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Freestyle outdoor Cat Tree

Do cats love to climb? Absolutely. Do trees grow in the woods? Not always. Our Freestyle Outdoor cat tree first grew in a design studio. Then we put it to the test outside, with cats of every shape and size, and it really came alive.

We’re Omlet and since 2004 we’ve been rethinking every aspect of keeping and caring for cats. Inspired by the magic when humans and animals connect, we watch, learn, ask and invent. Our products will make you wonder, why hasn't it always been done this way?

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five standout features

Take your catio to new heights

A woman stroking her cat on the freestyle cat tree
Adjustable poles to fit any enclosure.

The Freestyle Outdoor cat tree fits any enclosure, including Omlet catios. With adjustable poles from 5 ft 7 in. to 14 ft 5 in., the great outdoors just got greater.

Can a cat tree keep growing?

A cat climbing over the freestyle cat tree accessories
Keep adding to your tree with a range of accessories.

Start with our tough aluminum poles and add durable, recyclable parts with quick fit brackets, for a tree that can always grow and adapt. Choose from accessories including:

  • Scratchers
  • Platforms
  • Hammocks
  • Bridges
  • Dens

Ace your space

A cat scratching the cat scratcher attached to the freestyle pole
Bring out their natural behaviors at any age and ability level.

Build an adventure playground in the air with treetop walkways, lookout platforms and scratching posts and pads at every corner, all engineered to appeal to your cat’s natural instincts and behaviors.

Tailor distances and accessories to suit your cat’s age and ability, and keep their curiosity alive by adding to your tree over time, opening up every inch of your catio for them to explore.

Playing without straying

A Freestyle session a day keeps the vet at bay. Not heard that one? OK, we made it up - but we stand by it.

Lured into leaping, pouncing, climbing and stalking, they’ll go from dozy to frisky in the flick of a tail. Exercise is your cat’s best friend (after you, naturally) and the Freestyle Outdoor Cat Tree is the deluxe gym of cat dreams.

The all-weather tree

A cat climbing down the steps attached to the outdoor freestyle cat tree
Weatherproof and usable all year round.

Rust proof, durable materials and easy wash cushion covers mean the Freestyle Outdoor Cat Tree will be perfectly fine, even when the weather’s not. And with our hardwearing catio covers, even fair weather felines will be raring to go out in the rain.

Together on their terms

A man spending time with his cat on the outdoor freestyle cat tree
Get closer to your cat on their terms.

The Freestyle Outdoor Cat Tree will energize your cat, encouraging them to play and connect with you where they’re most comfortable. Eye contact on their terms? You can’t get much closer than that.

Frequently Asked Questions

The core of the cat tree is good to use in all weather conditions and can be kept on your cat run all year round, including the poles and all plastic components. All cushions, the hammock and the den are weather resistant and can be used outdoors. But to protect them and make the cat tree as comfortable as possible for your pets, these should be positioned under a weather protection cover on your catio.

If your pet doesn’t want to brave the winter weather, an indoor cat tree will allow them to enjoy the exercise whilst inside.

Yes, you can add on vertical poles and all other accessories at any point you decide to extend or adapt your tree system. All spare parts and extra cat tree accessories can be found here.

Make sure the whole cat tree is secured and fully assembled and that all screws are tightened before letting your cat use the Freestyle. Regularly check the system to make sure everything is fastened securely, and only use accessories specifically designed and intended for the cat tree.

The Freestyle Cat Tree is designed to be used by pets. Don’t lean against, climb or hang on the cat tree. Don’t rest heavy objects on any parts of the tree. The Cat Tree is not a toy. Don’t leave children unsupervised when in contact with the product.

The poles and plastic accessories are easy to wipe clean with a pet safe disinfectant and soft cloth. Wash the fabrics in a gentle machine wash at 40 degrees with mild detergent. Do not tumble dry, iron or use bleach.

The cat tree has been rigorously tested to make sure it's safe for all cats to use. All parts have been tested with weights of at least 65 lbs, so you can be confident that big cats like Maine Coons, as well as multi-cat households, will be able to enjoy it.

With all Outdoor Freestyle Cat Tree poles you will receive two types of connectors. If you have a run with a completely flat roof, you should use the straight connector that is packed with the pole itself. If you're fastening the pole to an angled ceiling or to a meshed run, like the Omlet Catio, you should use the separately packed Outdoor Cat Run Roof Connector Kit instead.

Cats naturally enjoy being high up, taking in their surroundings in a safe space away from children and other pets. A strong cat climber tree will also provide your cat with exercise and scratching opportunities, especially beneficial to indoor cats spending time in their catio.
The core of the waterproof cat climber tree is made from strong and durable materials, like aluminum and polypropylene. If you want to know what materials a specific part is made from, you can take a look at all parts and accessories details.
Your Freestyle Cat Tree comes with a comprehensive instruction manual that takes you through the assembly process. There are also step-by-step how to build a cat tree videos.
Yes. You will receive all the accessories you have added, but they do not need to go in the same place. You can build your system one way and move the accessories around at any time. This applies to the starter kits as well.
The sisal rope kit is a cost effective and adjustable solution that is simply wrapped around one of the poles. Whereas the thicker scratching post is a more robust version for fierce scratchers who take their nail maintenance seriously. Both of these are attached to poles. The sisal wraps go on bridges or ramps, great for horizontal stretching.

Yes, that is possible. However, one of the purposes of the support pole is to slightly push the roof up to make sure rain doesn’t gather at the top of the run and put too much pressure on the roof.

For runs without covers this isn’t a problem. If you have covers on the roof of your run and want to swap the support poles for a Freestyle pole, place the pole as close to where you had the support pole as possible. Then make sure water runs off the cover as it should once assembled.

If you live somewhere likely to get heavy snow fall and have covers on your run, we suggest keeping the cat run support poles. 


A cat crouching in the platform den attached to the outdoor cat tree

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Outdoor Cat Climber Tree - Freestyle

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Big hit for Smalls
Smalls loves her new cat treehouse. Her brother Biggie will figure it out on his own time, but Smalls says it’s an instant delight.
Review for: Freestyle Cat Tree - Vertical Pole Kit for Outdoor Cat Run - 7 ft - 8 ft. 6.3 in
The reviewer has 2-4 Barn cats deluxe pets
Cat Approved
The freestyle cat tree, to include the vertical pole kit, is a must if you have an outdoor enclosure. It is completely tailorable to your needs and desires, easy to put together, and very good quality. My cats love it, glad i purchased!
Review for: Freestyle Cat Tree - Vertical Pole Kit for Outdoor Cat Run - 5ft 7in to 7ft
The reviewer has 2-4 Alley cats pets
Outdoor Catio
We purchased our catio and outside gym over a month ago. It’s brought peace of mind. We struggled starting to put the catio together. We persevered, during rain and wind, over 4 days. My husband built a tunnel directly from the house into the catio, so the cats can go in and out at all times. My cats love the catio, so we are all happy.
Review for: Freestyle Cat Tree - Vertical Pole Kit for Outdoor Cat Run - 5ft 7in to 7ft
The reviewer has 2-4 Moggy pets
Catalina, Florida,
This is so well made and thought out. I will be purchasing the indoor one now too. The Savannah loves it, I find her up on the top section every night. Have not been able to get a picture since she is a very busy girl.
Review for: Freestyle Cat Tree - Vertical Pole Kit for Outdoor Cat Run - 8ft 6.3in - 10ft
The reviewer has 2-4 Savannah, Siamese an pets
Freestyle Catio
Having just sold my 4yr Up Go Chicken Coop for almost what I bought it for since its condition was pristine after that long out doors … I did not hesitate to go right back to Omlet for the Catio. The superb quality of goods & simplicity of installation are second to none. Accompanying Video demos are clarity itself . After sales service is supreme ! Thank You Team Omlet 🙏🏾
Review for: Freestyle Cat Tree - Vertical Pole Kit for Outdoor Cat Run - 5ft 7in to 7ft
The reviewer has 2-4 Ragdoll Cats pets
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