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Everything You Need to Know About Keeping Parrots

Parrots come in all sizes, from sparrow-sized Parrotlets to huge Cockatoos. Some, like the popular Cockatiel, are easy-to-keep, while the Macaws can be challenging. The dozens of other available species fall somewhere between the two.
Cockatiels and Fischers Lovebirds
Cockatiels and Fischers Lovebirds - popular birds worldwide

Keeping a basic equality in terms of bird size is important in any aviary. Larger parrots will bully smaller ones. You also need to make sure all the birds' food requirements are catered for. Hand-taming your parrots will make the pet-keeping experience more satisfying, and a certain amount of training should be seen as essential rather than optional. After all, with some of the larger birds, you're dealing with an animal whose intelligence has been compared to that of a five-year-old child.

It's worth pausing and digesting that fact. Parrots are up there with Dolphins and Chimpanzees, and in the bird world only certain members of the crow family can give them a run for their money when it comes to being smart cookies.

Within this diverse range of sizes and intellects there is bound to be a parrot to suit your home. This guide looks at what some of the most popular species require in terms of housing and feeding, but also acts as a useful guide for all parrot species kept as pets.

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Romeo my little lover
Rubii the sun conure enjoying his summer
Feeding time
A pair of pineapple conure...
What cheese??
Pet bird
plum headed parakeet
My eclectus duo luci and maz
Indian ringnecks


Kathie, 21 June 2023

I've had parrots for 30 years if not a little longer now. It would be wonderful for your company to come up with some aviaries and outside enclosures for them that would be predatory safe and keep warm in the winter

Margo, 28 May 2023

Hi Paul! Your bird may be acting strangely for many different reasons. Lack of proper nutrition can cause pet birds to have behavioral issues, so if he is not on a diet of high-quality pellets and fresh vegetables, this could be the problem. If he is not in a suitable cage, he could also be acting out. He could be ill.

Nicole, 7 October 2022

Can you use the catio for a raven

Ace, 27 October 2021

Does Anyone recommend a cage for a one legged Cockatiel? He's a year old if that helps, I originally was looking at the Geo Cage, but it don't know if that's too small for him. Thanks!

Harikrishna, 20 October 2021

I have a 9 months old alexandrine and she comes on me when she is scared