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It is nice to give eggs away as presents - but it is better to give four rather than six! They come in packs of 20 (not much good if you have rabbits, except maybe at easter:)

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Weight: 0.400 kg

Height: 21 cm

Width: 27 cm

Length: 14 cm

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Most charming egg cartons ever! - New York,

I use these 4-egg cartons as host/hostess gifts when invited to someone's home for dinner or drinks; the charm of these cartons, filled with fresh eggs from our hens and tied with a thin ribbon, never fail to elicit delight and thanks from my friends to whom they are presented.

The Perfect Size -

I have a four backyard chickens and usually have a few eggs to share with friends, but not usually a half-dozen, so these 4-quanitity egg cartons are perfect!

great sized gift packs, sturdy, easily portable. -

Often we have too many eggs and it's nice to share, but as soon as I gift away a dozen eggs, we wish hadn't given away so many. This makes it look cute, and it doesn't look like a cheap gift by offering a huge carton with only 4 eggs in it.

Omlet Egg Cartons are always a hit with friends and family! -

Our friends and family really enjoy the little four-egg cartons when we give eggs as gifts! One of our friends owns a little village bakery, and she keeps the carton we gave her on display near the register, because she said people comment on how cute it is!