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Reviews for Automatic Chicken Coop Door - Green

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Easy to assemble. Works as expected. We have been using this for a little over one month on the dusk and dawn setting. And the girls go in before it even closes, no one has been left outside! Allows us to go on short trips without worrying.

Works great and frees up my life. -

Automation completely changed the amount of time I personally have to spend tending the coop morning and evening. It frees me up to be out of town for the day without stressing about my flock. I come home late at night and they are all tucked safely away in their coop. So amazing.

An excellent product -

It does require some time and patience to fit the door but the instructions are reasonably easy to follow. Our chickens instantly used the door and are so much easier to manage when we go away by using the light sensor mode.

- California,

Best purchase thus far! No more getting up early or feeling terrible if I am late to close the door for them!

Works great! -

We love our new auto-door. We have it setup based on time. The install was pretty easy. Makes our life easier knowing our chickens will get locked in the coop at night even if we are late coming home. It's perfect!

An excellent purchase. -

Really pleased with this. It has particularly helped me stop worrying if i am a little late home and my girls are then safely tucked away. I gave 4 not 5 stars as I am not confident about the light sensor as yet and have resorted to using the timer only and changing it every couple of days as the nights draw in. It is however worth every penny!

Simple to set up and works well. -

Superb priduct - Washington,

So glad i purchased this coup door. Works like a dream.

Look no further! This door is worth every dollar!!!! -

THIS IS THE DOOR YOU’VE BEEN SEARCHING FOR!! We are SO impressed with the quality of this door! It was easily installed onto our wood coop and I now feel that my girls are truly safe at night! Thank you Omlet!

Love my Omlet door! -

Our door was very easy to install and set up. We’ve had it for just over a month now and it has worked perfectly. It is currently set with timer, but I am considering changing the settings to open and close with the light function. I feel that my chickens are safe and love the fact that I can be away in the evening and they are secure! Would strongly recommend!

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