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Ambassador since 2023
Madison lives in Connecticut with husband Nick and daughter Lizzy, their dog and a flock of nine; six Rhode Island Reds, a Golden Comet, a Welsumer and a somewhat high maintenance silver laced Wyandotte. Madison opted for Omlet from the get go, and has an Eglu Pro, an Eglu Cube, an Autodoor and a Walk In Run.
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Best bit about chicken keeping?
The groundedness and connection to the household and family you get with the routine, like egg collecting, which our daughter loves. People come from far and wide for our eggs - we can’t give them away fast enough! I also love working on their area on the weekends, using old logs and bits from the woods to make toys and games for them.
Experience with Omlet?
I’m so glad we did our research and used the ambassador programme - that really helped. It’s why I became an ambassador myself - I really believe in the products and I’m glad to pass that advice on to others.
Top tip for new keepers?
Trust your gut. The chickens will let you know if something’s wrong. As long as you have the right products that offer the protection they need - from the snow and wind, from the sun, from predators - they’ll be great. Oh, and bless the creation of the Autodoor!
What do you think of the new Eglu Pro?
Our flock just went up recently from five chickens to nine! Before we received the news about the Eglu Pro release we were wondering how we were going to expand. Here comes Eglu Pro to the rescue! The larger sleeping area and roosting bars perfectly fit all 9 of our large breed hens. The double wall insulation and Lux panel are perfect for winter months to protect against the wind chill. And the new adjustable vents will help airflow in the summer! Not to mention the slide out poop trays and now the nesting box area has one too! Cleaning is a BREEZE.