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Omlet Outdoor Guinea Pig Run Extensions

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If you have underfloor mesh on your current run and would like it for the new sections as well, you will find underfloor guinea pig run mesh here. One underfloor panel corresponds to 1 width and 1 length section of the enclosure.

Verified Reviews - Omlet Outdoor Guinea Pig Run Extensions

Omlet great for pocket pets - Lynelle,

I have had the pleasure of the company of a number of Guinea pigs and rabbits who have lived in a number of different homes we have made or purchased. The Eglu Omlet homes are by far the absolute best! Easy to clean, move, and provide water, food. The system is superb. The stress of the hot and cold weather is also manageable with the insulated house, covers and open runs. Our Guinea pigs have never been so peaceful and friendly. Instead of hiding, they confidently move around the enclosure, come up to the wire to chat, and generally enjoy the large open space. The tunnels are a favourite for both Guinea pigs and rabbits. Our Flemish giants fit through the tunnels with ease. We are all so very grateful for such incredible design and options. The accessories sold separately keep the old Eglu hutches new with clean bottles and new covers.
Review for: Outdoor Guinea Pig Run - 9ft x 13ft x 6ft

The reviewer has 8-10 Guinea pigs and Flem pets

6x9 Run for Guinea Pigs - Danielle, Maryland,

We have the 6x9 run for guinea pigs and we LOVE it. It is time consuming to put together, but using zip ties in lieu/as well as the removable brackets they give you will speed things up considerably. I like the clear covers for winter but the darker covers for summer so it doesn't get too hot. Things to note: • This has a "skirt" that goes on the ground to keep predators from digging under. I am not sure if this would be enough if you had a motivated fox. Our run is inside our garden which is surrounded by no climb horse fencing. On the outside of the garden fence, there's electric chicken netting. So we are unlikely to have a predator issue inside this area. But I would have done further predator-proofing if I was placing this in another area. • I purchased the Eglu and connector so the guinea pigs would have a warm zone to go if the weather gets cold (we're in Maryland). • The Zippi platforms don't work with this- I wish they did! • The roof is strong, but it's not strong enough to hang a waterer from (I wouldn't attempt to do this). If you have a heavy snow load, you'll probably want to brush some of the snow off. We don't get much snow so I haven't tested this yet.
Review for: Outdoor Guinea Pig Run - 9ft x 13ft x 6ft

The reviewer has 6-8 Guinea Pigs, 7 pets

Easy Assembly - Kate, Oregon,

I bought a 6x9 run last month for 6 chickens. My husband put it together in about 1.5/hrs. It looks great in our yard and is good quality. I'm planning to extend it another 6' this summer. So glad we bought this and not a standard run with chicken wire.
Review for: Outdoor Pet Run - Pack G

The reviewer has 4-6 Variety pets

Greate product and service - Ali, California,

Greate product and very responsive customer service.
Review for: Outdoor Pet Run - Pack E

The reviewer has 2-4 pets

excellent product - Richard, New York,

Chickens love the extra room!! amazing!
Review for: Outdoor Pet Run - Pack G

The reviewer has 4-6 rhode island red pets

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