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Catio Tunnels

Can a catio tunnel open up your cat’s world?

Cats do life at their pace, on their terms. But life can be hazardous. We designed our Catio Tunnel System to open up the outside and satisfy their independence and curiosity, safely. 

  • Outdoors exercise and play
  • Secure passage to the Catio
  • Works with all windows & catflaps
  • Easy assembly, modular system
  • Design your kit, fast delivery
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Omlet Window Enclosure
Omlet Window Enclosure
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Catios are a safe way for your feline to enjoy the outdoors. Our Catio Tunnel System is designed to create a secure route from indoors to the outdoor Catio enclosure, protecting your cat from passing traffic - and passing wildlife from your cat. Better all round.


catio outdoor cat tunnel designer with the product
Our process of test, refine, repeat is a hallmark of Omlet design.

We’re Omlet and since 2004 we’ve been rethinking every aspect of keeping and caring for pets. Our team of designers and engineers have tirelessly tested and refined every element of our Catio Tunnel System, so indoor cats everywhere can safely enjoy the wonders of the outside world. Learn more about us here.


Our outdoor cat tunnel's modular design works with windows of every shape and size. 

  • Connect to a window box, encasing the entire window
  • Connect to a cat flap in a window board
  • Connect to a cat flap in any other surface


Our Catio Tunnel System comprises four elements: cat tunnels, stands, junctions and towers. You can combine these however you need. 

  • Tunnels can be wall mounted, run along the ground or be freestanding with stands
  • Junctions let tunnels turn 90° corners
  • Towers with built in steps let cats travel up & down


Our Catio Tunnel System will contain can’t-catch-me leapers and escape-room defeaters. Unique, reinforced overlay clip design creates an ultra tough, tightly bonded system, keeping your cat walkway secure.


omlet catio tunnel walkways are textured and curved to be non-slip
Anti slip surface and ergonomic design keep walkways dry for a secure footing.

Outdoor design needs to withstand the weather, so our Catio Tunnel System walkways have a slight curve that causes rain to run right off, and a textured surface for a good, firm grip.


omlet catio tunnel stands allow you to create a stable walkway on uneven ground
Height adjustable stands with bases that pivot can accommodate slopes.

Sloping ground or land on different levels? Adjust the height of the cat tunnel stand and pivot the base to compensate for inclines of up to 10 degrees. No wobbles, no worries.   


A cat climbing over the freestyle cat tree accessories
Open up the adventure by combining our Catio, Tunnel System and Freestyle Outdoor cat tree.

Indoor cats needn’t lead a sheltered life. We designed our Catio Tunnel System, Catio and Outdoor Freestyle cat tree to work together, so your cat can explore and adventure outdoors, on their terms, to their got-the-cream content. 

Want to extend your set up?

Extend or reconfigure your set up at any time using additional components. Click here for Catio Tunnel System accessories.


Frequently Asked Questions

Omlet Window Box:
The box goes around your window and is attached to the wall around it. This works for most windows, including ones that slide open or opens in or out.

Just measure your window and the height from the ground, put this into the configurator above and it will calculate the size you need. You can then attach another part of the cat tunnel system at either side or straight out from the box by cutting the mesh.

Omlet Window Board:
Perfect for sash windows or other windows where you can safely slot in the board when the window is open.

Saw the board to the correct width of your window, attach the frame ends and secure using a screw driver. The board has a secure cat flap, from which you can start your cat tunnel system.

If you want to, you can also combine a window box with a window board.

It’s possible to connect the cat tunnels to practically any structure, including a cat flap in a door.

However, the cat tunnels are not designed to be taken on and off, so you will have limited access to your door.

Yes, the cat flap has 4 positions providing you with as much control and safety as possible.

You can adjust it to be fully open in both directions, fully locked in both directions or to swing only one way.

Definitely. The cat tunnels have been tried and tested with weights much heavier than really big cats.

The unique, reinforced overlay clip design creates an ultra tough, tightly bonded system of cat walkways that can comfortably hold up to three Maine Coons per tunnel at once.

The cat tunnels are designed to be used outdoors for years to come, with UV resistant walkways and powder coated steel weld mesh that stands up to stormy showers and strong sun alike.

However, we recommend that you check the components regularly for signs of corrosion, especially if you live somewhere with extreme weather conditions or close to the sea.

Corrosion will occur if the coating has been scratched or scraped for example. If you do see some, remove any loose rust and touch up with a weather resistant paint.

Due to the size of the mesh (1.8 x 2.8 inches) you may need extra protection if you want to use the cat tunnels with a kitten or very small cat, like additional mesh or cat run covers.

The need for this depends on the size and breed of your cat. Please make sure you supervise your cat while they are in the tunnels and the catio as they are getting used to it.

Please supervise your cat to start with, while they are getting used to the cat walkways and outdoor cat tunnels.

No, you can use any catio with a mesh element to it. You will need to cut a hole in the mesh of your catio to connect to the tunnel system; instructions on how to do this can be found in the assembly guide.

Yes, the system is completely modular, so you can extend or add new elements at any point.

While the strong materials and thought out design make it extremely hard for predators to get to your pets, no run is 100% predator proof. Adjust your cat tunnel system depending on which predators are prevalent in your area.

Mesh: Powder-coated steel
Walkway platforms: HDPE
Clips: Polypropylene
Screws: stainless steel

catio tunnel dimensions

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Exactly what I was looking for when I purchased my Catio!
Tracie, Florida,
The omlet Catio tunnel is exactly what I was looking for when I purchased my Catio. My princess is happiest when she has access to the outside and can come and go on her own terms. But she also needs limits because she likes to bring me gifts. I’m okay with fishing the daily lizard out of the water bowl but I draw the line at snakes. The Catio tunnel provides safe access for my cat (and my sanity) to and from her Catio. Set up is simple—just a few steps. Installation takes a little more care because if you are attaching the tunnel to a window box or Catio you will be cutting an entryway into the existing structure so start small and expand outward. You can always enlarge the access point. The most difficult part of installation was MOVING my existing Catio. The structure is solid (and heavy) Grass had grown through the anti-dig skirt securing the structure to the ground so it was necessary to dig up the structure. But my Catio held up to a tropical storm last hurricane season so I know my enclosure is safe and secure.
Review for: Catio Tunnel System - Tunnel
Verified Omlet Product Tester The reviewer has 1 pets
Great addition to the existing Catio enclosure!
Lusiana, NSW,
The Catio Tunnels have been a great addition to the existing Catio enclosure. It has provided the cats with extra stimulation. They love going into the tunnels to get to the Catio. Or, sometimes, they just sit in the tunnels to watch the surroundings from up high. The product itself is very sturdy and easy to assemble. And those little clips are ingenious!
Review for: Catio Tunnel System - Tunnel
Verified Omlet Product Tester
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