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Introducing Omlet's first ever Automatic Chicken Coop Door - the safest and most convenient way to let your chickens in and out of their coop has arrived! Designed to work with any wooden chicken coop, it can also be attached directly to the Eglu Cube Mk1 and Mk2. Omlet's automatic chicken coop door opener is battery powered and combines both a timer and a light sensor, giving you the ultimate options for flexibility and control. The unique integrated frame and door design comes with everything you need to attach it to your chicken house or run and has been tested to work down to -20degC. Like a personal chicken coop concierge, the Autodoor will always make sure your chicken’s coop is securely closed at night even when you’re running late.

The Omlet Automatic Chicken Coop Door has a powerful electric motor and metal gear that is directly mounted on the door frame for maximum security. Unlike other automatic chicken coop door openers that work on a string and pulley system, the Omlet Autodoor cannot be simply lifted up when shut. This means that predators will not be able to move the door when it is closed, no matter how hard they try. Your chickens can sleep soundly knowing they have the most secure automatic door in the world.

The light setting uses a sophisticated light sensor to automatically open and close the door at a specific and adjustable light level selected by you. An optional time delay can be added so that the door operates up to an hour after dawn or dusk to suit your flock’s routine. The light sensor has built-in intelligence to recognise and ignore temporary illumination from a security light or torch and will only open after a consistent period of light above the threshold set by you. This ensures that your chickens stay safe and protected at all times and, unlike other less advanced automatic doors, you won’t have any unwanted openings in the middle of the night.

Another way to operate the Omlet automatic chicken door is by using the time setting. This allows you to set an exact time for the door to open in the morning and close in the evening. The advantage of this setting is that you have complete control over your chicken’s environment and you can set the Autodoor to meet your specific daily requirements. The control panel also has a manual function which allows you to open and close the door independently of the time or light settings and, for total peace of mind, there is a built-in failsafe system for opening the door completely by hand.

Four AA batteries are all that is required to power the Omlet Autodoor, negating the need for a nearby power source and additional wiring. The door has been endurance tested under battery power and you can expect a set of batteries to last for a minimum of 6 months.

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Weight: 3.800 kg

Height: 7 cm

Width: 49 cm

Length: 56 cm

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Great auto door, go for it! -

Love this auto chicken door by Omlet. My chickens are well trained on it and it saves me hassle daily. Keeps my chickens protected. No more having to run out at sundown to make sure all the chickens are in and the door is closed. Operating on a light sensor is fantastic, no need to adjust open and close time as seasons change (although you can choose to do it that way if you wish). Seems GREAT on battery life too. Battery has only dropped by 10% after three months now. I'm using rechargeable alkaline. 4 stars instead of 5 because of an installation oversight: if you test the door before installing it (like to make sure it's working out of the box), the door will likely calibrate incorrectly and not function as expected once you mount it. If you do this, make sure you recalibrate after installing it, which REQUIRES a sequence of unhooking the control module and then resetting the device. If you reset the device while the control module is still hooked up to the door, it will not perform a recalibration. Took me a lot of trial and error to realize this as to why my door would just loop open/close after I installed it. After solving this installation hiccup, the door has been rock solid ever since. Highly recommend!

Green chicken door -

I’m very pleased with the look and function of the door. Makes life safe at night foe my hens and easy for me with automatic open/close function. Love it.

works great -

works great saves me a lot of time and chicken are safe

Amazing - North Carolina,

Saving my chickens immediately after 8 years of predators getting the upper hand. No more sleepless nights of alarms and defending my girls. Worth every penny.

Great product -

This automatic chicken door is exactly as advertised— works great and the chickens warmed right up to it! The instructions however were almost bewildering—way too much information! I relied on YouTube videos to help me set it up— but this automatic chicken door is a great product!