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Frame Making and Feeding Your Bees

The bees were delivered last week and the family are making sure that they have settled in. John puts into practice the skills he's been learning on his beekeeping course as he confidently points out capped brood, larvae and the worker bees but who will spot the queen first? Adding frames for the colony to expand onto and feeding the bees to encourage them to start drawing out the comb is also covered in this feature packed episode.

More information about this episode

If you have purchased a nucleus colony or have caught a swarm of bees you can help them get established by feeding them syrup. This helps the bees quickly build honey comb, so that the queen can start laying. You should use syrup as this is most quickly converted by the bees. You can feed up to 8kg of syrup. However, if your nucleus colonies is well established they will take only around 5kg of syrup. You can purchase bee syrup and fee fondant here

An Inspect Record book is very useful and will help you remember the state of your bees over a season. You can purchase the book seen in this video from the Omlet shop here. If you need more frames or foundation for your bees you can order it here.


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