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Reviews for Clear Cover for Eglu Go - Full Length

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Run cover -

Excellent cover - I bought two to cover both sides and give full protection

Great Product -

I love my Omet chicken coop. I bought it second hand . I ordered the clear full cover online I received it within a couple days It is very good quality Easy to put on I’m planning to buy another coop set up this spring. I raise chickens and have several different style coops . The omlet is by far the best quality easier to clean and the safest for my chickens

not enough protection -

The clear rain cover is a great idea, but it does not come far enough down at the side so it doesn't offer enough protection from the rain.

Use this to reduce chances of infection from bird flu - Derbyshire,

This cover is excellent as a wind, rain and snow protector (whilst still letting in light), but I strongly recommend such covers particularly now, to help reduce the chance of your precious hens being infected with bird flu - the cover helps prevent wild bird faeces falling into your run from above. And they're currently on offer, so buy a couple. We also use the heavy duty green ones in warm weather to provide much needed shade

Necessary in the UK -

This is a worthy addition to your investment, especially in the U.K. 100% recommend

Good, but... -

Love this for our rabbit. Only down side is because there is no opening on the top of the caged run, it is difficult to access food and water bowls along with any play toys that are in the run area. Easy access to them if in the hutch part. Have to crawl inside the run area (which is very low to ground if you are an average-sized adult) to retrieve anything there. would recommend making a latched opening somewhere on top of run. Otherwise, great product and we're happy with the purchase.

Will be perfect for cooler, wetter weather - Derbyshire,

This cover is excellent; it seems strong and hard-wearing. Without wishing our summer away, I've bought this for the cooler (and wetter) days of autumn and then winter. As with my heavy duty (non-transparent) full length cover, I bought a cheap pack of 10 tent pegs for a £1, and rather than clipping the bungee hooks to the wire Eglu run, I pull them out 'proud' of the run, so the rain runs off andcaway, keeping the hardwood chips drier for longer. Doing this ensures the glug and grub stays dry to.

Eglu clear plastic cover for wind and rain protection -

This is not the first cover I have bought from you over the years and generally I am happy ... BUT... the cover does not fit down one side as stated. There is a five inch gap at the bottom - (perhaps this could be solved with shorter bungee hooks?) and of course the other side is open to the elements so when the wind, rain direction changes... I have tried to Heath Robinson the cover using another old cover on which the reinforcement on the holes had torn away (we have very strong winds up here) What I would REALLY like is a transparent cover that fits to the ground on both sides and is the FULL length of the run WITH extension. (As another reviewer some of us have more than two hens and thus have the extension) I would buy such an item in a heartbeat!


Good quality.I bought this to keep the litter dry. it keeps the rain off and the hens dry but unfortunately the water seeps in from the sides of the egglu anyway

Very strong weatherproofing -

Very thick and durable cover which lets in the light and gives good protection from bad weather. Would recommend

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