About Hamsters

Hamsters make great pets, and are an ideal first pet for children. They’re super-cute, entertaining, non-aggressive, and pretty low maintenance.

It's not just kids who love these furry balls of fun. Hamsters are popular with people of all ages and are one of the most popular pets in the US and Europe. One of the keys to their popularity is the fact that they're quite easy to look after.

Having said that, there are still pleny of things you need to know about hamster keeping. That's where this Omlet Guide comes in. It contains the skills and knowledge needed to give your pets a healthy and fulfilled life. Our detailed advice on hamster owning is one of the best free gifts you can give yourself or the prospective hamster-keeper in your life.

hamsters make great pets
Hamsters are a huge hit in the US, and extremely popular pets across the world

Whether you're new to the hamster fan club or a seasoned hamster owner, you'll find all the info you need on the following pages.

We cover all aspects of hamster ownership, from choosing your hamster to feeding your hamster, and from diagnosing common hamster illnesses to giving them the toys and treats that will make them the happiest hamsters around.

So, oil up the exercise wheel and jump in!

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Wendy, 26 September 2019

My hamster has been pulling his fur out at the sides which did not start until we bought coloured bedding from pets at home... he has been seen by a vet for treatment but appears to still be doing it... he is a very well loved spoilt hamster... any tips on what we can do for him would be appreciated xxx

Lewis, 20 September 2019

My hamster is awake all day and sleep all night i am very happy to have this hamster in the night he is in his hamster ball and he sleeps in bed with me and some how when i wake up hes out of his hamster ball and sleeping on my head

Rachelle, 31 December 2018

Hey I was wondering what I can do to help my hamster . His one tooth looks cracked and the other looks long as hell ! Don’t wanna hurt him but want him fixed

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