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Great! - An Omleteer,

Does exactly as it says on the tin!!

Verified Purchase: Feb 2015

Much better design - An Omleteer,

No longer do we have to fiddle to get the clip open, making it so much easier to use.

Run clips - An Omleteer,

Useful and effective, but difficult to apply at times. Hurt your fingers towards the end of fixing the cube run! Some cable ties or similar included in the pack would have been useful. Reasonably priced.

Run Clips - An Omleteer,

Work well, with lots to spare.

Verified Purchase: Mar 2009

I love the fact I can order spares - An Omleteer,

These babies can break through wear & tear, dragging the run about etc. Being able to order spares is fantastic, cheers.

Verified Purchase: Mar 2019

Very fiddly - An Omleteer,

I found the clips difficult to get on and off, needing a coin to undo them and pliers to fasten They are fine if you just want to set up the run and leave it forever, but for moving it about eg. dropping hens at hensitters for holidays it is a faff! I wondered if small bulldog clips may be easier?

Verified Purchase: Mar 2009

Strengh of those clips - An Omleteer,

i don't know if the clips go weak by the time or if our chicks are so strong, but to my own surprise (and my ex's surprise too - they live in his garden) our chickens broke out of the run by somehow smashing the clip to get the gate open and get out in snow - and i thought they would be better in run so they feet don't get cold.

Verified Purchase: Apr 2009

Run Clips - An Omleteer,

These were really easy to use and much more flexible than the old clips so they don't snap! Had lots left over to keep as spares!

Verified Purchase: Jun 2011

Great Improvement! - An Omleteer,

My Eglu is 3 years old and the original clips were starting to get brittle and popping off when I moved the run. I found these very easy to use (especially on a cold morning!)and they seem more sturdy - the run has been given a new lease of life!!

Verified Purchase: Aug 2013

Run clips - An Omleteer,

excellent design but a little hard to put on with cold hands!

Verified Purchase: Jan 2009

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