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Happy hens - Lesley, East Sussex,

The door we ordered came well packaged, this was easy to install, and it works well! It works just as expected. I was worried that the chickens would get hurt when the door closes, but they seem to be aware of it and doesn’t seems like it could ever cause harm as the door moves at a slow pace to open and close. This is great since we like to go out of town!

The reviewer has 6-8 Chickens pets

Absolutely perfect! - Jen, East Sussex,

I am a new chicken owner and quite concerned about the safety of my hens. The Omlet Auto Door is highly recommended by folks in the chicken forums I read, so I purchased one. It is the best compliment to the maximum security chicken fortress that I built for my girls! It was very simple to install, and programming was a breeze. I have adjusted the closing time a few times recently due to earlier sunsets, and that takes about 10 seconds. I've only had it for three months but it has been totally reliable. I am so glad I went with the Omlet door!

The reviewer has 2-4 Australorp, Olive Eg pets

Stress free coop - Mike, East Sussex,

I'm so pleased with my door. I dont have to be around at dawn or dusk anymore. Using the default settings it was opening a little late and closing a bit late too. It is so easy to change the light levels so it opens and closes when you want it to. Typical of chickens, they didn't like it to start with but after 2-3 days they were fine. As you can see I have an omlet coop, their products are usually top notch.

The reviewer has 4-6 Bantams, mostly silk pets

Works as designed. - Jim, East Sussex,

I've only had my Omlet for a week. I needed a horizontal door, and Omlet was the only one that I found. It was easy to install and program. I run it in time mode because the light mode was too hard to set up. There is a street light that keeps the area around the coop dimly lit, and it was confusing the sensor. I have a rebel chicken that stands in the doorway and the door auto-reverses when closing. Then, I still have to go out every night to put her inside and use the manual mode to close the door. But, the main purpose of my wanting an auto-door is so that I don't have to be up with the sun to let them out. And, it does that wonderfully. I wish there was a way to adjust the sensitivity on the crush sensor to pinch the rebel hen a bit to teach her to go inside with her friends. I mounted the Omlet inside the coop, so that I can still use the regular door on the outside of the coop. I close that door after pushing the rebel into the coop, then close the Omlet door. Then, I can open the outside door so that Omlet can let them out in the morning. I'm new to chickens, as it's only been 5 weeks. I need to figure out how to get the rebel hen to go inside when it gets dark. It was a bit pricey for the amount of plastic involved, and I'm curious to see how the motor holds up. I was impressed by the gear drive system for the door.

The reviewer has 4-6 pets

Omlet Says: Hi Jim, Thank you for your review. You are already applying the right technique by putting your rebel chicken in her coop by hand in the evening. Some chickens can be a little stubborn when it comes to picking up new habits, so hopefully she will get the message eventually and will join her friends inside the coop soon ! Don't hesitate to contact us for any query. Yours, Omlet Customer Services team

Easy - Julie, East Sussex,

Easy to install and works like a charm.

The reviewer has 4-6 pets

The chickens are in the house - Robert---Sorrento, East Sussex,

So far this auto chicken door is working great. May I suggest something? For us older people( I am 75) you need to provide a full set of instructions. My basic phone does not work on those QR things and to try to go to your website while install the door is not practical. You can't be running in and out of the house while installing the door looking for what to do next. Other than that it is a clean simple design that should give me a few years of service. I have recommended the door to friends.

The reviewer has 6-8 mixed pets

Omlet Says: Hi Robert, Thank you for your feedback. The team in charge of the instructions manuals will review your suggestion for future improvements on that point. We are glad to hear that you are enjoying the functionality of the door overall. Don't hesitate to contact us for any query. Yours, Omlet Customer Services team

Perfect for our needs. - Vanessa, East Sussex,

This chicken coop door was very easy to assemble/install and we had no issues programming it to the times we wanted it to shut and open. The instruction booklet that came with it was easy to follow and this coop door hasn't had any issues so far. We have more peace of mind and comfort now knowing that our chickens get securely closed in at night and protected from predators and let out first thing in the morning. We aren't always home due to work schedules during the time we needed it to close them up and let them out and this automatic door fixed our problem. Our only complaint was that it took 6 weeks to receive this door, otherwise it has been great and we highly recommend.

The reviewer has 10+ Easter Egger Chicken pets

Great door - Sher, East Sussex,

I have only had this door a couple of weeks but it has made life so much easier. It's great to know that the early mornings are sorted without having to get up early ourselves. The door is time so the girls are out and about long before we have to be. Excellent product.

The reviewer has 2-4 Buff orbitingtons pets

Extremely useful - Margot, East Sussex,

We purchased this recently and we’re really happy with how it functions.

The reviewer has 10+ pets

Love this door! - Rebecca, East Sussex,

I was searching far and wide for an automatic door for my Sentinel Chicken coop and decided to purchase this one since it is horizontal instead of vertical. I'm so glad I purchased this one, it works so well! And my chickens like it too! I only wish they had a wifi adapter so I can close the door with my phone. In the meantime, I have it set on timer and since I am a nervous chicken owner I also added a wifi button presser as a safety measure for when I am out of town. Definitely recommend this door!

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