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Verified Reviews for Eglu Go Rabbit Hutch with 6ft Run Package - Leaf Green

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Inside bunnies to outside bunnies - Abby, Suffolk,

My two mini lops had been house rabbits for the first two years of there lives but due to a house move it was time to venture outside. I wanted to make sure that they had a home which was safe and gave them enough room and sure enough the Eglu has given them that. Building the Eglu itself was straight forward but the run had me and my partner tied in knots. I contacted omlet and we were in fact send the wrong instructions and our run came with 5 top panels and a support bar instead of the 3 panels which we were expecting. This was soon explained by customer support and we were sent new instructions via email. A tip to those yet to build the run would be that the pieces have to be clipped tightly into place as at first they don't seem to join. It is definitely a two person job and a little strength is required. I ordered both full length covers as we ended moving them in very wet conditions, the bungee cords are great and the covers have easily overlapped to give shade and complete cover from rain. I have put the covers on so they are not flush to the floor to allow circulation and they both seem to be very happy. I was concerned about the underfloor anti tunnel as our grass is definitely not flat! I combat this my using some tree trunk bricks that my rabbits were already fond of, which not only holds the run down to stop their feet getting caught but also gives them look out points. They have also continued to use their plastic potty which I've placed at the front for an easy clean and I also decided to leave their carry case in as an outside hideout (this also makes it harder for them to know when a trip to the vet is on the cards! The only criticism would be that I was not confident that the door to the run would stop anyone getting in or out! I decided to order more run clips to add a few to the front door which can be popped off before opening. Great product, happy bunnies! Thanks omlet

Very good practical hutch for 2 dwarf bunnies - Charlotte, Suffolk,

Very impressed with the speed of it arriving (within 2 days of ordering). Fairly straight forward to put together. We have 2 dwarf bunnies in there and they have plenty of space to run around and seem quite at home in there. Very easy to clean out to. A great hutch and run, would definitely recommend

Secure, sturdy & well built hutch - Kirsten, Suffolk,

We are delighted with the quality of this hutch & run. The hutch is easy to clean. The run gives our rabbits lots of space to run around, while keeping the safe & secure. So that our rabbits don't hurt their feet on the wire mesh on the bottom of the run, we have to keep moving the hutch & run to longer patches of grass because the rabbits eat so much of the grass underneath their run.

Bun-tastic! - Claire, Suffolk,

Being a cat owner it was important that our buns were able to be outdoors as much as they want but stay protected from the neighbourhood cats. After a lot of research we purchased the go hutch and 2m run with a heavy duty cover and the insulation pack back in October. Our pesky bunnies like to do their business just outside the door to the hutch so after a phone call to a very lovely omlet lady I ordered an extra door panel and a 1m extension to give our buns some extra room. It was a bit of a faff taking most of it apart to add the extra pieces and it would be nice to have had the anti-tunnel mesh as an option when purchasing the extension but totally worth it to give our rescue buns the extra room. it is now too big to move around the garden but they don't seem to mind as we let part of the garden grow wild so we can cut the long grass for them. Yes, it is expensive and I'd say definitely worth it to keep our bunnies safe, happy and healthy!

well worth it! - Caroline, Suffolk,

The hutch itself is pretty easy to put together, though i had to enlist my dad''s help to tighten the screws on the skid bar. The instructions said 90 minutes for both hutch and run. Err, it took me and my dad 3 and a half hours! The run is a long laborious task, and putting the two together is a tricky 2 man job, but once up, just watching my baby bunnies running around it like things possessed, leaping and twisting in the air - all the pain was forgotten. They absolutely love it, and spend most of the day and night out in the run! As yet they haven't used the hutch as a toilet at all, preferring to use the corners of the run. Can't work out if this is a good or bad thing, as the its good for the cleanliness of the hutch, but bad for the garden! Never mind, I'm not protective about the grass, and they love it, it just means that it has to be moved around a lot, and it's very heavy! All said and done, I would definitely recommend these, as they look great, should last longer than wooden ones, and they provide a more natural habitat for the bunnies, and as long as they're happy, I'm happy.

Fantastic hutch and run, well worth the money! - Chloe, Suffolk,

I recently purchased the Eglu Go Rabbit Hutch with a 2m run package and at first I was a bit unsure how my 2 bunnies would react to it. But I had nothing to be worried about! The hutch and run were delivered on time and intact, along with some wire mesh to go underneath. I did find it difficult to put together even with the help of my brother but that could just be me. Once it was all together, I placed it on some long grass in my back garden for the bunnies and filled it with lots of hanging toys and things to climb on. After a short while exploring you could already see the impact it had on my bunnies well being as they were binkying around, stretching themselves all the way up on their hind legs and relaxing on the grass. The run is so tall and long its fantastic! The hutch itself is so much easier to clean and maintain, I'm able to pull the tray out and empty it rather that contort myself into all sorts of shapes to get in various parts. Its warm and protects them from the wind and rain but also now that its starting to warm up a little bit they can go in there and hide from the sun when its a bit to much for them. I also really love the door on the hutch too! Now that the sun is starting to make a slight appearance and the grass is coming on thick and fast we move the hutch and run around the garden so they have constant access to fresh grass and dandelion leaves. Its definitely improved their well being as one of our bunnies was a very shy rescue who would hide in a little room of the old hutch all of the time, but now he comes out to lie in the sun and greet us. And when its dusk I usually catch them both binkying around now because they're able to! I would definitely recommend this hutch to those that can afford it, it can most certainly accommodate 2 rabbits and plenty of toys. I did find the price a bit expensive, however you do pay for quality and its certainly what I got with this hutch :-) Thank you Omlet from Chloe, and from the 2 bunnies :-)

Binky bunnies! - Kat, Suffolk,

Bought the Omlet Eglu Go hutch because I've had my bunnies for 6 years and I've got through 3 draughty wooden hutches. I had to bring them in when it was cold and they don't like being cooped up in their indoor cage. The Omlet hutch has got everything covered for me all my problems solved: 1. It is plastic so can be sterilised every time I clean them. 2. Draught free ventilation, I won't need to bring them in anymore when it's cold! Happy bunnies, clean house! 3. Wire floor, my bunnies are massive diggers and my lawn remains intact. 4. I bought a clear rain cover so my bunnies can remain dry and can still see the sky, which is good for their mental wellbeing. 5. Their hay rack is in the hutch so their hay remains dry. 6. Their water bottle is in the hutch so it is less likely to freeze or grow algae. 7. It's super easy to clean out which saves me time The only negative I have regarding this product is that it was a nightmare to put up with my partner and we nearly had to call off our wedding because it was so frustrating!...having said that, this happens when we erect any flat pack furniture! Summary, once erected the hutch is a dream. I couldn't have designed it better myself and would not go back to the conventional wooden hutch. Thanks Omlet!

Overall great. - Amanda, Suffolk,

Does the job we wanted as easy to clean and fox safe. It was tricky to assemble and also hard to get rabbits out if they decide not to co-operate. The run is low so you can't reach them within it. We try to entice them into the igloo bit with a treat and then lock them in there .. can then get them out the back easily

A new Spanish home - Trinity, Suffolk,

We bought the Eglu Go Rabbit Hutch for my 3 bunnies because we are moving to Spain and needed something quick and easy to house them in when we get there. We have introduced them to it before the move and they get to spend a few hours out in the Eglu Hutch and run almost every day while our dogs are confined indoors. The bunnies absolutely love it, they obviously feel safe and can enjoy a different view to their normal view from the two storey hutch and run at the side of the house. The problem is trying to get them out of the Eglu run when I need to put them back in their night time hutch. I end up having to take the top off and climb in myself to catch my playful bunnies. Not sure if there would be a way to rectify this problem while still keeping it as secure as it can be.

Great, keeping my indoor rabbit warm - Katie, Suffolk,

I decided to buy this for my indoor rabbit as he was outgrowing his indoor cage. This is great, he really enjoys being outside, plenty of room to run around. Keeps him warm at night inside too

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