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Outdoor Cat Climber Tree - Freestyle

Our Freestyle Outdoor Cat Tree will take your feline friend to new heights of fun.

Customizable with all the things cats love, it's the perfect accessory for any catio, and will evolutionize the way your pets enjoy the great outdoors.

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Bridge with Cushion

Add comfort to the plastic bridge with a soft, durable cushion, available in two colors.

Bamboo Pole to Floor Ramp with Sisal Scratching Wrap

The bamboo ramps are a great way of connecting the vertical poles of your system, with a flat surface scratching wrap for grooming and extra grip.

Platform with Felt Den and Cushion

Super cozy den with a soft cushion creates a hiding spot on a platform.

Step with Cushion

Accessorize your steps with soft and durable cushions, available in two colors.

Sisal Scratching Post Base

This scratching post (3.9 in. diameter) can be mounted at any height or position.

Hammock Platform with Hammock

Provide a secluded hideaway with the hammock, accessible through the hammock platform.

Treat Dish

Attaches around your vertical pole at any height to let your cat have a treat in peace.

Plant Pot Holder with Plant Pot

The pot fits perfectly in the holder attachment, and can be placed at any height on your pole.

Plastic Pole to Pole Ramp with Outdoor Grey Sisal Scratching Wrap

The plastic ramps are a great way of connecting the vertical poles of your system, with a flat surface scratching wrap for grooming and extra grip.

Scratching post Narrow

This scratching post (3.9 in. diameter) can be mounted at any height or position.

Completer Freestyle cat tree set up with accessories

Customizable Cat Climber Tree to Suit Any Catio!

Adjustable poles and handy brackets mean you will have your outdoor cat tree up in minutes!

This outdoor cat climber tree is the first of its kind and allows you to create a completely personalized system. You can tailor the tree to perfectly suit your cat's personality and agility, and our furry friend will adore having an outdoor version of their indoor cat tree. Available in six pole heights, the cat climbing tree fits in any type of enclosure, including Omlet’s Large Outdoor Cat Run, Balcony Catio or your own DIY run. All felines can join in with the Freestyle fun!

It’s super simple - just pick the correct pole height and secure it to the roof and floor of the run. You can then attach as many cat tree accessories as you like with the easily movable brackets. Connect multiple poles together with ramps and bridges to expand your system at any time and give your feline friends an even more exciting outdoor cat tower.

View all the cat climber tree product sizes to help you design the right set up for your home and cats.

A Sustainable Cat Climbing Tree You Never Have to Throw Away

Cat playing in his run with the replaceable sisal scratcher accessory for the Freestyle outdoor cat climber

The strong and durable scratchers are made from completely biodegradable sisal.

The Freestyle outdoor cat climber tree is designed to last the test of time, with high quality materials and fully replaceable scratching elements. This means you don’t have to throw away the whole cat tree when the material becomes too frayed to sharpen your feline's claws - just replace what actually needs replacing!

All components of the cat tree are easy to wipe clean to get rid of any dirt. The cushion covers, available in stylish blue or cream, are removable and can quickly be refreshed in the washing machine. A sustainable purchase for you, and a cat toy your feline will adore for long lasting fun!

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Outdoor Cat Climbing Trees Don’t Have to Be Boring

cats playing in the outdoor freestyle cat pole system for the run

The range of accessories means playing on this tall, modern cat tree will never get boring!

The innovative design of the cat climber tree is truly changing the game for feline physical health and mental stimulation. It can be adapted, extended or refreshed time and time again to maintain their interest and to encourage your cat to exercise and play.

Choose from over 20 accessories every cat will love, including:

  • Cat tree steps and platforms
  • Cat ramps and bridges
  • Cat tree hammocks
  • Treat dishes
  • Scratchers

  • A Secure Adventure Playground For Your Cat

    A cat playing in his tall grey cat tree, a perfect way to give your cats a safe outdoor place to explore

    This tall grey cat tree is the perfect way of giving your cats a safe outdoor place to explore.

    The cat climber tree, positioned in a secure enclosure, gives your cat the freedom to explore, exercise and play with the wind in their fur. All other pets will be green with envy when they see your cat jumping between platforms, sharpening claws on the outdoor cat scratching posts or having a peaceful nap in the cozy, secluded hammock.

    The Freestyle is the ideal outdoor cat tree for:

    • Indoor cats with an outdoor spirit
    • Cats who live close to busy roads but need to blow off some steam
    • Pedigree cats or cats who live in apartments
    • Any cat who likes climbing, scratching and resting

    Weatherproof Outdoor Cat Tree for Every Season

    All parts of the weatherproof outdoor cat tree require minimal maintenance, no matter the weather.

    Tested with weights up to 65lbs, this extra strong outdoor friendly cat climber tree is made from durable materials, designed to keep cats of all sizes safe and comfy.

    The rust resistant cat climber tree can be left in the run in all weathers with minimal maintenance. The cushion covers are of course removable for easy washing. Unlike a wooden cat tree, you never have to worry about painting and preserving. The Freestyle will be there for your cat every day of the year!

    From Kittens and Explorers to Disabled and Senior Cat

    Kitten using the extra steps added to his cat tree perch personalized to his needs

    It's easy to adjust your Freestyle strong cat tree according to your cats' age and abilities.

    The Cat Pole Climber Tree can easily be adapted and customized to suit any cat, no matter their ability. For kittens and senior cats, or disabled pets with reduced mobility, just add more steps in between accessories to aid their movement through the outdoor cat climber.

    For adventurous cats and kittens you can easily extend and adapt your system at any time to regularly create an enticing new jungle to explore. Add more poles and accessories, or rearrange your platforms, bridges and ramps - your cat will never get bored!

    Elevate Your Bond with an Outdoor Cat Climbing Frame

    Man and cat inside a cat enclosure enjoying the personalized outdoor cat tree

    Connect and spend time with your cat in a new ways with the Freestyle Outdoor Cat Tree.

    Whatever your outdoor cat enclosure looks like, the Freestyle lets you optimize your pets’ play area by utilizing the vertical space in the run, all the way from the floor to the roof. Now your cats can properly stretch their legs in their outdoor space, and you will have a unique opportunity to spend time with them at eye level.

    Ready to create your own ...

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Cats naturally enjoy being high up, taking in their surroundings in a safe space away from children and other pets. A strong cat climber tree will also provide your cat with exercise and scratching opportunities, especially beneficial to indoor cats spending time in their catio.

    The core of the cat tree is good to use in all weather conditions and can be kept on your cat run all year round, including the poles and all plastic components. All cushions, the hammock and the den are weather resistant and can be used outdoors. But to protect them and make the cat tree as comfortable as possible for your pets, these should be positioned under a weather protection cover on your catio.

    If your pet doesn’t want to brave the winter weather, an indoor cat tree will allow them to enjoy the exercise whilst inside.

    Yes, you can add on vertical poles and all other accessories at any point you decide to extend or adapt your tree system.
    The strong cat tree has been rigorously tested to make sure it's safe for all cats to use. All parts have been tested with weights of at least 65 lbs, so you can be confident that big cats like Maine Coons, as well as multi-cat households, will be able to enjoy it. This makes it the perfect outdoor cat tree for large cats.
    With all Outdoor Freestyle Cat Tree poles you will receive two types of connectors. If you have a run with a completely flat roof, you should use the straight connector that is packed with the pole itself. If you're fastening the pole to a angled ceiling or to a meshed run, like the Omlet Catio, you should use the separately packed Outdoor Cat Run Roof Connector Kit instead.
    The core of the waterproof cat climber tree is made from strong and durable materials, like aluminum and polypropylene. If you want to know what materials a specific part is made from, you can take a look at all parts and accessories details.
    The poles and platforms are easy to wipe clean with a pet safe disinfectant and soft cloth. Wash woven fabrics in a gentle machine wash at 40 degrees with mild detergent. Do not tumble dry, iron or use bleach.
    Your Freestyle Cat Tree comes with a comprehensive instruction manual that takes you through the assembly process. There are also step-by-step how to build a cat tree videos.
    Yes. You will receive all the accessories you have added, but they do not need to go in the same place. You can build your system one way and move the accessories around at any time. This applies to the starter kits as well.

    Make sure the whole cat climber tree is secured and fully assembled and that all screws are tightened before letting your cat use the Freestyle. Regularly check the system to make sure everything is fastened securely. You should only use accessories specifically designed and intended for the Omlet cat tree.

    The Cat Tree is designed to be used by pets. Don’t lean against, climb or hang on the cat tree. Don’t rest heavy objects on any parts of the tree. The Cat Tree is not a toy. Don’t leave children unsupervised when in contact with the product.

    The sisal rope kit is a cost effective and adjustable solution that is simply wrapped around one of the poles. Whereas the thicker scratching post is a more robust version for fierce scratchers who take their nail maintenance seriously. Both of these are attached to poles. The sisal wraps go on bridges or ramps, great for horizontal stretching.

    Yes, that is possible. However, one of the purposes of the support pole is to slightly push the roof up to make sure rain doesn’t gather at the top of the run and put too much pressure on the roof.

    For runs without covers this isn’t a problem. If you have covers on the roof of your run and want to swap the support poles for a Freestyle pole, place the pole as close to where you had the support pole as possible. Then make sure water runs off the cover as it should once assembled.

    If you live somewhere likely to get heavy snow fall and have covers on your run, we suggest keeping the cat run support poles. 

    Got another question?
    Please contact our friendly customer services team or call us on 6464341104.

    Verified Reviews - Outdoor Cat Climber Tree - Freestyle

    3 Stars:


    2 Stars:


    1 Star:


    Functional pole that fit my 5’x5’ Catio - Barbara, Washington,

    Sloped roof above Catio for mounting the 5’7”-7’ pole. A contractor that does work on different projects around the house installed the pole outside the Master Bedroom window. Lots of shelves already in Catio so could only fit one pole & accessories.
    Review for: Freestyle Cat Tree - Vertical Pole Kit for Outdoor Cat Run - 5ft 7in to 7ft

    The reviewer has 2-4 Domestic short fur & pets

    Outstanding! - Kari, New York,

    Absolutely LOVE the Freestyle Cat Tree. Our 9yr old Abyssinian is not the most graceful - I love that you can totally design and customize this tree to your cat. We positioned the different levels to make sure she could easily and safely get up and down, and she loves it! The hammock and den are her fave spots. Also, she has a dust mite allergy, so being able to easily clean and maintain places she hangs out is super important. We love this product and are definitely adding the indoor freestyle next!
    Review for: Freestyle Cat Tree - Vertical Pole Kit for Outdoor Cat Run - 5ft 7in to 7ft

    The reviewer has 1 Blue Abyssinian pets

    Great feature - Maureen,

    Bought this to complete Catio
    Review for: Freestyle - Plastic Bridge with Outdoor Blue Cushion (includes brackets)

    The reviewer has 2-4 Maine coon and domes pets

    Fantastic - Sally, vic,

    Both my boys love the new addition.
    Review for: Freestyle Cat Tree - Felt Den for Platform - Grey

    The reviewer has 2-4 Siberian pets

    They fight to get it first… - Leslie, New York,

    My two cats finish breakfast and head out to the catio, both trying to get the hammock first. Whoever gets it tends to stay put for hours. Thought it looked a bit strange but they tell me it’s dope.
    Review for: Freestyle Cat Tree - Hammock for Platform - Grey

    The reviewer has 2-4 Domestic shorthair s pets

    Customer Images - Outdoor Cat Climber Tree - Freestyle - 29 of 115

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