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Verified Reviews for Eglu Go Rabbit Hutch with 6ft Run Package - Leaf Green

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Great products - Dan, Suffolk,

Really great products for 2 rabbits. We are very happy we found Omlet.

- Kerry, Suffolk,

Excellent product & great service

Good but needs some refinement - James, Suffolk,

We bought 2 of these, one for a rabbit and one for a guinea pig. These runs look really nice and generally feel sturdy but there are some issues. The water bottles leak inside the box and over the day, will empty themselves. It’s also difficult to get the rabbit out of the cage part of the run. I also begrudge paying £20 delivery on a £700+ order.

Rabbit hutch - Ann, Suffolk,

Easy to clean Angora rabbits love running around. I have 2 of the hutches since my rabbits are practicing abstinence. This morning a bear tried to get into the hutch. Damaged but still ok. I also have a chicken cube. I now have an urban farm with Eglu all over it!

Amazing product! Our rabbits love it! - Emily, Suffolk,

We bought our eglu go rabbit hutch earlier this year for our two rabbits. It has been wonderful and given them a great more natural life outside in the garden. The anti-tunnel base means we know they are safe inside and the insulated skin has kept them warm through the horrible rain and cold, but also remained cool during the heatwave this summer. The eglu is so easy to clean - we use the Jet washer and it takes literally seconds! Wonderful product and I would definitely recommend!

Wonderful - Gilly, Suffolk,

We have had a rabbit eglu for well over ten years, we love it, so does the rabbit who lives in it - he was a house rabbit in Dubai with my daughter, and flew back and now lives in luxury in the Eglu in our garden. Our daughter lives in a flat so the rabbit was rehomed with us. Luckily we had kept the Eglu, so much better than a wooden hutch

Excellent product - Jan, Suffolk,

Our two rabbits have now been in their new home for a month and they love it. It is spacious, airy and very well made with the added bonus that it is soooo easy to clean and keep clean. No chewing( so far ! )which is a miracle as they completely wrecked their previous run which was wooden. We did not find it very easy to construct but, now its done, we could easily do another one! We had previously read about the hen houses but then found out about the rabbit housing so ..... We would not hesitate to recommend any of these products in view of the high standards of design and manufacture.

Great product. - Dana, Suffolk,

My bunny loves his large run. The hutch and run were easily assembled, and all parts were included. The quality of the product is good also. We are very pleased.

My Buns Love This - Lauren, Suffolk,

So far so good! Shipping was fast, assembly was easy, the pieces are solid and fit together well, easy cleaning. I've moved it around a lot because the ground under the run gets destroyed after a couple days and it's held up to being dragged. No escapes or predators, just a busy chipmunk! A small issue is the run wire coupling clips didn't seem secure so we added wire twists. On a personal preference, the entry door is low and small so I can't get inside to reach toys or visit with the Buns so I need a different set up, but the Egg and the run are both maintenance free and the Buns are happy. So are we!

Great home for a rabbit! - Lindsey, Suffolk,

I have dreamt of owning an Omlet Eglu since I was a teenager. I have kept rabbits my whole life and having tried out every rabbit housing option available I was very excited about the idea of this plastic pod! Having finally purchased my Eglu some 15 years later, I can say I'm not disappointed and do believe it to be the best rabbit housing available on the market. Some reviews are negative in terms of the little glitches here and there with this product but keeping rabbits safe whilst also as free range as possible is not an easy thing to do. I would be very interested in seeing any other attempts of meeting the criteria better than this product does. The imperfections I have found include the falling hay rack, as many others have mentioned. This is a pain as it stops the rabbits from being able to drink from the water bottle. The other thing that makes this less than ideal is that you cannot reach your rabbits when in the run or clean areas out unless you crawl in. I believe this has already been addressed with a new door attachment that is now available. As I say you cannot have everything when it comes to giving your rabbits freedom but also keeping them contained. This seems a good result to the problem to me. The most important things I wanted from my rabbit house were somewhere warm and draft free in the winter, cool and ventilated in the summer, something easy to clean and most importantly space for free living but in a safe enclosure. The Eglu does all of that! It also looks attractive in your garden! It may not be totally perfect in every way but it is by far the best designed rabbit home to date.

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