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Verified Reviews for Clear Tarp for Eglu Go - Full Length

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Rain cover - Vikki, Devon,

Good but does tend to condensate a lot and takes a while to clear, not sure how it will stand up to another winter like last one though. 2

Fantastic! - Gillian, Devon,

Fantastic product. Totally protects the chickens when it's raining or snowing. The fact that it's clear still allows you to see the birds whilst keeping their run dry. 2

Just what was needed - Shona, Devon,

Fantastic product, leaves the run nice and light but still waterproof. This was important to me as I have 3 silkies and they need to be kept dry. I use this with the fun shade over the top of it at one end for sun shade. Will be great in winter for keeping the run very light on dull and wet days. 2

much better than coloured ones - Mary, Devon,

Great idea, the grass keeps growing and the chickins have more light when its raining. My ladies however could not believe that it would keep them dry innitialy as it was see through it looked like the sky and they could see the rain coming down they were used to a dark green one! I think chickens like to hide under dark covers like wooded areas and hedges. 2

Good for keeping run and hens dry. - Alison, Devon,

I bought this never imagining I'd use it yet but thought I'd be prepared for Autumn. However the recent downpours have meant that the chooks have been able to stay outdoors and that's kept them much happier. The good thing about it being transparent is the amount of light let in. It's quite pricey, but worth it if it lasts. 2

Excellent - Nicole, Devon,

Really useful - keeps my girls feathery feet dry throughout the run. I still use the sunshade over the top on really sunny days for a bit of shade, but it's lovely not to have to worry about them when it's raining. So I guess, the only way it would be better is to incorporate a 12" strip2 of coloured fabric so there is a bit of shade as well as a full length cover. 2

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