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Bee Delivery

Ever wondered how bees are delivered? It's quite simple really and this film shows you exactly what's involved. Omlet's bee keeping family choose a spot in the garden and then in a few minutes assemble their new Beehaus. Then it's beesuits and smoker at the ready as it's time to transfer their first nucleus of around 10,000 bees into the hive.

More information about this episode

If you are new to beekeeping then getting a nucleus colony is a great way to get started. A nucleus colony contains around 10,000 bees on frames with a new queen. It is essentially a mini hive but will grow rapidly once transferred into your Beehaus. You can purchase a nucleus any time from April to September. During the spring and summer you can also buy an established colony but this is not recommended if you are just starting out as they will be harder to manage. It’s a bit like buying a Ferrari while you’ve still got learner plates on. You can order a nucleus colony from Omlet here.

Here is brief guide to transferring you nucleus to the beehaus. 1) Place the nucleus box next to the Beehaus so that transferring the frames can be done quickly and conveniently. 2) You should then smoke the bees a little through the mesh ventilation panels and wait 2-3 minutes. 3) While you wait for the smoke to take effect, take the lid off the Beehaus, remove the cover boards and entrance adapter from the side that you are going to use. Open the travelling box and lift out the first frame. 4) Transfer it to the Beehaus and place it against the divider board. 5) Repeat this until all the frames have been placed in the Beehaus.


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