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Zippi Rabbit Tunnel System

The brilliant modular Zippi Rabbit Tunnel System is the perfect way to connect your rabbits hutch to a run and add activity and entertainment for your pets!

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Zippi Tunnel Single with Hutch to Run Connection Kit
Zippi Tunnel Single with Hutch to Run Connection Kit
Zippi Tunnel - Single
Zippi Tunnel - Single
Zippi Tunnel Twin Pack with Hutch to Run Connection Kit
Zippi Tunnel Twin Pack with Hutch to Run Connection Kit
Zippi Tunnel Twin Pack with Corner and Hutch to Run Connection Kit
Zippi Tunnel Twin Pack with Corner and Hutch to Run Connection Kit
Zippi Tunnel Twin Pack with Hay Rack and Hutch to Run Connection Kit
Zippi Tunnel Twin Pack with Hay Rack and Hutch to Run Connection Kit

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5 Star Reviews
Image Description The Zippi Tunnel allows you to connect your hutch to a larger run or playpen

The most popular use of the Zippi bunny tunnel system is to connect your existing rabbit hutch (including wooden hutches or Eglu Go rabbit hutches) to a large bunny enclosure which can be anywhere in your backyard. It is quick and simple to do, all extras are supplied for you to attach a Zippi connection frame to the side of your rabbit hutch and then clip on lengths of the bunny tunnel. The frame measures 12.2in high by 9.8in wide and is designed to fit any make and model of rabbit hutch.

Provide your Bunny with an Active Habitat
The Zippi Tunnel allows your bunny to have safe and secure access to an exercise space whenever it wants through its very own Zippi burrow system. This is an amazingly convenient way for you to provide your pet with a habitat that promotes an active lifestyle, with the benefit of a more relaxed and healthier rabbit. Discover the amazing difference a Zippy tunnel system makes for you and your rabbit.

Each tunnel section measures 35.4in in length and has an inner diameter of 7.1in

There are no limits to the size or shape of tunnel system that you can build

The Zippi bunny tunnels come in 35.4in lengths and are easily joined together using Omlet’s specially designed connectors. You can quickly add and remove sections without any tools using the push button locking mechanism. There are no limits to the size or shape of the tunnel system you can build and you can add T-Junctions, Corner Pieces, Look-Outs, and Hay Racks. The flexible burrow pipes can run behind a flower bed, along a fence, and bend around trees to allow your bunny to safely access areas of the backyard that would otherwise be out of reach. The Zippi tunnel system means you can keep the hutch close to your house (for easy food and water top offs) while giving your rabbits the run of the backyard with fresh and free grass everyday! Start building your perfect system and discover the amazing difference a Zippi tunnel makes for you and your rabbits.

Image Description You can connect to as many Runs and Playpens as you like with the Zippi tunnel

One of the main benefits with the Zippi Tunnels is that you can give your bunnies access to one or more runs that they can hop into whenever they want. Zippi has been designed to connect to any type of run, including the Zippi Rabbit Enclosures and Omlet’s Outdoor Rabbit Run. By adding corners and T-Junctions you can also lead your bunnies to a Zippi Playpen where you and your children can spend time with your pets. Access to these areas can be simply controlled with a door in the Zippi Frame which you can open and close at different times of the day.

"Rabbits love to run, hop, and jump, so it is important that you provide your pets with enough space to play in every day."

The flexible tunnels allow you to easily move your bunny's run around the lawn

The flexibility of the Zippi tunnels means you can easily move your bunny's enclosure around the backyard without having to move the hutch itself. This allows the hutch to stay close to the house for convenient access while you simply lift and move the attached Zippi Run to a new location. The connectors are so easy to use that you can continually change the setup and give your rabbit a fun and varied habitat. They are also really strong, durable and will last throughout the years.

Maximize the Space Within Your Backyard
Whatever size or shape of backyard you have you can maximize the space available by using the Zippi tunnel system. Bend around flowerbeds, behind rock gardens, and over patios to give your bunny access to areas previously well out of reach. Using Zippi to move a run you could even use your rabbits as an environmentally friendly and fun way to mow your lawn!

Image Description The Zippi rabbit tunnel system has been designed with children in mind

The Zippi burrow pipes have been designed with children in mind. Children love watching their bunnies run down the tunnels and pop out to say hello! If your child is confident with their rabbit then they can operate the frame doors and even rearrange the tunnels themselves. It you do not want your children to be able to undo the connectors then you can completely secure the connectors with the screw locks which come free with every Zippi connector.

"Children love watching their bunnies run down the tunnels and pop out to say hello!"

Image Description You can add a hay rack or lookout tower to your Zippi tunnel

You can upgrade the Zippi T-section with a dual use Hay Station that doubles as a Look-Out. The Hay Station comes with a water bottle holder and kids can easily fill the container with hay or other fresh vegetable treats. By attaching the base of the Hay Rack to the top you can convert it into a Look-Out. This is a great alternative use and one you and your bunnies will enjoy. Children love waiting by the Look-Out to spot their pet as they explore their Zippi tunnel world!

Image Description The Zippi tunnel can be securely attached to the enclosure of an Eglu Go rabbit hutch

The Zippi Tunnel system is designed so that it can be easily and securely connected to the run of the Eglu Go Rabbit Hutch. The Zippi Frame can simply be attached directly to the run (all attachments are supplied). You can then connect to any type of enclosure including the new range of Zippi Playpens and Runs and Omlet’s Outdoor Pet Runs, giving your pets even more space to exercise.

"A play-pen is a popular way to allow your children to learn about their pet in a safe and relaxed environment."

Image Description The optional lock out door is very useful when it comes to cleaning your hutch

A really useful feature of the Zippi bunny tunnel system is the optional Lock Out Door that can be added to any Zippi Door Frame. It is a clever way to be able to temporarily control your pet’s access into the Zippi tunnel system.

Ideal for Cleaning Time
You can use it to keep your bunny in the run or playpen while you clean out the hutch - or vice versa - or while you change the layout of your Zippi system. It is important to note that the door should only be used to keep pets within a hutch or enclosure and not within the tunnel itself.

Image Description Raise the tunnel above your lawn with the Zippi support hoops

Omlet’s specially designed Zippi support hoops can be used to lift the burrow pipes by approximately 3.5in off the ground. This thoughtful detail will allow the grass under the tunnels to keep growing leaving your lawn in perfect condition. You can also use the strong steel support hoops to steer your bunny's activity tunnels around a tight corner or tree.

Image Description The Zippi tunnels are quick and easy to clean

As with all Omlet products the Zippi tunnel has been designed to be easy to clean. Using the door in the Zippi frame, you can temporarily close the tunnel so your bunnies cannot access it. Then you simply open the connectors to release each section of the tunnel. The burrow pipes can be washed out with water and a pet safe disinfectant, drainage and ventilation holes along the length mean you do not have to worry about drying the pipes.

"Even with a long system, cleaning the Zippi tunnel just takes a few minutes."

Image Description Your bunny can safely use the Zippi system while other pets are in the backyard

The Zippi tunnels are designed to be fully secure and predator resistant to ensure your bunny stays safe and protected during use. The tunnels have a unique locking connector at each end which requires two buttons to be released to open it. In addition, each connector can be further secured, if necessary, using the locking screw. If you have a pet dog or cat, your bunny can safely use the system while they are in the backyard. The tunnels have been temperature tested and can be used in hot and cold conditions. Each section of the activity tunnel has ventilation and drainage holes throughout its entire length. Your bunnies will love using their Zippi tunnels all year round in all weather conditions.

Image Description The Zippi door frame can be connected to any wire mesh run or solid surface

The Zippi door frame can be connected to any wire mesh fencing or to any solid surface, for example the wall of a wooden hutch.

Before attaching the Zippi door frame you will need to cut a square hole in the mesh or wood. All of the attachments are included, as are clear and complete instructions. You will receive cover strips to place over the cut edges so that you are left with a very neat finish.

You can buy everything that you need to build an amazing custom tunnel system for your bunnies. The complete range of parts available can be seen below.

Zippi Tunnels


Strong flexible tunnels lie at the heart of the Zippi tunnel system. They are fully ventilated and predator resistant

Zippi Connectors

Straight connectors join tunnels or to a run. Angled connectors join tunnels to a hutch or angled run.

Straight connectors join tunnels together or combine with a frame to connect to a run. Angled connectors join tunnels to a hutch or angled run.

Zippi Frames and Doors

Connect your Zippi tunnel to a run or hutch using these door frames. Lockable versions with a door are available

Connect the Zippi tunnel to an enclosure or hutch using these frames. Lockable versions with a door are available.

Zippi Corner and T-junction

Turn your Zippi through sharp angles with a 90 degree corner or join three tunnels with a T-junction.

Turn your Zippi through sharp angles with a 90 degree corner or join three tunnels with a T-junction.

Zippi Hayrack and Lookout

With the Hayrack add-on, the T-junction can be used as a hayrack with included water bottle or as a lookout.

With the Hay Rack add-on, the T-junction can be used as a hay rack with included water bottle or as a lookout.

Zippi Tunnel Supports

Tunnel supports lift tunnels to protect your grass. They also help hold tunnels in curved shapes.

These supports lift the tunnels to protect your grass. They also help to hold tunnels in curved shapes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the tunnels are 18cm in diameter, so all rabbits, including Continental Giants and Flemish Giants, should be able to use it comfortably.
The tunnels are flexible, and bend to a certain degree. However, if you want the tunnels to go around something or in a different direction, you will need to use the 90 degree corner pieces.
The tunnels have been designed to be used by rabbits and guinea pigs only, and are therefore not suitable for any other pet.
Although super strong and chew resistant, the tunnels are not 100% chew proof. Give your rabbits or guinea pigs plenty of opportunities to chew on more suitable things, and lock the tunnels if you are worried about other animals chewing through the tunnels at night.
The standard tunnel piece is 90cm long and 18cm in diameter. You can find dimensions for all other Zippi accessories here.
You can connect as many tunnels together as you like, and you can add more tunnels and accessories at a later date.
Tunnels connect to other tunnels or other accessories with connectors. There are two types of connectors. Straight connectors join Zippi tunnels, T-sections or corners together. They can also be used in conjunction with a Zippi door frame to connect the tunnel to a run or playpen. Angled connectors join the Zippi tunnels to a hutch or angled run when used in conjunction with a Zippi door frame.
We do not recommend cutting the tunnels as the edges can become very sharp and affect how well the connectors work.
Yes, that shouldn’t be a problem. Push the hoops in as far into the ground as possible where the guinea pig is entering the tunnels to make it easier. If they seem to be struggling we would suggest creating a ramp or a step leading up to the tunnel entrance.

Got another question?
Please contact our friendly customer services team or call us on 6464341104.

Verified Reviews - Zippi Rabbit Tunnel System

2 Stars:


1 Star:


Absolutely brilliant products - Debbie, Gloucestershire,

Recently purchased this fabulous piece of kit for my sons 2 Guinea pigs and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this to anyone!!! Yes the products are at the higher end of the market price wise but like everything in this world you pay off what you get!! Sturdy, secure and extremely well made, it took me 3 hours to set it all up(by myself) following the well drafted instructions and my girls absolutely love it, they love the freedom and the tunnels make for doing excellent zoomies in and out all day long!! Make this purchase and you will not regret it!! I’m planning my next extensions ????????
Review for: Zippi Tunnel Twin Pack with Hutch to Run Connection Kit

Verified Purchase: May 2022 The reviewer has 2-4 Guinea pig pets

Great add on - Angela,

This is a great add on which allows our bunnies to sunbathe, graze and get exercise.
Review for: Zippi Tunnel - Single

Verified Purchase: May 2022 The reviewer has 2-4 Holland lop pets

Piggies heaven - Jeni, North Yorkshire,

I bought a omlet eglu last year and this year my piggies collection has expanded ! I bought a tunnel with connecting doors for the girls but then had to buy one for the boys to be fair!!! I love them. They pigs are so happy running through the tunnels . Wish I'd bought them sooner . East to fit onto the wire of a cage / run .
Review for: Zippi Tunnel Twin Pack with Hay Rack and Hutch to Run Connection Kit

Verified Purchase: May 2022 The reviewer has 10+ Guinea pigs pets

Great Quality Product - Amanda,

I bought this tunnel system for our rabbit Cookie to allow him access to his enclosed run during the day. He quickly learned to use it, he's very nosey and was not afraid at all! The grade of the plastic is excellent quality and will resist any attempts at gnawing or chewing, the connectors are easy to use and tamper proof, the instructions for constructing were easy and clear to follow. Overall very well designed, thought out system and definitely worth the money (in case you are having second thoughts!)
Review for: Zippi Tunnel Twin Pack with Hutch to Run Connection Kit

Verified Purchase: Apr 2022 The reviewer has 1 French lop pets

Great Quality that adds enrichment - Dawn,

Yes, this tunnel system is expensive but it does back that up with the quality. The system is easy to put together and secure. Which is a great point with my rabbits who love running into them when they chase one another playing. I’ve built my system up over the last two years due to the expense of it but they do seem durable. The kit I bought last year doesn’t look any different to the kit I’ve purchased this year when I’ve put it all together to enrich my rabbits time outside in the garden. I can’t let them roam free due to plants and having hedges for hedgehogs to get in and out. This means I have large runs connected with these tunnel systems. They love sitting in them for shade, chasing one another through them and the look out point which is in the middle of a long section of tunnel. Would highly recommend just wish there was a discount option.
Review for: Zippi Tunnel - Single

Verified Purchase: Mar 2022 The reviewer has 6-8 Miniature lop rabbit pets

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