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Reviews for Automatic Chicken Coop Door - Green

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My mother is 86 years and ai was concerned about her having to get up early and going out after dark to let the chicken out and lick them up at night. Works as advertised or better. Recommend this to anyone a real home run.

The door is magic. Chickens like it too. -

The door is magic. Chickens like it too.

Automatic Door - North Carolina,

Works great! no more worrying about getting up early or getting home after dark. I've installed a few cameras in the outdoor run and the coop and the door always works exactly like it should !

Excellent -

Very happy with this purchase. Wish I had made the investment years ago. Only quibble is that I found the instructions for setting the control panel baffling (my husband installed the door). I tried the You Tube video and found that just as useless! It may be me as I am not very technically minded. I decided in the end to leave it on the default light setting which has worked very well so there isn't really any need to change the settings.

Great product works flawlessly! -

Great product works flawlessly and supper easy installation! Love how easy it makes the chicken life!!!

great product! - New York,

Quick set-up and easy to install. Worked perfectly from the first day on! It's so nice being able to sleep in and not having to rush home to lock our chickens in. Absolutely zero regrets with the purchase!

Revolutionary piece of kit! -

Our automatic door was installed in March 2019 and we haven't had to change the batteries yet. We totally love this - no more winters of getting up in the dark to plod down before we go to work to open the Eglu and let the cold in before it's light - and no evenings of trying to get them to bed early because we want to go out!

Easy, peasy -

It really makes life easy, peasy. I don't have to worry if the hens are ‘banged up’, no second guessing - did I or didn’t I lock them in. They happily go into the roosting box at night and the door is then subsequently locked. In the morning they escape from the roost into the attached enclosed walk-in run. When I’m ready I can then let them out into the larger run. No mad panics. Easy, peasy!!!

Fantastic -

Fantastic addition to my coops, no longer need to worry about late night dashes to close them all up and I love that the hens are out nice and early in the morning too. The hens train very quickly, getting used to it in no time.

Holy WOW - California,

As a firs-time chicken owner (it's been about a month), I've really been enjoying everything but...the waking up at the crack dawn to let them out. This bad boy set up in no time and I can finally get my beauty rest and not stress about getting up and letting them out first thing. We like to go on weekend camping trips and I know this will give me the peace of mind that they're safely in at night and out and about in their run first thing, without having to rely on friends/neighbors. We also tested the "crush protector" and it will open right back up if it detects something is blocking the door. If you're thinking about getting this-do it! It arrived in under a week and the shipping was free. Hooray! Thank you Omlet!

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