosh it is. Heavy, solid, attractive looking and easy to put together (especially for an Ikea enthusiast like me. It took me 25 minutes with a break to drink some tea). Most importantly it is easy to clean, well ventilated and Luna (also now known as LunaTIC) loves it. I was a bit unsure how she's manage the tube but there hasn't been a single issue, she'd worked it out within an hour. I was a bit worried about laying out such a high price without a personal recommendation but I think this cage will outlast most of my other furniture. Clever and very good looking, highly recommended!

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