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Welcome to the new Omlet TV channel! Now you can watch as the world of bees and chickens comes alive in these great films. Experts and beginners share their experiences, tips and advice to show you what it's like and to help you get the most out of your Omlet products. New films are being added all the time so if what you're looking for isn't here keep checking back. First up is the very special series on how to start beekeeping - click here to watch it now.

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Urban Chickens          

A wonderful film about three urban chicken keepers. If you are still wondering if you can keep chickens in a small urban garden then delay no more! These three Eglu owners and their chickens will show you what fantastic pets chickens are and just how easily they fit in to the family.

Beehaus Introduction          

Find out how the Beehaus works and see inside a colony of bees based on a London rooftop. You can see all the main parts of the Beehaus including the brood box, frames, supers (where the honey is stored) and entrance adapters. You will also see how to smoke the hive before opening to inspect the bees. If you've always wanted to keep bees but didn't think you could, this great film will show you how the Beehaus makes it, not only possible...

Beekeeping Taster Course          

The Omlet bee family are going to start keeping bees this year; today John and Isobel are going on the first session of their beekeeping course. They get to put on a beesuit (John puts on some very fetching marigolds) before they go through some bees with expert bee keeper Viktor Zaichenko. They learn lots about the way bees work, how to recognise the different members of the colony and the types of things a beekeeper has to do.

Bee Delivery          

Ever wondered how bees are delivered? It's quite simple really and this film shows you exactly what's involved. Omlet's bee keeping family choose a spot in the garden and then in a few minutes assemble their new Beehaus. Then it's beesuits and smoker at the ready as it's time to transfer their first nucleus of around 10,000 bees into the hive.

Frame Making and Feeding Your Bees          

The bees were delivered last week and the family are making sure that they have settled in. John puts into practice the skills he's been learning on his beekeeping course as he confidently points out capped brood, larvae and the worker bees but who will spot the queen first? Adding frames for the colony to expand onto and feeding the bees to encourage them to start drawing out the comb is also covered in this feature packed episode.

Leaving Space Between Frames          

Feeding the bees has helped them settle in and the colony is doing really well. John is keen to show off the bees to some visiting friends. However, he's about to discover that the bees don't always follow the guide book especially when he's accidentally left a gap inbetween the frames. It's nothing that a bit of gentle re-arranging in the Beehaus can't sort out though.

Expert Beekeeping Tips          

One of the great features of the Beehaus is that you can divide a strong colony in the Spring to stop them from swarming. In this film, expert bee keeper Robin Dartington takes us through his Beehaus where he did just that. We look through both sides of the Beehaus to find out if the artificial swarm has worked and if the new colony has produced a new Queen. As he's inspecting, Robin show's us some of his tips and tricks such as lifting...

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